Web 2.0 & MIS Essay Examples & Outline

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Web 2.0 & MIS

Web 2.0 is the modern internet. It is characterized from the change and specification it has acquired over time. Change in the advertisements and use of technology has contributed to the rise of web 2.0. In the new look of business organization advertisements; change that has taken place has been the great contributor towards development of web 2.0. Initially, advertisements were the role of manufactures and business organizations.

Information would flow in one direction only where the beneficiaries were the consumers only. This role has been seen to change with time. Consumers, through consumer generated advertisements have taken this role where they are giving, more information about a given product. These advertisements are readily available to other consumers through the social media. The change that has been seen in the advertisement agencies in these businesses has been a great contributor of development of web 2.0 (Pfaffenberger 1996).

On the other hand, technology mentality change among the users has also contributed to web 2.0. Initially, technology was looked at how people would retrieve information from available sources. Internet is considered as the readily available source of information among, many users. However, currently people’s views of technology as a source where you can add more information as you try retrieve other.

This has been a great contributor towards consumer generated advertising in which consumers of a given commodity can readily and easily give their feedback as compared to the past where information would flow from the business enterprises to their customers only. In this case, the changes that have been highlighted are the great contributors towards the current web 2.0.Interactions between customers and product manufactures is seen as the major characteristic of modern internet (web 2.0).

Google's product You tube, which is the most visited internet page where people can easily watch videos is the target for many consumer generated advertising. The fact that it attracts a great population creates a gap that most business organization depend on so as to advertise their products. Furthermore, consumers are given the right of responding to the advertisement. On the other hand, consumer generated advertisements are placed in this site where consumers of any given commodity can freely contribute about the product.

Unlike in the past where advertisements were through the word of mouth, currently, through the internet, everything has changed. Unlike in the past where advertisements were face to face and through telephone, bulletin boards and e-mails, currently they are being made through the social media such as you tube. This change has made it possible to access a bigger population as compared to the initial plan where the population was limited (MIS week. 1980).

Secondly, using the consumer generated advertising; advertisements have been made to be one to many where a single advertiser can reach out a large number of people unlike in the past where advertisements were many to one or even one to one. Other than this difference, the fact that communications in consumer generated advertisements encourage comments to pertaining the product unlike in the past where communications were spontaneous where consumers were not given chance to comment about the products( Scuderi & Tria 2004).

Other changes that have been seen in advertisements following advancements in the web are in the pricing, distribution channels and the whole organization in general. Unlike in the past where these were focused in the advert, customer generated adverts focus on the advert itself, other consumer’s contribution to the advert and company’s other brands. These changes are attributed to web 2.0. While using web 2.0 to advert, contributors are anonymous this is contrasted with the past where the advertiser’s identity required to be revealed.

Finally with the current web 2.0 the location of communication between the customers and product manufactures has changed. Owing to the past advertisements where it was being done in the private, currently they have been made public. This has contributed to more research on the products that customers are getting and also the services that they receive. Improvement to these services and products has been made possible following the interactions between the customers and the sellers. This has been made possible by web 2.0 as compared to web 1.0. Traditional advertisements that were based on word of mouth and through e-mail are good examples of web 1.0. Web 1.0 has been replaced by web 2.0 following the advancements in the technology ( Kroenke 2008).

Business organizations have used web 2.0 in the marketing of their products. Following the advertisements that are made available to the customers through their customer generated advertising; the business organizations can easily use these comments to improve their services. Other businesses refer to their competitors adverts that are made by the customer generated advertising organizations aiming at creating a stiffer competition in the market. These strategies that are adopted by businesses are made possible by web 2.0. On the other hand, business organizations has can easily get better ideas from other businesses secretly as advertisement is made public.

Conversation about products among the customers creates a better understanding on how to use a given commodity. Example in the electronic, market, through web 2.0, those intending to get more information on a given commodity can easily get it through the adverts that are made in the social media. Interactions between different customers through discussions on a given commodity create more awareness on this product. Shared information in these products on the other hand enables the creation of a larger market ( Scuderi & Tria 2004).

As seen pertaining the electronic market, through the rise in technology more products are being released into the market. Most consumers are relying on those who had an experience with the product. As seen in those who have used a Mac computer and others who are using iPhones. It is through web 2.0 activities that customers offered with the relevant information about these products. On the other hand, the companies that produce these products can easily predict the future market trends following discussions in the social media (Kroenke 2008).

With the business organizations taking advantage of the social media such as you tube where they are employing professionals to act as commentators and “bloggers” to remarkon, and “direct,” conversations about their organizations and communication by or about them. This is aimed at attracting attention of the viewers of these social sites. Following these current trends, web 2.0 is being incorporated in many businesses organizations where they are adding more information about their products. On the other hand, customers are given the right to add their comments about these products. Following such an interaction, management of these companies is improved as they are able to receive the customers’ responses (Scuderi & Tria 2004).

Concerning these social media sites, marketing has been one of the current trends in them. They are providing information about a product in every page opened. This comes either as a short play or written articles about a product. Marketing of these products through social media has created more awareness about the product to the customers and most of them are convinced to purchase more. As a result, the sales of the companies are seen to rise at a high rate.

Web 2.0 has played a great role in marketing. As compared to web 1.0, through social media such as you tube, more awareness has been made. Web 2.0 is not only interested in giving more information to the peoples but also giving them a chance to add more to the available information (Pfaffenberger 1996).

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