Web Analysis-Colin Cowie Essay Examples & Outline

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Web Analysis-Colin Cowie

Colin Cowie uses the online platform more specifically using the website. The company has invested in the website, which is the first response that comes up when one types the name of the company. The company has also invested in search engine optimization whereby the searchers find the right information relating to the company once they enter the query.

The site has linkages to the social media platform. The strategy used by the company centers on the website with the social media platforms acting as the marketing platforms that redirect the person to the company’s site.

Analysis of the website indicates that the company has focused on the development of a high ease of navigation. The rating allocated to this factor was 3.6 with the majority of the queries sent on the set indicating the increased usability of the platform to interact with both the suppliers and potential clientele (Eccher, 2008). The company has also focused on the development of a fast website that will facilitate the effectuation of business processes.

The responses to the queries are fast and there are no hitches in between the queries. The fluidity of the site is ranked at 1.6 hence it is a strength for the site (Eccher, 2008). The ability of the customers to navigate around the site with minimal hindrances is an important aspect that has led to the retention of the users. Customers often prefer the fast websites as opposed to the slow ones since their lack the patience.

In the event that the site is slow, the customers will move on to the other websites that offer them the quick performance a high likelihood. This is one of the most appealing experiences when using the site to arrange for events for both the customers and the suppliers. The division between the supplier section and the customer section has led to the creation of more appeal to the users since they can use the site for devoid of any confusions.

The company’s site is also appealing aesthetically. The site scored a rating of 2.3 while the acceptable level of rating is 3.0. Therefore, the site has been able to deliver the needs of the users by making it more appealing (Eccher, 2008). Creation of appealing effects makes the customers more attentive to the product offerings. Transitions from the tabs in the site is also appealing hence adding to the aesthetic appeal (Eccher, 2008).

Another strength in the site comes from the fact that the company has integrated a search engine in the site. According to the rating, the search engine scored 4.4. This is an impressive score since it is not mandatory for the event organizing companies to add the search engine feature in their websites (Fowler & Stanwick, 2004). However, the company has added the feature to assist the users in navigation. The online ordering process was impeachable scoring the highest mark. The ability to process the order fast has led to the development of better interactions between the suppliers, customers and the website (Fowler & Stanwick, 2004).


The main weakness of the website is the compatibility with the devices. The site is not compatible with the handheld devices hence arranging with the company and suppliers difficult to make on the go (Eccher, 2008). The site also scored poorly in the promotion activities. The promotions posted on the site were not clear enough since they move too fast. Security of the site is important. However, the site did not have much controls placed to protect it against the hackers.

Therefore, the site can be easily accessed from a remote location. Reduced security of the site is a threat to all the people that use the service. The ability of the hackers to enter the site and retrieve the information relating to the events and other preferences can lead to a security breach in the location where the events are being handled. A hack on the site can also lead to the access of the private information of the company’s suppliers. Therefore, the low security is a threat to the firm and the people and firms that transact with it.

David Stark

The company also uses the website as the main online platform. The advantages of using the website for marketing the product and as the sole interaction area includes the reduced costs compared to operating numerous operating platforms. The website has links to the social media page. The sole aim of the social media is handling of the customer interactions. It is also used partly as the marketing platform for the service.

The main strengths for the company are similar to those of Colin Cowie. However, the site has better processing of the online orders with the order processing placed at 0.99. The navigation of the site is also simple just as it is the case with the Colin Cowie. The aesthetic appeal of the site design is higher with an indicator of 2.1. The rating arises from the fact that the site is colorful and more engaging.

Therefore, the users are more likely to stay on the site for longer durations. The interactions are also appealing with the arrangement of the menu done in the drop down manner (Eccher, 2008). The haphazard arrangement of the menu is one of the most unappealing aspects that also makes navigation impossible (Wiedemann, 2006). The ability of the management to focus on the site aesthetic has led to more appeal and higher duration of the time spent reading the offers.

The arrangement of the tabs in the site are more presentable in the David stark site compared to the Colin Cowie site. The tabs are also animated making them more appealing to the visitors that want to visit the site. Use of different colors in the display of the information makes it more appealing and alluring hence the creation of higher chances of the visitors remaining on the site.


The site has a considerable number of weaknesses. One of the most notable one is the fact that the site does not allow the users operating on smaller devices to navigate the site properly (Eccher, 2008). Therefore, there are impediments on the nature of the navigation and the associated effectiveness in the small-screened devices (Holden, 2008). This is an incumbrance to the users that would like to place orders while on the move. The site also had some typos, which impeded the use.

The website hanged in some instances when it was being used for long. Trying to communicate using the website during the peak times such as the weekends when most events are taking place proved difficult to some of the people. The site therefore, do not have the capacity to handle the high influx of requests. The performance of the site was affected by the flow of the requests. Increasing the capacity of the requests that it can handle ought to be considered.

Question 3

Both firms have developed their online business well over the years. The websites, which form the basis of the customer interactions, are designed to increase the effective communication between the company and the customers. Interactions are eased using the simple but classy layout. The fact that the companies use the websites as their main platform for conducting business is imperative that the platform works since the companies are successful even when operating the online business model. Therefore, both of them are good. Some aspects can be improved on to increase the efficiency level.


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