Medical/Nursing Research Paper

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Affirmative action in psychology Free Essay Samples & Outline

The term affirmative action refers to measures taken to ensure equal opportunity employment. Federal subcontractors and contractors are required by law to adopt these measures. These measures are meant to prevent all forms of discrimination against persons on the basis of religion, sex, national origin or color. Some examples of affirmative action that are provided by the United States Department of Labor are targeted recruitment, outreach campaigns, management and employee development, and support programs for employees. The main purpose of affirmative action is to remedy the disadvantages that are often associated with blatant historical discrimination.

Malingering Free Essay Samples & Outline

The central theme in the definition of malingering is that it often applies to persons who in most instances deliberately pretend to have an illness or even a disability in order to receive an external gain (Greenberg, 1997). One of these gains might be financial or to avoid responsibility and punishment. It has often been noted that indeed personal gain has always been the biggest motivation in regards to malingering. Malingering can in most cases take many forms; however, it is critical to understand that the tendency is to fake mental illness.

Deep vein thrombus (DVT) Free Essay Samples & Outline

A vein thrombus occurs in the deep veins located in the legs of pelvis. The vein thrombus entails a clot that blocks the blood vessels causing serious health complications. Numerous risk factors may lead to development of a deep vein thrombus (DVT). These risk factors include a previous history of venous thromboembolism may cause a deep vein thrombus condition. Further, a previous episode of deep vein thrombus may also increase the chances of one developing a serious deep vein thrombosis condition.

Mentoring Colleagues in Obstetrical and Women’s Health Free Essay Samples & Outline

Nursing as a profession is stressful and newly qualified nurses and nursing students require a strong support, advice and career guidance in order to cope up and be integrated successfully into the profession. For these reasons, a professional practicing nursing needs to have good mentoring qualities that will help the colleagues develop their profession. Some of the strengths needed to do this that are evident in my portfolio include:

Should cigarette companies be compelled to fund cancer research? Free Essay Samples & Outline

One of the leading causes of death in the world is cancer. Cancer of the lungs has been the most common type since 1985 (Parkin, et al 2005). By 2002 lung cancer accounted for 17.6% of cancer deaths worldwide with 49.9% of this deaths happening in third world countries. In 2000 it was calculated that 85% of lung cancer among men and 45% among women was a result of tobacco smoking.

Healthcare Essential Functions Free Essay Samples & Outline

Healthcare is considered as an important sector in any economy of each and every country. Each and every activity that are related to the healthcare is therefore of great concern and given utmost concentration. The activities vary from one healthcare organization to the other though the fundamental benchmark is that they must be given priorities and great concern.

Changing Attitude On Smoking Free Essay Samples & Outline

This is the habit of taking harmful substances such as nicotine in our bodies through inhalation of cigarettes, pipes and cigars.
Many people indulge in smoking habit for different reasons be it for leisure purposes, stress relief, or even for stimulation purposes. Smoking leads to addiction which has tragic health consequences such as chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and terminal illness.

Impact of Dementia Specific Care Units in UK Free Essay Samples & Outline

Many people suffering from dementia require long-term care that is normally provided by caregivers at home or in residential facilities. The experiences of providing care to dementia patients have a profound influence on their quality of life of the caregivers and the carers face many challenges in providing care to dementia patients.

Polypharmacy Free Essay Samples & Outline

Poly-pharmacy refers to the use of multiple medications or the use of medicine that is not indicated for a disease condition or the ineffective or inappropriate use of medications than they are medically necessary (Hilmer et al. 2009). The use of medicines that constitute therapeutic duplication also amounts to Poly-Pharmacy (Robert et al. 2014).

Are Incarcerated Mental Illness Inmates Receiving Special Treatment? Free Essay Samples & Outline

The current statistics show that the mentally ill patients encompass a large number of the population in prison which has led to a significant problem with the administration and therapeutic specialists. It is evident that the number of the prisoners with mental illnesses has increased and also the seriousness of the disease has become more severe.