Community Event Report Essay Examples & Outline

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COMMUNITY EVENT REPORTLatin community events are cultural events held by the Latin to give a moral teaching to the people. Community events are held regularly in this Latin community. Among the Latin, these events are a mark of their cultural beliefs. They are meant to offer counsel to those who participate in them (Arreola 100). They are of different categories depending on the season when they are held. Events are held and have participants from all over the Latin community. They neither discriminate age nor do they discriminate gender. Motivational community events are meant to offer strength to those faced by life challenges (Naidoo 98). In real sense these community events differ from those in different regions. In Latin, culture is preserved through this way.

The Latin people are known of their high culture treasure. They show a high level of cultural advancements. Cultural events are either in form of films, art or even drama festivals. These films and written journals on about the community events are later preserved in the library and the museums that those willing to get more information and more details about them can easily retrieve them (Arreola 115). The community event Empowering Latinos Summer Session Volunteer Registration is our main concern in this report.

The event was held on Tuesday April 13. This event was hosted by Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin. The event was held in association of the host. This cultural event was a one to one career and education advancement program. It was to inspire, change lives and enable the adults of Milwaukee move forward together. This is a type of community event that is mainly meant for the adults (Naidoo 150). It was to offer guidance to these adults by insisting about the importance of team work in the society. It was solely about insisting that team work is the key factor behind any successful community and society. Owing to these anticipations made from the plans behind the hosting of such event, it was clear that Latin people are concerned on their social lives with other. Enhancing a conducive social relationship between the Latin remains as the key thing towards this event.

The event was meant to offer greater speaking skills and to create confidence among the participants (Naidoo 120). The participants are able to access greater opportunities following the confidence instilled in them. This event was wholly meant to change the perception people had in their social duties. Reporting about the event reminds of the happenings during the event. The event was a perfect one that everyone would wish to participate in.

Empowerment program is a program aimed at opening up individuals to the world. This program is composed of volunteers who participate in this event. This event has the role of helping young individuals with skills and linking them more to their life goals (Arreola 77). These events held by the empowerment program are changes the participants’ lives and create awareness on resource management. Empowerment programs are held for 10 weeks every year. These events are held in association with the community.

In the event, high level of hard work was seen from the volunteers. They volunteers and the students also showed their dedication towards this program. The event was a success as the anticipations were met (Naidoo 97). The students in this event were able to learn more and got a high level of confidence in their roles in the mentorship program. The audience of this program was able to learn lessons from the team work as observed from the students. The students and the volunteers made the whole event to be awesome. This event was marked by a high level of creativity among the students (Arreola 60). Their learnt communicating skills were shown in this program where they effectively and with a lot of confidence they were able to respond to the main mission of the play.

Latin events are marked with high jubilation. These events are highly recognized by the Latin people. Their role in the society ranges from what they were meant for or the current issues in the society. As seen in the pat event, though it is under culture, its scope is to instill confidence among the audience and the participants. This event was a great success to the society and empowerment program directors.

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