Assessment & Treatment of Inmates Essay Examples & Outline

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Assessment and Treatment of Inmates

The article looks at the different innovations that have come in the assessment as well as the treatment of individuals that have been incarcerated. The article looks at the concerns that the inmates have and their general mental health as compared to rehabilitation. The prisons population can be described as a complex population that requires different approaches and therefore, different wants. There has been integration of several different resources in a bid to aid future research in relation to mental health care in correctional facilities.

There is integration of technology, health care as well several scientific knowledge in order to ensure that people incarcerated are able to be treated with mental health. There are several areas where incarcerated men and women are known to have problems with, this is includes dimension assessment, neuropsychological assessment as well as suicide risk assessment. There is a lot of maladaptive behavior in the prisons and some of these behaviors can be cooled down with adequate help from trained professionals.

There is a need to ensure that there is broader range when it comes to interventions and this will ensure that indeed the psychologists and psychiatrists are able to further the assessment work. The fact that persons have been incarcerated does not mean that they are not liable to the health and therefore, there is a need to increase the assessment that is currently being given in correctional facilities.

However, the impact of this often depends on psychologists who often depend largely on both collective as well as individual initiatives when it comes to the promotion of the benefits that the assessment offers. More than two million people in the United States are confined in the United States prisons. This number often needs to be treated with mental health problems and they should be first assessed before anything else.

There are three types of aggression that exists in the correctional facilities of the United States. The first one is referred to as predatory aggression and it accompanies the reinforcement of a goal. Irritable aggression can be described as a frustration to insult and is often brought about by an angry effect. Lastly, there is defensive aggression and this type of aggression involves persons who believe that they are being attacked and therefore, in most cases they often launch a retaliatory attack. There are several assessment tools that can be used to understand this type of aggression. They include the use of an information processing phenomenon. From this point on, it can be described that indeed there is evaluation after the process of Information processing phenomenon.

There are also several other assessment methods that were used, they include the intervention of the process of has led about several PET protocols. If the persons in the correctional facilitates then there is a need to invest in terms of assessment tools in order to ensure that there is an optimal. The aggression that exists amongst persons within the prison walls can be described as an assessment tool that needs to be completed.

There is a need to ensure that one has what can be described as nonexistent and unclear report together with the feelings of self-blame that might impede the clinicians and they ae successfully make it happen in the identification of assaults. From this article, it can be seen that indeed there is a need to ensure that several areas are exposed. However, this should be done on a moderate level.


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