Best Location to Search for Jobs in US Essay Examples & Outline

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Best Location to Search for Jobs in US

Various factors explain why Texas has always lured job seekers. The city has reasonable real estate prices, appealing tax structure, as well as relatively affordable lifestyle. In terms of population, Texas only comes second to California. The city does everything big. It boasts of the biggest oil reserves, huge transportation infrastructure, its power grid and a massive beef industry.

These factors greatly contribute to a strong export business that Texas has always had. The job conditions there have in recent times been on a robust upswing (Fischer, 2013). Employment in Texas is dominated by trade, business and transportation services. All the sectors have currently demonstrated the ability to grow strongly, and this is something that most job seekers have been keen top exploit.

According to statistics by BLS and BEA, Abilene area has a population of 166, 963, and a labor force of 84, 227. It also has a personal income of 6, 330, 829, and an employment of 79,712. What these statistics indicate is that compared to most other locations around Texas, Abilene enjoys a more impressive job ratio. More than 50 percent of its population is in gainful employment, and this explains why fresh graduates have been thronging the location.

The fact that Abilene embraces the idea of diversity in the workplace is another reason that sets it apart. Job seekers from different races, political affiliations and religious beliefs are all welcome in this location which ensures merit-based appointments. This gives job seekers the confidence that they will not be judged on anything else rather than their qualifications.

Texas jobs have a volume that is consistently expanding and positive. Even in the wake of the biting recession, Abilene experienced an unemployment rate that was relatively low. Statistics indicates that by 2012, unemployment rates in Abilene had only peaked at 7.9 percent, and by July 2013, that unemployment rate had gone down to 6 percent. Statistics also indicate that Abilene has a growing presence in fields that are business related.

Solid monthly increases have always been reported on both online hiring and payrolls, and this further underlines why Abilene is god job hunting ground, especially for individuals with a background in Accounting (Fischer, 2013). Between Q2 2013 and Q2 2014, jobs in Abilene are expected to grow exponentially by around 2.6 percent. This will represent a bigger increase from the national job supply of 1.3 percent. Abilene does not rely heavily on national job supply, and this is yet another factor that has set it apart from most other locations.

One thing that most job seekers try to avoid is unjust tax system. During the start up phase of any gainful employment, the returns are often meagre, and job seekers would therefore try everything to maintain a sensible net pay. This is something that they get from most employment opportunities in this location. The tax structure there is incredibly low compared to areas like California, and most job seekers see this as very appealing.

Simply put, Abilene has a healthy economy, and lucrative jobs are plentiful. The moves that individuals make are most often necessitated by employment opportunities.This is something that Abilene consistently offers. Abilene is home to a variety of industries. The top players include business services, education and the government. High-tech companies are not in short supply and this further underlines the high levels of employment opportunities.

It is a bustling metro region, and these points to fairly decent job prospects. Most young graduates have to fight soaring unemployment levels in order to carve a niche in their professions (Fischer, 2013). The little information out there is normally conflicting, and a lot of caution has to be exercised in deciding the best location to start the job-hunting process. Given that Abilene is not very big geographically, it becomes a little easier to collect helpful information on the most suitable jobs and this is something that most job-seekers obviously look for. It is easier to do a thorough background research, as well as the necessary networking in a smaller region compared to a bigger one.

In recent years, job seeking has greatly transformed. It is the employers’ who dictate the market, and if such employers do not provide a playing ground that is level, then job seekers are bound to feel frustrated. The emerging global workforce is less rigid than was the case decades ago, and this explains their willingness to move to other locations such as Abilene to seek employment. Job seekers cannot overlook the fact that the work environment has in recent times become more mobile, and individuals are more open to the idea of looking for opportunities outside their home cities. This is a fact that has greatly impacted how Abilene performs against other cities. With diversification in the workplace comes a broader range of skills.

Abilene has always endeavored to create entrepreneurial enterprises that are high-impact and high-growth, and this goal has seen it grow steadily. The business policies that have been implemented are entrepreneur-friendly, and there are also numerous venture capital efforts. The area is also not short of amenities that make working there comfortable, and the fact that it has a diverse array of offerings makes it a must-visit. Job seekers are consistently looking to improve their position, and the best way to keep them is to ensure that the pool of potential employees is talented, and one which offers room for growth. The modern day job seekers expect certain requirements to be met before committing themselves to specific opportunities, and one such requirement is continuity of employment opportunities.

In terms of raw growth, Texas beats all other cities with a 4 percent annual growth rate. Abilene has always been impressive in the way it handles poorly projected income growth and job market hiccups, and this also explains its popularity among job seekers, especially the Accounting majors. It is sucking in jobs that are high-tech from California that many view as being too expensive. The economy today is incredibly diversified, and this is something that most cities have struggled with, especially in harsh economic times.

Most cities have been getting better with improvements in the national economy. However, most cities simply do not know how to handle slumps in the national economy, and this where Abilene has emerged victorious (Fischer, 2013). It has been impressive in the way it handles financial crisis, and this is a move that has always ensured that jobs are preserved. Abilene does not normally allow itself to be affected by poor financial decisions, as most companies in the region ensure that they employ sound measures to address any shortcomings in the financial sector.

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