Personal Statement Essay Examples & Outline

I am james, Germany. My contact is xxx .my email address is I have a bachelor degree in English language with an Education minor from XXX University. As clearly indicated, I have the ability to succeed in an advanced program in British and American language and literature.

Bentley Motors & Harley Davidson Motorcycles Advertising Analysis Essay Examples & Outline

Bentley Motors is a luxury British automaker that is owned wholly by German Volkswagen AG. It is branded under the automobile category. It largely concerns itself with distributing, designing, manufacturing and engineering luxury automobiles.

World War I Soldier Essay Examples & Outline

The battle of Marne marked the end of the German onslaught. It was the end of the period when the German domination. The battle took place near river Marne in the Champagne province. The onslaught was a last attempt by the German soldiers to push the allies to the background since they were increasingly turning out to be real concerns (Adams, 2001).