Proposed Art Sculpture Essay Examples & Outline

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Proposed Sculpture

Art is used to express culture and history. Art in the ancient cultures was highly supported by the government. The community has always appreciated creative pieces of art. Further, artists were praised for their artistic works some earning diplomatic positions. Art is also present in most religions. However, there were cultural influences in the spread of different religions. Art in Christianity was highly influenced by Roman and Greece ancient cultures.

However, art in Christianity is limited towards religious issues. On the other hand, art in Muslim religion was influenced by Islam culture. Buddhism religion also incorporates the use of art. Buddhism art is expressed by the presentation of Buddha in the human form. Ancient Buddhism religion expressed Buddha in mysterious signs such as a pair of footprints. In the beginning of the first century A.D, Indians made the first human sculpture of Buddha as a human (Garrett, Harris & Harris, 2015).

My original piece is a sculpture that comprises of three characters helping each other to lift the world. The sculpture should have a human representation of Jesus with a thorn crown; Mohammad dressed in a scarf and a hijab and Buddha seated at the centre dressed in a robe. Jesus and Mohammad will be holding the world from the side, whereas Buddha is seated at the middle holding the earth from below.

This sculpture is appropriate for the Interfaith Cultural and Historical centre because it reconciles the major religions in the world. Religious disputes and social divisions have reduced the level of peace and cohesion of people since back in history. Moreover, the Interfaith Cultural and Historical Centre is supposed to promote interfaith and preserve history. The historical presentation and religious essence of Jesus, Mohammad, and Buddha will help promote interfaith. Further, culture is preserved by the historical presentation of the three characters. The scripture should be placed at the centre of the Interfaith and History Centre to indicate the importance of interfaith and improve the level of religious cohesion.

The sculpture identifies with central teachings from early Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam in various ways. Jesus played a major role in the redemption of the world as presented in Christianity. On the other hand, Mohammad also helped the Muslim community achieve unity and preserve peace. In addition, Buddha represented righteous living and fulfillment of purpose through straight living. Thus, the portrayal of the three characters helping each other to lift the world will help to addresses salvation of the world by reconciling religious disputes. Buddha should be presented in a torn robe exposing his left shoulder to express humbleness and sacrifice. Muhammad should be dressed in a scarf and a hijab to express the Islamic culture. Jesus should be dressed in a robe and a thorn crown to indicate humbleness.

Art is used to communicate key issues in the society such as sexuality and beauty. Further, art can also be used to express virtue such as hope, peace, and unity. The interfaith Cultural and Historical Centre should promote unity by engaging the major religions with an aim of bringing people from different religions and races together. Thus, the sculpture will enable the centre to symbolize its purpose. The current global condition presents some level of religious disputes. People from different religions segregate themselves each other. This has led to low social interaction levels between individuals from different religions.

My art presentation is an expression of peace, love, and unity. Moreover, the sculpture also shows the essence of art in religion. The difference in dressing between the three characters symbolizes the presence of diverse cultures in the world. The world symbolizes us and in our current geographical location.

Art Music Architecture Literature Philosophy

Judaism art is Judaism was presented through paintings, sculptures, and making of traditional goods such as oil jugs. Music was used in the form of poetry, traditional folk songs, and hymns. Architecture in Judaism was influenced by Greece architecture. Byzantine building techniques is one of the most effective examples of architecture in Judaism and it is common in churches (Brown & Hutton, 2015). Literature evident through the use of poems, riddles, books and scrolls. Philosophy used in Judaism entails major teachings in the Old Testament books.

Early Christianity Art was present in Christianity through drawings, sculptures, paintings and making of religious accessories. Music was present through songs, poems, hymns and prayers. Architecture in early Christianity is identical to architecture in ancient Judaism. It entailed the use of Byzantine technique in building churches and kingdoms. Literature is evident in early Christianity by the use of different languages such as Latin and Hebrew. Further, poems, hymns, and prayers also constitute to literature in early Christianity.Philosophy in early Christianity was obtained from biblical teachings of prophets such as the ten commandments presented by prophet Moses.

Buddhism Art is evident in Buddhism through the use of traditional ornaments, paintings, and drawings. Music was used in religious chants and rituals. Music led to the creation of traditional musical instruments such as the Tambura (Kapur, 2010). Architecture in Buddhism entails the use of dome shaped rooftops in religious places such as temples. Literature is evident through the use of different Indian dialects. This led to the development of literature from oral literature to written literature sources. Philosophies used in Buddhism were obtained from historical teachings and practices from Buddha. One of the major philosophies used in the religion is the Karma doctrine (Kapur, 2010

Islam Art is Islam was highly influenced by the Muslim culture. Art entailed paintings, carvings, pottery, and traditional ornaments. Music is presented in different forms such as songs, prayers, religious rituals, and hymns. Islam architecture is unique through the use of specific materials such as marble. The use of pillars and dome shaped rooftops is common in Islam architecture. Islam literature is obtained from the Arab culture. Literature was present in oral presentations such as legends. Further, writings such as books, scrolls and letters (Kumar, 2015). Philosophies used in Islam are obtained from Quran teachings.


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