Selling In Latin America & Ethics Essay Examples & Outline
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Selling In Latin America and Ethics

Bill is an ambitious salesperson moving to Latino to replace a veteran salesperson in the country. Bill has his perceptions towards ethical working that are gratified but not applicable to Latino context. Frank, the veteran salesperson, introduces Bill to the mode of operation applicable in the country. He starts with explaining the perceptions that the Latinos have towards gringos from the united states that refer themselves as Americans. This is indicative that there is some underlying hostility towards the Americans since they have traditionally depicted themselves as better than the Latinos.

The country has appreciated the tradition of greasing the deals in order to ensure that there are sales. Greasing is widely accepted such that it is almost the only way of succeeding in the business. Creation of the viable enterprise in Latino is almost unfeasible for the person that does not work along the grain or according to the established customs. The open appreciation of bribes in Latino is equivalent to the benefits awarded to the congressional representatives in the United States to work according to a predetermined manner.


Bill is new and still maintains his perceptions towards business whereby he wants to contribute directly to the growth and development of the entire company. The company is working on the development of a different approach to business according to the vision of the new chief executive officer. There is a need for the change of the basis of the company from an exporter to a full global organization. The top management has identified proper management of the company as the way to attain the goal of growth for the company.

However, the plan will only work if it is modified to suit the needs of the individual market (Cavusgil, Knight & Riesenberger, 2007). However, the modifications of the plan will mean that some of the essential morals such as the approach to graft will be compromised. There is also an increasing risk of failure of the global operations of the company if the plan is applied universally (Cavusgil, Knight & Riesenberger, 2007).


There are two ways of dealing with the issue. On one hand, the Bill can decide to work according to the set approaches in the country since there are unique issues that lead to the development and acceptance of greasing. However, the payment of the bribes ought to be discouraged until when it is unavoidable. This means that the company will be capable of selling the products according to the practices established by the norms in Latino.

The alternative approach to the business is to focus on the differentiation of its mode of operation from the norm whereby it will be selling the products without engaging in any acts of graft. The products will be able to sell based on their merit as opposed to the greasing acts. This will make the company earn long-term credibility (Cavusgil, Knight & Riesenberger, 2007).


In as much as Frank’s approach to business has been successful, the longevity of the practice is largely hindered. To attain the necessary growth levels, it is required that the company adopts a universal approach. This approach will take time to take root in Latino but they will eventually make the company sell based on merit and not short-term power derived from graft. The company’s stand on corruption in Latino will position it uniquely leading to long term relationships.


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