Gift of Time Essay Example & Outline

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Gift of Time

There is one gift that is valuable than anything that can be bought in a shop, and it is often more appreciated by the recipient as compared to anything that is wrapped in a pretty paper and is often remembered for many years. This fabulous gift is the gift of time. For this reason, I have decided to give my best friend the gift of time. Time is extremely important and spending it with a special person is extremely important. I intend to spend the whole day with my best friend chatting and walking through the park.

As we get old, life often moves faster and the time that we once had for our friends often seem to diminish. In fact, one might not notice it at first; however, the coffee dates are often replaced by other things (Kanin, 2005). The fact is that although it is tragic, it is also preventable. Spending time with a special person can be described as one of the few pleasures in life which often costs one very little but it rewards in a substantial way.

There has been some distance that has come between us, and I intend to ensure that this distance is minimized by talking it out. I want to understand what he is going through in his life and the struggles that he is facing. By walking through the park and later having a picnic, I will be able to understand better my friend, his struggles, his current weaknesses and his dreams. There are instances where a person forgets the dreams and aspirations of a special person in life and the gift of time is extremely important in ensuring that one indeed comes into a track with these important issues.

I intend to bake a cake and carry some food for the picnic. This will ensure that after the long walk where I better understand my friend and his current issues, we will sit down and have a meal. Research has shown that spending time with friends often makes a very big difference when it comes to happiness (Kanin, 2005). In fact, studies have proven that the amount that is spent with family and friends often go a long way towards boosting happiness even more so as compared to increased income.

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Therefore, the walk in the park and the picnic will be a gift of time that I intend to give to my best friend. Although he might not know it, and I intend not to inform him, I believe that indeed it will go a long way in ensuring that our friendships blossoms even further. It will also be an interesting opportunity for me to talk to him about my life and what is going on. I will be able to give him advice and understand exactly what I can do to ensure that he gets on well with his life. The quiet carefree walk is therefore an event that I want to make sure that it goes on as planned, and I will do my best in the Kitchen to ensure that also the picnic goes in the same manner.

Spending time with friends has been seen to be critical and beneficial to one’s mental well-being (Kanin, 2005). It further strengthens one's relationship and the good times are often better, and the sorrows are shared in equal measure.

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