Interracial Dating by their Children Annotated Bibliography Essay Examples & Outline

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Interracial Dating by their Children Annotated Bibliography

Social Science Topic
How acceptance and promotion of other racial/ethnic groups by parents/guardians in and out of a household influences an openness to interracial dating by their children

Fletcher, A.C., Bridges, T.H., Hunter, A.G.(2007). Managing children’s friendships through interparental relationships: Roles of ethnicity and friendship context. Journal of Marriage and Family, 69(5), 1135-1149.

As the paper states, the study focused on mothers and how they decided on who their children interacted with and under what content. More specifically the study dealt with an African American mother and European mother. The findings were that factors such as where they live, what extracurricular activities they were involved in, and what schools they went to all affect who their children will form relationships with. Furthermore, findings proved that children differ in reactions to building relationships based on who and what their mother’s decide to surround them with.

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Key Terms Used When Researching: race AND dating

Killen, M., Kelly, M.C., Richardson, C., Crystal, D., Ruck, M. (2010). European American children's and adolescents' evaluations of interracial exclusion. Group Processes Intergroup Relations, 13(3), 283-300.

his paper’s findings are that ethnic majority children and teenagers rely on their experiences when it comes to deciding whether to form a relationship with someone, more specifically an interracial relationship. Experiences such as having been exposed to diversity at home and school lead to a better conception of other ethnic groups. Findings also showed that the more a child’s world involves an accepting of ethnic minorities the less they will exclude and fulfill negative connotations.
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Key Terms Used When Researching: race AND dating

Rhetoric Topic: “Rosie the Riveter”

Kimble, James J., and Lester C. Olson “Visual Rhetoric Representing Rosie the Riveter: Myth and Misconception in J. Howard Miller’s “We Can Do It!” Poster.” Rhetoric & Public Affairs 9 (2006): 533-569. Communication and Mass Media Complete.

The paper provides an intake into J. Howard Miller’s “Rosie the Riveter” poster featured in World War II and focuses on how all of the fame and idolization of the poster are all based on lies and historical improbabilities. The paper analyzes the poster and argues that there was no importance given to it during the war (due to the fact that it was never featured in factories where women worked and citizens were never exposed to it) and that most importantly questions its so-called empowerment of women. Furthermore, the analysis states that “Rosie the Riveter” is neither a reflection nor a token of history as well as a poor attempt to empower women given that minorities were not depicted in the poster.

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Key Terms Used When Researching: rosie w1 the w1 riveter

Hinds, Hillary and Stacey, Jackie. "Imaging Feminism, Imaging Femininity: The Bra-Burner, Diana, and the Woman Who Kills." Feminist Media Studies 1 (2001): 153-177. Communication and Mass Media Complete.

This article gives an analysis on images that represent feminism as explored in the British press. The author’s analyzed three “iconic figures”; “bra-burning”, Princess Diana and Sara Thornton a British woman convicted for murdering her husband. The analysis states that “bra-burning” was too quick to be trivialized by the press, the fact that the movement never made that their official name or purpose took from the feminist movement. The insinuation of violence diminished the true nature of the act. An analysis is also offered for Princess Diana’s “Panorama” interview in which she disclosed several issues that she dealt with such as “…bulimia, anorexia and self-harm…” In addition she spoke of how she overcame those issues, but the paper focuses on how the press was only eager to make Princess Diana a feminist icon if and only if she continued speaking of her suffering. Lastly, Thornton’s murder conviction resulting from her murdering her highly abusive husband was romanticized by the press and in essence sold the story that feminist kill. All in all, the paper gives an analysis on how feminism has been painted by the British Press and how there continues to be a fight between feminism and femininity.

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Key Terms Used When Researching: feminism AND icons