Alcohol & Loneliness Essay Examples & Outline

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STORY: How I Was Ruined by Alcohol

STORY: HOW I WAS RUINED BY ALCOHOLIt was on a Friday evening where I decided to take a lady for a drink. On that day, I decided to take alcohol while with her to prove to her that I was the right one for her. Things went right as planned for the few hours when we shared alcohol until when we decided to chuck from the pub. However, no sooner had I driven for some few miles than everything reversed. I was stopped by a traffic officer. He asked me to move out from my car as he wanted to test whether I was under alcohol. I was very frustrated as I moved out of my car and walked to where he had parked his car. This took about twenty minutes. After he proved I was under the influence of alcohol, handcuffed me and forced me to his car.

This event was not only a frustration to me but also turned out to affect my family as well. I informed them what had happened and they tried to help me out of detention but all this was in vain. I was taken to court the following morning where my fate was to be decided. While in court, I was required to pay a fine for having violated one of the traffic laws. In addition, I was to attend a rehabilitation program while behind the bars for two months. This contributed to financial strains experienced by my family. Despite being required to pay for my fine, they had no other source of income.

During the alcohol class, we were made aware of the problems that arise from being drunk. These problems ranged from personal levels to family level. As seen alcohol has influence on the social life of the victim. Legal problems are those problems like one I found myself in. having been taken to court made me face the legal consequences of alcohol. In addition, there are financial problems that are attributed to alcohol. These problems affect the victim and as well the family members. While taking this class, we had groups where we used to discuss from. It involved an hour of education followed by two hours that involved discussions with the group members. I recall in this lesson I was able to clearly understand the changes that takes place in life once an individual starts taking alcohol. While in the open groups, members shared their experiences while under alcohol.

The second class that we attended was Coroners class. This class was divided into different segments where learning was facilitated differently. It had an introduction where a discussion between the offenders and instructors was facilitated. This lesson introduced us into to the organization of the Coroner where we were made aware of its missions and responsibilities. In this lesson we were also taken to the security department where we were required to wear the minimum required OSHA protective apparel. Later we were escorted through the areas where decedents are processed in and out of the facility, undergo examinations. More emphasis was laid on those deaths caused by alcohol and other related drugs. Coroner class was significant to me as I was able to analyze the security attributes towards alcohol use. I came to realize the organization that plays the great role of ensuring that even after being under alcohol for years, after accessing the organization, I could recover from alcohol.

Trauma Visit was our last class. In this segment, it was an extension of the previously learnt segment. This segment involved us taking a visit to a hospital. This lesson made involved us viewing an autopsy in a close proximity. We would observe autopsies and other forensic procedures in progress from a short distance away. We remained behind closed doors, but we were able to view what is happening through windows in the doors. This was the most interesting lesson as we were able to view hat happens while in the hospitals. Having completed this segment, we were required to go back to our classroom. While in the classroom, we remained waiting for the speaker where we were introduced to the victim’s impact.

Lessons such as consequences of alcohol on the individual were covered. This was made possible through the presentations and videos that were played while in the classroom. Under this segment, I was able to understand the trauma changes that take place once an individual continues to take alcohol. This was through the tests that were being carried out as we observed from a close proximity.

This was a very helpful experience to me. I came to understand the personal effects of alcohol. In the case of financial strains that arise from alcohol use, legal consequences such as being detained and as well death attributed to alcohol. Initially I did not consider the changes and dangers I was putting myself in while using alcohol. Having had taken a risk in driving while drunk was one of the worst mess I had laid myself into. Consequences that arose from this, my driving license being held for some time by the authorities and as well a fine being imposed on me. This has contributed to my changed perception towards alcohol. Since I have faced the harsh conditions of taking alcohol, similar future occurrence will be one thing that I will always prevent. In addition, the overall program became of great importance to me. Owing to the groups we were in, I could easily interact with other individuals who had similar experiences while under the influence of alcohol.




LONELINESSThere are many examples in our language of metaphors that make the connection between cold temperatures and emotions such as loneliness, sadness and despair. At a young age, I was taught that metaphors were meant to be used for descriptive purposes only and were not to be taken literally. On the contrary, recent studies suggest that these metaphors are to be taken literally. In fact, there is a psychological basis for linking cold with feelings of social isolation.
Being a lonely child was not fun. I remember the first day of my kindergarten. That was the first moment in life I felt complete loneliness. I felt very cold that day; I could see the goose bumps on my arms. After my mom dropped me off, I started crying for a while and then I stopped crying since I figured that crying was not going to get my mom back.  I was sitting in the corner observing some kids playing hide and seek. Some other kids were angry and would start beating each other.

I used to get myself busy watching them from a distance. I was afraid to get involved with them. I didn’t make any friends until I was 15 years old. Mina was my first friend I met in school. He was very quiet, but very smart. He was very honest and helpful. He used to earn top grades in our classroom. He was the only friend I had until I graduated high school. I had some acquaintances during my school years. But, My Friend Mina was the only one I trusted throughout my school years.
Despite, my lonely childhood, I consider myself sociable and outgoing person. Currently, I feel I’m more open to people and able to enter in a group conversation when I get together with family or friends. But some days I enjoy having no company around me.  I love driving to Santa Monica and taking a walk on the beach by myself.  I loving going to the movies by myself. I found it more convenient to do things by myself. I had few intimate relationships but every time I chose to find an excuse to end the relationship because I don’t feel as free as I used to be when I was single. I like to have a family one day and have children.

I love playing with children but in the mean time I feel reluctant to getting married and having children; I don’t want to be tied down and lose my “loneliness”. I have a conflict of interest.  I guess I enjoy being an independent person. Did my lonely childhood influence my perception on marriage?! In other words, is there a positive correlation between solitude in childhood and becoming single (unmarried) in adulthood?