Negotiations: How to Argue Free Essay Samples & Outline

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Essay on Negotiations- How to Argue

NEGOTIATIONSIn order for American negotiators to increase their chances of success, there are several things that they should do. Firstly, they should fully understand the participant history and information. This is important as it makes it easier for them to understand the likes and the dislikes of the parties and therefore, the negotiators can be able to draw a line in regards to what should be said and what should not (McDavid, 2010).

The presence of information will also give the negotiators the upper hand in regards to understanding the dynamics of the different parties that are taking place in the negotiations. This will help in the building of relationships as they will understand the dos and the don’ts when it comes to the different parties that are in the negotiation.

Secondly, in order to build relationships and increase their chances of success, American negotiators should try and build trust with the parties. The parties in turn will automatically feel comfortable and this will give the negotiations new angles (McDavid, 2010). Trust is a key component when it comes to negotiations and there is a need for the American negotiators to understand that it cannot be substituted by anything. It is in fact one of the pillars of negotiations.

International negotiations are often a toll order. This is because they often involve negotiations between different people that share different cultures. Therefore, even bringing two warring international parties to a table for negotiations can be said to be a victory for the negotiating team (McDavid, 2010). There are sometimes that undesirable tactics are used in international negotiations. However, it is important to understand that at times the end justifies the means. Therefore, in order to avoid wars and other related international disputes there are times where the undesirable tactics are in use.

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Some of these tactics often involve coercion, blackmail and blatant lying. These undesirable tactics are used for the greater good. For example, a party might be told that if they do not comply with something there will be consequences for that action. However, it is important to note that there are times when the tactics might not work and this often leads to the escalation of the problem. There is a need to ensure that international negotiations continue in order to resolve international disputes. Therefore, the use of the undesirable tactics in order to solve an international dispute will most likely go on in order to ensure that the world remains at peace.

MNC managers often resolve disputes by looking at the root of the problem and looking for a conducive area for negotiations. This is important as it keeps the productivity high as the employees are often seen as being important in the organization to warrant a negotiation. This is an effective method as it ensures that the morale of the employees still remains high despite of the different incidences that occur with the disputes (McDavid, 2010). MNC managers are often able to take the disputes seriously and ensure that indeed they are resolved in the correct and progressive manner.

The Internet has transformed the world, it has enabled research to be done and communication is easier through it. The internet has a wealth of information and consequently, there is a need to look at the information regarding negotiations. E-negotiations are important and in fact, they can often be seen to be used to settle international disputes where the persons cannot be able to meet face to face. They can be able to use tele-conferencing and contact each other. However, there are those that do not take e-negotiations seriously when it is done in the internet and they see it as a waste of time.


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