Powers of the US president Free Essay Samples & Outline

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Essay on Powers of the US president

Each election year. The proposed candidates always comment on the economy and what they can do to make it better. Interestingly however, the president has no power to influence the economy. For there to be significant changes in the economy, there are a number of factors that must come into play; infrastructure development, oil prices, the rate of unemployment among others (Kahler Financial Group, 2016).

Notably, a president can influence how these areas perform by passing new laws that are geared towards improving the situation (Kahler Financial Group, 2016). However, he cannot do this without the support of Congress. Sadly, Congress nowadays appears gridlocked on multiple issues that affect the American economy and this makes it hard to pass any laws that will have significant impact on the economy. The result is a president is unable to make significant changes in the country and therefore secure a greater chance of economic growth (Kahler Financial Group, 2016).

The American people always want a leader who they believe will improve the economy and they feel that this is possible if the president has the right policies in place. Looking at the democrat president nominee, Hillary Clinton, focus is on her policy to change workers leave so that paid family leave can be the norm. A commitment to reduce the rate of inflation is also well received by the masses because it means that people will have more money to spend and this is always regarded as a sign that the economy is growing (Kahler Financial Group, 2016). Donald Trump, the Republican President nominee has made it clear that his priorities, should he become president would be trade and immigration policies.

However, his execution of these policies may do more harm than good. Considering that a majority of the US workforce is supported by immigrants, policies that would limit their access to the country may lead to an international trade war which may do more harm than good for the economy (Kahler Financial Group, 2016). It could result in the loss of many jobs and when this happens the public generally loses confidence in the administration.

The naked truth is that economic policies have a huge impact on the outcome of an election. Americans want to have a leader whom they feel will help improve the situation for them as far as their earnings go and quality of life they have (Tuttle, 2016). These are the core areas that influence which presidential candidate they support. However, it is also clear that the American president has no power over the economy because its performance is determined by factors that are beyond the president’s control such as an increase in oil prices.

However, when a president decides to declare war on another country, it has a ripple effect on the economy because the amount of money that is allocated for the military increases which makes other sectors suffer deficits and may also affect international oil prices which in turn affect the economy (Tuttle, 2016). So a president can influence how the economy performs but their influence is greatly limited.


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