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Sample Essay On Data Management

Microsoft Office Access

Ms. Access is a management system used in database development and maintenance that has its advantages and disadvantages. Large organizations use this data management tool because of the advantages it offers which other related tools do not offer (Know The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Microsoft Access, 2013). The major advantages of using Access are:

1.Microsoft Access is very easy to install and use. It offers a user friendly interphase that is simple and easy to understand.

2.It has an easy integration process and works well with other database developing programs like oracle of Microsoft SQL

3.For users and organizations that develop programs using the .Net link, Access offers them a functional GUI that enhances easy set-up.

4.Microsoft access is very economical to use and hence saves companies millions of dollars

5.It has a storage capacity of up to 2gb. This allows users to save large amounts of data in the databases.

6.Organizations and companies may have different people accessing the database at the same time. Microsoft access allows up to 10 users to access the database at the same time and this is convenient when many tasks need to be run at the same time.

7.This software also allows for easy importation of data from other sources. These features make it one of the most popular database management systems worldwide.

When trying to design a database, how would you identify the functional dependencies associated with a relational database?

Functional dependencies highlight the relationship between two or more different attributes. In general, for a given relation R, the Y attribute is dependent on the X attribute (more often the PK), if every instance of X which is valid, determines a value Y.

In determining functional dependencies, therefore, it is imperative to know which attributes are determinants and which are dependent. Also, the Armstrong’s axioms outline the inference rules that can be applied when determining functional dependencies. These are the axiom of transitivity and the axiom of augmentation also known as partial dependency.
Similarly, we can also use the additional rules encompassing union and decomposition in determining functional dependencies (Ballard, Farrell, Gupta, Mazuela, & Vohnik, 2010).
Identify at least 5 relevant concepts that are specific business and industry needs.

There are several business concepts that can be addressed with respect to this question. These are: the objective of the organization, its mission and vision, structure of the organization, the hierarchical order of the organization’s components, tools used in management and employment pattern and job security, among many others.
8 factors that would be important to customer identification using the dimensional model.

In the course of building a business, one of the key things an organization will do is to create a customer profile. The factors that can be considered when creating an accurate customer profile are:

a)The target population that the business seeks to sell their product to. In essence, it’s critical for a business to be able to identify its primary market. Once the target market is analyzed, the business tailors its products and services to suit the needs of the market.

b)Market segmentation – this allows the business to concentrate on a specific market group and in so doing creates a portfolio whereby the customers can identify the business as the lead specialists in the offering of certain products or services.

c)Behavioral tendencies of the customers

d)Customer demographics e.g. age, education etc.

e)Customer psychographics

Explain why data should be consistent among customers.

The importance of data consistency can be implied as a strategy to create uniformity of information. When data is uniform, it becomes more credible and accurate and can be used in making accurate market predictions that will be of importance to the organization. The relevance of data modeling is to develop foresight. Foresight helps in analyzing trends and thus being able to make business plans for a future date.


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