Hip Hop Music, Art & Architecture Essay Examples & Outline

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Art & Architecture (Poet & Fiction)

Art & Architecture (Poet & Fiction Surrealist art and stream-of-consciousness writing are two new art forms that are similar. Stream-of-consciousness writing is literary writing technique common in poetry and fiction. The term was invented in the book, The Principles of Psychology written in 1890 by the psychologist and philosopher William James. The technique seeks to portray the point of view of the individual through a written as an equal of the character (Sotirova, 2013). This literature technique is useful in understanding the thought and feelings that pass through the mind of an individual. This is done through the character’s processes which are either by a loose internal interior monologue with relation of the sensory reaction to external occurrences of the character. Stream-of-consciousness writing is characterized as a special type of interior monologue that comprises of lack of punctuation and leaps in thought. However, stream-of-consciousness writing is different from the soliloquy and dramatic monologue. In short, stream-of-consciousness writing is a form of primary fiction (Livak, 2003).

Surrealism is a movement that started in the early 1920’s, and the cultural movement is more recognized for writings and virtual artworks. The Surrealist art was based on trying to resolve contradictory situations of dream and reality. The art was greatly influenced by theories of Unconscious by Sigmund Freud. The theory attempts to use automatic writing to connect conscious thoughts and unconscious thoughts. In the art, the paintings are illogical thoughts accompanied by photographic precision. In this kind of art, unconscious thoughts are well expressed through paintings and strange creatures (Conley, 2006). Most artists involved in Surrealist art consider their paintings as an expression of the philosophical movement. Surrealist art comprises of paintings, films and music. The art was very successful, and it spread from Europe to America. Some people used the movement in order to gain political power.


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Jay Z. v. Biggie Smalls

JayzIn Hip-hop, there are self declarations of kings and the bosses of the genre. There is no standard measurement that is used in the declaration and therefore, it is very difficult to determine categorically clear the king of Hip Hop. In regards to Jay Z and Biggie Smalls, the better of the two can only be determined by their success in the industry(Hess, 2007).

Jay Z can be described as the greatest rapper because he has been able to manage to stay relevant for so many years, while maintain an incredible quality standard. Jay Z lyrics are very complex and it often takes several listens in order for one to get the true meaning of the song. His songs can be described as being poetic, unlike most rappers of the 21st century who take a lot of time when it comes to the dealing with their music and their fast pace.

Jay z often takes the songs poetically and consequently he has been able to move up the Hip Hop chart. Jay z’s can be able to rap slowly and still be heard and understood (Charnas, 2010). Jay Z flow and execution has been able to develop over the eighteen years in the game. He has been able to adapt to the current times and consequently set himself apart from other generic rapper by using a slower flow. His words and slow pace using interesting words and can be understood while being interesting to the ear. In fact, there is no rapper who has had consistent quality over a long period as compared to Jay Z (Hess, 2007).

Jay Z lyrics are extraordinary and his flow can be described as untouchable. He can be able to break down relatively a subject in different diverse ways. His swagger and all access success have been able to push him even more in the Hip Hop business. He has been able to publish a number one album and having a multi platinum one each album can only be described as an astonishing fete. Jay z can be described as the true definition of tags to riches as well as exploit his growth through his music (Charnas, 2010). There are those that have argued that his game has decreased and that he was better when he was young. This might be true to the extent of subject matter, however, times have changed and he has to adapt to the new Hip Hop system in order to continue being relevant(Hess, 2007).

He recorded as Notorious B.I.G and many people knew him as Biggie smalls or just plainly Biggie. He was killed at only 24 years old, however, despite dying young he was the most revered, emulated and biggest selling rappers in the whole Hip Hop game. Notorious B.I.G. voice does not sound like that of any rapper, it can be described as being wheezy, humid and plummy (Charnas, 2010). It sounds like it comes from a deeper place in his chest as compared to other people’s voice. His diction cannot be compared to any other rapper in the Hip Hop industry. Biggie has a way with his lyrics, he is able to easily bounce from one vowel to the next consonant and back again with ease.

Biggie is able to tell a story in his rhymes like no else does, he has what is described as rap statesmanship. He cannot be directly compared to Jay z because they have not be in the industry for the same time. Therefore, Jay Z has been able to prove himself in terms of his versatile nature as well as his ability to change with time in the hip hop industry. However, it is inappropriate for one to compare the two on the basis of fields that Biggie smalls has not been given an opportunity to try out these new fields. On the basis of lyrical flow, Biggie Smalls takes the day (Charnas, 2010).

Jay Z is one of the few rappers of the 1990’s who still has his lyrical flow true. In fact, it can be argued that Jay Z might be able to rule hip-hop at the moment and might be referred to as the unofficial Chairman of the industry, however, when asked truthfully, he can state that he can swap it all to have the flow, wit as well as ability to freestyle in a song like that of his former schoolmate.

In conclusion, Jay Z is unfavorably compared with Biggie smalls in terms of ability to change with the style and remaining relevant. This is because Biggie Smalls was not given an opportunity to explore this area. The only thing that they can be compared with is lyrical flow and the receptiveness of the audience towards their music. In this regard, Biggie Smalls beats Jay Z hands down as his lyrical flow is deep and inspirational. Further, Biggie small’s music was more loved by his generation as compared to that of Jay Z. Therefore, it can be seen that Biggie Smalls beats Jay Z at the appropriate levels of comparison.


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