Medical/Nursing Research Paper

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Changing Attitude On Smoking Free Essay Samples & Outline

This is the habit of taking harmful substances such as nicotine in our bodies through inhalation of cigarettes, pipes and cigars.
Many people indulge in smoking habit for different reasons be it for leisure purposes, stress relief, or even for stimulation purposes. Smoking leads to addiction which has tragic health consequences such as chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and terminal illness.

Impact of Dementia Specific Care Units in UK Free Essay Samples & Outline

Many people suffering from dementia require long-term care that is normally provided by caregivers at home or in residential facilities. The experiences of providing care to dementia patients have a profound influence on their quality of life of the caregivers and the carers face many challenges in providing care to dementia patients.

Gamification in Mental Healthcare Free Essay Samples & Outline

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Analysis of Swanson’s Middle Range Caring Theory & Johnson’s Free Essay Samples & Outline

Through research, Nursing researchers have generated new knowledge and advanced the grand old knowledge. The knowledge generated has provided conceptual models and theories that specify the practical approaches that can be taken to achieve positive patient outcomes during the healing phase and recuperation processes. These models and theories can take the form of empiricism, ethicalism or aesthetism depending on the social context of practicum.

Immobilization of Enzymes with Nano-Particles Free Essay Samples & Outline

The possibilities of application of enzymes, especially when it comes to food processing and medicine has expanded in a significant manner because of recent advances in enzymology. This can be said to be due to the obvious advantages of enzymes as compared to other chemical catalysts, namely, selectivity and stereo specificity of action, and the ability to attain high substrate conversion rates under the relative mild technological conditions as well as for the safety of human beings and the environments.


DSM-V was released in May 2013 by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). However, there has been a line-up of the significant concerns about the consequences that might come with its use. There are those that argue about the strengths of the article, and there are those that argue about the negative effects. This paper looks at two positive attributes of the DSM-V and two negative attributes of the DSM.

Vitamin Deficiencies and Bones Free Essay Samples & Outline

Bone Growth often begins early in the fetal development this occurs at the gestation age and this is often approximately 6-7 weeks, and this continues throughout the rest of the life of a person. Bone-depositing cells are referred to as osteoblasts, and they continually give rise to new bone tissue, while bone destroying cells are often referred to as osteoclasts, and they break down old bone tissue that needs to be replaced.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention Free Essay Samples & Outline

Pressure ulcer is an injury localized on the skin or in the skin’s underlying tissues. The ulcer is caused by pressure resulting from a bony prominence or friction. Most parts of the human body are prone to pressure ulcers. Further, patients diagnosed with impaired mobility are highly susceptible to developing pressure ulcers.