Telephone Technology & GNC Brand in the Netherlands Free Essay Samples & Outline

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Impact of technology on society


TelephoneTelephone, which is one of the telecommunication devices, has a high impact in the modern society. The device plays an important role in communication over long distance. It gives people the ability to receive and send messages. Comparing the modern society to the previous society, there lays a huge difference. Increase in the level of technology has resulted to the difference. Communication in the past days was tiresome as compared to the modern society. Globalization of the modern society can be attributed to the increase in technology level. The use of telephone technology has made access to information easy.
Despite the positive impact that telephone technology has in the modern society, it also has some negative impact. The health of telephone users is placed at a risk of getting cancer by the radio waves used in the transmission of signals. In addition, socially, telephone technology affects users both morally and their interaction with other people. However, the positive impacts realized while using telephone technology are more as compared to the negative impacts of telephone technology.


Technology is the application of ideas and knowledge aimed at changing the lifestyle that human beings are living. Technology involves the introduction of materials, tools and even techniques that have not been used initially by humans. Life becomes easier and pleasant through the application of the tools and techniques. In addition, some technology techniques and tools implemented are aimed at making work more productive (Glotz, 2005). Technology focuses on ensuring that things happen. Rise in technology has had contribution to high performances in businesses and as well the high growth of cities and other structures. Industrial revolution, which had great significance to globalization, is as a result of technology where machines substituted animals and human labor in the businesses. Telephone, among other devices invented, has had a high impact on the current society. Technology has both positive and negative impact to the society. The essay is an analysis of the impact of telephone technology to the modern society.

Political, social and economic organization prior to the widespread of telephone technology

Telephone is a telecommunication device that used for communication over long distances. This device is highly used by people in the modern society not only for personal information but also for business purposes. Before the invention of the telephone, communication between people within a long distance was challenging. Messengers would walk for long distances in order to deliver the messages. There were different methods of sending messages before the invention of the telephone (Glotz, 2005). Communication over long distances was carried out highly through telegraphs. In addition, while communicating with other people in other geographical areas, letters were used. These methods used before the invention of the telephone were not efficient. Urgent messages that needed to be passed to people over long distances would take weeks before it reached the destination.

Messengers were highly used as media of communication while carrying out some economic activities prior to the invention of the telephone. In the previous day’s trade required both the seller and the buyer to avail in the areas where it was being carried out. This was challenging as it was a limit for the physical distance that traders would walk in while selling their commodities. Economic activities carried out during the previous days before the invention of the telephone was a risk to the traders’ health. Harsh conditions such as cold and rain would be faced by the traders and messengers as they delivered the sent messages (Ling, 2004).

Tiresome was another condition that messengers faced while they delivered their messages to the destination. The political organization of the societies before the invention of the telephone was not pleasant. Information delivered by the leaders to the citizens would take several days before it reached the intended people. In addition, the methods used to inform people on the changes in the political organization were not effective. Blowing of horns was one method used to deliver messages in some societies. This was a native method of communication as different interpretations could be made from the signs used. Distortion of information was evident and prevailed among many people. More so, the forms of passing information used were not effective since urgent message would not reach the destination within a short duration of time (Ling, 2004).

Positive impact of telephone technology in the society

Telephone is a device having a lot of impacts in the society. It plays a great role in dealing with the shortcomings encountered while delivering messages. In the modern society, telephone technology has been widely used among many people. It is not only used for the voice communication but also used for entertainment. In the modern society, economic activities have been made easier. Movement of traders has been reduced as the telephone is used to pass information between the seller and the buyer. This, on the other hand, has had an impact on the pace of business activities (Ling, 2004). Telephone technology has been highly modified to suit in the daily life of the people in the modern society. Unlike in the past, cases of emergency could not be easily handled. However, after the invention of the telephone, some lines are left to deal with emergent situations. This has been a positive impact of the telephone in political organization of the modern society (Glotz, 2005).

In the modern society, health and people’s welfare has been improved through the use of telephone. As with most people, they easily contact doctors and other health specialists through the use of telephone. People can easily interact and contact their relatives using telephone technology unlike in the earlier days when telegraphs and letters were used. This has led to the improvement of the welfare of the people in the modern society. On the other hand, urgent information that needs to be passed to people easily since telephone provides a direct contact between the sender and receiver of information (Glotz, 2005).

Innovation of telephone has played a major role in improving the communication between people. Mobile phone has greatly contributed to internet usage among many people. Interaction through social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Emails has contributed to a faster rate of sharing information and ideas. Unlike in the past where letters and telegraphs were being sent to pass information, in the present society, use of telephone has contributed to the use of internet. Therefore, communication with other people from other geographical regions has become easier (Glotz, 2005).

Telephone technology has a positive impact on data management and retrieval of information. Following the use of telephone technology, storage of data, organization of the stored data and its management has been made easier as compared to earlier days before the invention of telephone technology. Rise in software businesses and many telephone manufacturing companies is another positive impact that telephone technology has on the modern society. Data management has been made easy and effective while using the telephone technology. Industrialization has been accelerated through telephone technology following the establishment of the software and other accessory manufacturing industries. This is a positive impact that telephone technology has in the modern society.

Entertainment, which is a recreation activity, has been improved following the high use of telephone technology. Unlike in the past, where recreation was made at the community level, the increase in telephone technology has made recreation be based on the individual level. Movies and music can easily be accessed over the internet through the use of telephone devices. An example being a mobile phone has given many people access to movies. Gaming is another service that mobile phones provide to their users. Telephone users have the opportunity to download movies from the internet that they can watch later during their leisure time. This is a positive impact of the rise in telephone technology (Ling, 2004).

Advertising, which is an important process in companies, has been made easier through the widespread use of telephone technology. Advertisement can be done through text messaging or even voice calling to the liable customers. Accessing the internet using telephone devices is an easy way of accessing companies’ information. Mobile phones, commonly used telephone devices, give users an easy access to information and other resources over the internet. This is a positive impact that telephone technology has in the society (Glotz, 2005).

Broadcasting of meetings is another role that telephone technology plays. Business people are highly using the telephone to broadcast their meetings. This is important as regional managers of different business branches do not have to travel to the headquarters of the company to attend the meeting. This is a positive impact of telephone technology.

Negative impacts of telephone technology in the society.

Despite the positive impact that the telephone has in the modern society, it is also viewed to have some negative effects in the society. Destruction of jobs is one negative impact that the telephone has in the modern society. Positions such as those for messenger boys, telegraphers and operators have been virtually replaced by telephone. Frauds committed are mostly based on the telephone system in the modern society (Ling, 2004). Through the telephone technology, fraudsters can easily reach out into houses and pick the residents pockets through the telephone. Conversely, crime activities such as kidnapping are accelerated by telephone technology. It is easier for the kidnapper to contact relatives to contact relatives of the kidnapped individual making demands (Glotz, 2005). These frauds have prevailed in the society resulting from the widespread of telephone technology.

However, telephone technology has a negative impact on the health of the users. Continuous use of telephone devices such as mobile phones puts the user at risk of getting cancer. Radio waves received and sent through mobile phones are transmitted in different directions. This implies that some of the radio waves are directed to the bodies of the user of the phone. Radio waves are absorbed by the body tissues as energy. This adds up to the energy produced by the cells (Glotz, 2005). The additional energy in the body has a negative impact on the person. Rise in temperature, in the head, is an effect resulting from the additional energy in the body.

Radio waves absorbed in the body have an effect of placing the person at the risk of getting cancer. Once temperature rises in the body due to these radio waves, tumor cells (which causes cancer) formation is accelerated. This is one negative health effect that telephone technology has to the users (Glotz, 2005).

Considering the case of pregnant mothers who highly use telephone technology in their daily activities, the radio radiation from the mobile phones are considered to have a negative impact on the children they are expecting. Children are put at higher risks of health implication from the radiations absorbed by their mothers. Young children have their skulls and cells growing. It is during this period that the cells and skulls absorb radiations easily. According to researchers, the use of mobile phones among young children and pregnant women should be made only when necessary (Ling, 2004).

Accidents, which have grown to be a global concern, have contributed to numerous deaths. Most of the road accidents that happen in many nations are attributed to the use of mobile phones while driving. This has raised concerns among many people. According to researchers, around 80% of drivers have mobile phones and regularly use the gadgets. The link between the use of mobile phones and accidents is a direct one. The probability of an accident occurring while a driver is using a mobile phone is high as compared to the case where the driver is not using mobile phones. Loss of attention and is one result of telephone devices to drivers. This is another negative effect that the telephone devices have socially (Ling, 2004).

In hospitals and petrol stations, mobile phones are highly prohibited. This is because they cause distractions in these areas. In hospitals, once a mobile phone rings, it may be interpreted as an alarm. This is not only a distraction to the patients but also to the attendants in the hospital. On the other hand, mobile phone radiations may cause explosions in petrol stations when they interfere with the pressure of petrol. This is a negative effect on economic activities.

Access to illicit materials over the internet has been accelerated by the continuous use of mobile phones. Most of young people possessing mobile phones use them to access pornographic materials. This has contributed to the increase in moral deterioration. Comparing the modern society and the past, changes in morals among young people has changed. This is can be attributed to the increase in access to the illicit materials through the internet. This is a negative impact that rise in telephone technology has on the social organization of people (Glotz, 2005).


Considering the research paper, it is quite clear that the telephone technology has a positive impact on society. Telephone technology positive impact overcomes the shortcomings. This implies that the technology important in the society. In addition, industrialization has been accelerated through the continuous use of telephone technology. Companies under the telecommunication industry have been developed. These companies play an important role in improving the economic conditions of people. However, some improvements need to be done on the transmission of the radio waves. Transmitter and receiver satellites should not be located near the people’s households. This is aimed at avoiding effects brought about by radio waves. In order to avoid stray radio waves that arise from mobile phones, engineers need to structure the devices with a capability emitting harmless radiations that will not affect the users. This is aimed at dealing with the health risks brought about by radiations from mobile phone usage.


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Sample Essay On Launching GNC Brand in the Netherlands

SAMPLE ESSAY ON LAUNCHING GNC BRAND IN THE NETHERLANDSGNC Holdings Inc. is a health and nutrition company founded in 1935. Its headquarter office is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and we wish to have the company introduced in Amsterdam, Netherlands. As it is in Pittsburgh, the company is meant to serve the public through its products that will be availed through GNC stores and franchise in the Netherlands so as to be accessible to all citizens.

The foundation of the company resulted from a critical case that happened in one hospital. A woman was in labor, and her pregnancy was due. She got admitted to a hospital, and the nurses attended to her in readiness to help her deliver. The nurses realized that the usual delivery was impossible because she did not have enough blood in her system to support delivery. The option was the cesarean section, which was still risky. The baby was discovered to be underweight, and he has to spend a couple of days in the hospital together with the mother to have nutrients added in their body systems.

The company is located in the heart of Amsterdam, covering an area of 700 square meters. The company has 50 employees and gender equality has been considered during the hiring process. The employees are highly competent, and each fits in his or her department, with relevant knowledge and skills. The company controls its products from raw materials to finished goods (Lightfoot and Cohen 2008).

We have created a website that is so that our customers can reach us quickly. We also have telephone and email contacts found on our website on the "contact us" icon. From the phone contacts provided, our customers can reach our customer service team who are always on the line, ready to assist anyone seeking knowledge on our goods and services or any other query on how to reach us. The exemplary performance of our company in Pittsburgh led to the launch of the enterprise in the Netherlands, which has attracted many customers from all over the world, the majority being from the Netherlands.

Just as the GNC Inc. holding in Pittsburgh, the company specializes in the manufacture of food supplements, mostly taken in place medicines and drugs. Discovery of these supplements was agitated by the emergence of the diseases that are hard to cure, and some of them are not curable (Lightfoot and Cohen 2008). Hence, we found the need to get a better way of maintaining good health of the people by either preventing or curing the diseases. These supplements are carefully manufactured, using the most efficient raw materials, which are free from harmful or any contaminated substances. They are also accurately labeled on the containers to avoid confusion.

Our company's mission is making a difference in the world's health and nutrition, through providing quality food supplements, to control the toxic intake levels. The primary goal of the company is helping the old and many who are struggling with diseases to upgrade their immune systems through food supplements that are highly nutritious (Roethlisberger et al 1939).

Our company in Pennsylvania has established a stable market for its products all over the world. It is well known for its quality products, and many have embraced them and have maintained constant use of the products. Our marketing team has reached many customers and has been receiving feedback on how our products have been performing in the market. We have achieved several countries in the United Kingdom and the United States which and turned out to be among our loyal customers. China has also been important clients with some individual customers who have been ordering nutritional products frequently, and also introducing their family and friends to their use. We have some of the customers also in South Africa, who are also among our loyal customers.

60% of our revenue annually, comes from Pennsylvania, our home country, and 40% comes from outside the country. We are established in our country, and even the government acknowledges our products and services. Some hospitals who receive critical conditions with their patients also refer them to us. Currently, people prefer the use of goods that are free from any chemicals, and that is the reason our products are preferred in the market (Roethlisberger et al 1939).

Besides Pennsylvania, we have had the company also established in the California state in the United States. The supplements that contain vitamins and amino acids were the first to be launched back in 1991. The company was determined to have people of all classes on board. The management then organized the launch having free samples that were given to those who attended. There was a thorough lecture on the launching day, where detailed information about the product was given to ensure that people fully understood the products; the raw materials that are used to manufacture them and their importance (Roethlisberger et al 1939).

The company took the pricing aspect seriously. We are aware of the classes that exist in our countries: the class of the wealthy, the destitute and the middle class. The company had different packages of the supplements with different priced that could be affordable to all people. These products were packaged in plastic containers that had the company logo on the upper right side that was evident and identifiable. The colors of the bottles were different because different people get attracted to different colors and colors are a major determinant of whether a person would buy a product or not. Some were packaged in white, others blue or pink.

The company found it strategic to hold its promotions in the main supermarkets and merchandises, with the target of meeting the largest groups of people. People bought the products at discounted prices during the promotions, and the first to show up were given free samples. The products were also advertised on the major television channels and the internet market platforms, and people could have the goods delivered to them free of charge.

Currently, the mode of buying and selling of goods and services from business to another has changed. Previously, trends were emerging before the collapse to create a better business environment. Nowadays, customers demand products that are not available on the shelves at that particular time, and to maintain them; products must be availed. Also, companies have adopted simple ways like free delivery to keep their customers and make them happier. Companies are also using big online companies to track down customer trends and behaviors to new products (Lightfoot and Cohen 2008).

Every company, irrespective of how stable or how competent it is, is prone to competition. GNC Holding Inc. is not an exception either. It has faced high completion from other international companies which are also producing the health and nutrition products like the BF SUNA and GNLD, a Chinese founded company. These companies have also adopted strategies of getting the world's attention on their products. However, GNC Holding Inc. has been keen to maintain its top position in production so as not to lose in the game (Denicolò and Zanchettin 2009).

The primary strategies GNC has laid are; defending the market in the home country by ensuring that other companies do not penetrate into the market, and the people do not get other options in place of their product (Denicolò and Zanchettin 2009). The company has also maintained its fair prices and quality product all along. Companies tend to dilute the quality of their products' and raise prices with time, especially when they are well established and maintained in the market. GNC has maintained its top position.


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