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The impacts of London 2012 Olympics on the United Kingdom’s tourism sector

Olympics are one of the world’s most popular sports events. They attract most of the world’s attention, for example the 2012 London Olympics involved 16,400 athletes from over 204 countries, 4000 technicians, 21,000 official media personalities and 4,000 official Olympic officers, 95% of these being from outside of the United Kingdom (Oxford Economics, 2012). Olympics tickets get completely sold and they get billions of television audiences globally (Atkinson et al, 2008).

Impact of Dementia Specific Care Units in UK Free Essay Samples & Outline

Many people suffering from dementia require long-term care that is normally provided by caregivers at home or in residential facilities. The experiences of providing care to dementia patients have a profound influence on their quality of life of the caregivers and the carers face many challenges in providing care to dementia patients.