Launching GNC Brand in the Netherlands Free Essay Samples & Outline

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Sample Essay On Launching GNC Brand in the Netherlands

GNC Holdings Inc. is a health and nutrition company founded in 1935. Its headquarter office is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and we wish to have the company introduced in Amsterdam, Netherlands. As it is in Pittsburgh, the company is meant to serve the public through its products that will be availed through GNC stores and franchise in the Netherlands so as to be accessible to all citizens.

The foundation of the company resulted from a critical case that happened in one hospital. A woman was in labor, and her pregnancy was due. She got admitted to a hospital, and the nurses attended to her in readiness to help her deliver. The nurses realized that the usual delivery was impossible because she did not have enough blood in her system to support delivery. The option was the cesarean section, which was still risky. The baby was discovered to be underweight, and he has to spend a couple of days in the hospital together with the mother to have nutrients added in their body systems.

The company is located in the heart of Amsterdam, covering an area of 700 square meters. The company has 50 employees and gender equality has been considered during the hiring process. The employees are highly competent, and each fits in his or her department, with relevant knowledge and skills. The company controls its products from raw materials to finished goods (Lightfoot and Cohen 2008).

We have created a website that is so that our customers can reach us quickly. We also have telephone and email contacts found on our website on the "contact us" icon. From the phone contacts provided, our customers can reach our customer service team who are always on the line, ready to assist anyone seeking knowledge on our goods and services or any other query on how to reach us. The exemplary performance of our company in Pittsburgh led to the launch of the enterprise in the Netherlands, which has attracted many customers from all over the world, the majority being from the Netherlands.

Just as the GNC Inc. holding in Pittsburgh, the company specializes in the manufacture of food supplements, mostly taken in place medicines and drugs. Discovery of these supplements was agitated by the emergence of the diseases that are hard to cure, and some of them are not curable (Lightfoot and Cohen 2008). Hence, we found the need to get a better way of maintaining good health of the people by either preventing or curing the diseases. These supplements are carefully manufactured, using the most efficient raw materials, which are free from harmful or any contaminated substances. They are also accurately labeled on the containers to avoid confusion.

Our company's mission is making a difference in the world's health and nutrition, through providing quality food supplements, to control the toxic intake levels. The primary goal of the company is helping the old and many who are struggling with diseases to upgrade their immune systems through food supplements that are highly nutritious (Roethlisberger et al 1939).

Our company in Pennsylvania has established a stable market for its products all over the world. It is well known for its quality products, and many have embraced them and have maintained constant use of the products. Our marketing team has reached many customers and has been receiving feedback on how our products have been performing in the market. We have achieved several countries in the United Kingdom and the United States which and turned out to be among our loyal customers. China has also been important clients with some individual customers who have been ordering nutritional products frequently, and also introducing their family and friends to their use. We have some of the customers also in South Africa, who are also among our loyal customers.

60% of our revenue annually, comes from Pennsylvania, our home country, and 40% comes from outside the country. We are established in our country, and even the government acknowledges our products and services. Some hospitals who receive critical conditions with their patients also refer them to us. Currently, people prefer the use of goods that are free from any chemicals, and that is the reason our products are preferred in the market (Roethlisberger et al 1939).

Besides Pennsylvania, we have had the company also established in the California state in the United States. The supplements that contain vitamins and amino acids were the first to be launched back in 1991. The company was determined to have people of all classes on board. The management then organized the launch having free samples that were given to those who attended. There was a thorough lecture on the launching day, where detailed information about the product was given to ensure that people fully understood the products; the raw materials that are used to manufacture them and their importance (Roethlisberger et al 1939).

The company took the pricing aspect seriously. We are aware of the classes that exist in our countries: the class of the wealthy, the destitute and the middle class. The company had different packages of the supplements with different priced that could be affordable to all people. These products were packaged in plastic containers that had the company logo on the upper right side that was evident and identifiable. The colors of the bottles were different because different people get attracted to different colors and colors are a major determinant of whether a person would buy a product or not. Some were packaged in white, others blue or pink.

The company found it strategic to hold its promotions in the main supermarkets and merchandises, with the target of meeting the largest groups of people. People bought the products at discounted prices during the promotions, and the first to show up were given free samples. The products were also advertised on the major television channels and the internet market platforms, and people could have the goods delivered to them free of charge.

Currently, the mode of buying and selling of goods and services from business to another has changed. Previously, trends were emerging before the collapse to create a better business environment. Nowadays, customers demand products that are not available on the shelves at that particular time, and to maintain them; products must be availed. Also, companies have adopted simple ways like free delivery to keep their customers and make them happier. Companies are also using big online companies to track down customer trends and behaviors to new products (Lightfoot and Cohen 2008).

Every company, irrespective of how stable or how competent it is, is prone to competition. GNC Holding Inc. is not an exception either. It has faced high completion from other international companies which are also producing the health and nutrition products like the BF SUNA and GNLD, a Chinese founded company. These companies have also adopted strategies of getting the world's attention on their products. However, GNC Holding Inc. has been keen to maintain its top position in production so as not to lose in the game (Denicolò and Zanchettin 2009).

The primary strategies GNC has laid are; defending the market in the home country by ensuring that other companies do not penetrate into the market, and the people do not get other options in place of their product (Denicolò and Zanchettin 2009). The company has also maintained its fair prices and quality product all along. Companies tend to dilute the quality of their products' and raise prices with time, especially when they are well established and maintained in the market. GNC has maintained its top position.


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