Chico Mendes & Al gore Free Essay Samples & Outline

My two heroes and in this case who are so inspiring in terms of conservation of the environment are Chico Mendes and Al gore. Chico Mendel was born in December 15, 1944 to a family of rubber tapper. His father was a rubber tapper and therefore he grew with the inspiration of his elderly. He was a rubber tapper in Brazil, a leader of the trade union and also an environmentalist.

Amazon and Toy-R-Us Partnership Free Essay Samples & Outline

Toy-R-Us partnership with amazon plays an important role to both partners. It has enhanced better approaches from both parties aimed at strengthening their levels of operation. According to the founder of Amazon, (Jeff Bezos), the initial aim of bringing up the partnership was to facilitate and initiate a strong coexistence between the company and their customers. “Collaboration between different types of organizations can produce previously unimagined solutions.” Gray& Stites (2013). Initially, Amazon intended to make the website easier to use, enhance better operations of the distribution centers and improve the general customer service. The partnership has enhanced the growth and continuity of both companies in a wide range of approaches.