Mentoring Colleagues in Obstetrical and Women’s Health Free Essay Samples & Outline

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Sample Essay On Mentoring Colleagues in Obstetrical and Women’s Health

1. Strengths related to mentoring colleagues

 OBSTETRICAL AND WOMEN’S HEALTHNursing as a profession is stressful and newly qualified nurses and nursing students require a strong support, advice and career guidance in order to cope up and be integrated successfully into the profession. For these reasons, a professional practicing nursing needs to have good mentoring qualities that will help the colleagues develop their profession. Some of the strengths needed to do this that are evident in my portfolio include:

Good interpersonal skills

Absolute confidentiality

Professional ethics

Relevant professional skills

Mutual respect as professionals between the mentor and the mentee

Open mindedness and non-judgemental approach

Honesty and straightforwardness


Desire to help other colleagues to develop their nursing profession

2. Evidence in my professional portfolio that contribute to the role of mentoring my health and wellbeing

Mentoring personal health and well-being plays a key role in demonstration of evidence that one is capable to mentor other colleagues. The evidence found in my professional portfolio include:

Ability to do health assessment and needs

Improved self esteem


Good understanding of food and diets, including preparation of proper meals required by the body

Good understanding of the human body and its needs

Recognition of the need for prioritisation of healthcare needs as a professional as well as opportunities for health promotion

Observation skills for a healthy lifestyle such as rest, diet, sleep, exercise etc.

Recognition of the importance of health and social care networks

Ability to do risk assessment, physical observations and nutritional needs assessment, and give advice or do the required referral by following the correct referral protocols.

Individual led change and action planning

3. Areas that need to be developed with regard to mentoring colleagues’ knowledge and practise and my health and wellbeing

The following areas need to be well developed in order to ensure that the mentees gain in-depth knowledge in obstetrical and Women’s health, as well as to improve my health and well-being.

Food and diets and proper meal preparations

Pregnant mothers need a healthy, nutritious and well-balanced diet with enough minerals and vitamins. In fact, everyone else needs this, not only pregnant women. This calls for the need of good understanding of good diet because the body is a reflection of whatever diet one takes. This change will be implemented through consultation with an expert in foods, nutrition and diets, and in addition, through research.

Opportunities for health promotion

Advances achieved in areas such as medical research provide unprecedented opportunities in improvement of health. New approaches to diagnosis, healthcare and treatment have yielded a significant impact. Reduction of risk factors such as improper nutrition, lack of exercise, misuse of alcohol, smoking and other maladaptive behaviours can also produce substantial health benefits. This change will be implemented through education and motivation and prevention efforts that will be effectively applied at the point of patient risk assessment, health assessment and diagnosis, and treatment process.


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