Art & Architecture Essay Examples & Outline

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Art & Architecture (Poet & Fiction)

Surrealist art and stream-of-consciousness writing are two new art forms that are similar. Stream-of-consciousness writing is literary writing technique common in poetry and fiction. The term was invented in the book, The Principles of Psychology written in 1890 by the psychologist and philosopher William James. The technique seeks to portray the point of view of the individual through a written as an equal of the character (Sotirova, 2013). This literature technique is useful in understanding the thought and feelings that pass through the mind of an individual. This is done through the character’s processes which are either by a loose internal interior monologue with relation of the sensory reaction to external occurrences of the character. Stream-of-consciousness writing is characterized as a special type of interior monologue that comprises of lack of punctuation and leaps in thought. However, stream-of-consciousness writing is different from the soliloquy and dramatic monologue. In short, stream-of-consciousness writing is a form of primary fiction (Livak, 2003).

Surrealism is a movement that started in the early 1920’s, and the cultural movement is more recognized for writings and virtual artworks. The Surrealist art was based on trying to resolve contradictory situations of dream and reality. The art was greatly influenced by theories of Unconscious by Sigmund Freud. The theory attempts to use automatic writing to connect conscious thoughts and unconscious thoughts. In the art, the paintings are illogical thoughts accompanied by photographic precision. In this kind of art, unconscious thoughts are well expressed through paintings and strange creatures (Conley, 2006). Most artists involved in Surrealist art consider their paintings as an expression of the philosophical movement. Surrealist art comprises of paintings, films and music. The art was very successful, and it spread from Europe to America. Some people used the movement in order to gain political power.


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