War Should Never Have Been Declared on Iraq Free Essay Samples & Outline

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Essay on War Should Never Have Been Declared on Iraq

On March 20, 2003 The Iraq War other known as The Third Gulf War began. It was initiated with the military invasion of Iraq by The United States of America and its allies to put an end to The Bath Party and Saddam Hussein. According to George W. Bush and his administration's justification for launching the war was because of an alleged Weapon of Mass Destruction Program (WMD) and viewed as a fight against terrorism in hopes of protecting The United States.

The U.S stated that their main intent was to remove a regimen which developed as well as used weapons of mass destruction. It further argued that Iraq harbored as well as supported terrorists and went on to commit outrageous human rights abuses. However, although some of these reasons were justified, the main reason as to why the United States went to war with Iraq was fabricated as Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction.

It is imperative to comprehend that after the invasion, The Iraq Survey Group that was tasked with searching for the weapons of mass destruction ultimately concluded in their reports that Iraqi production of Weapons of Mass destruction had ceased and, in fact, all major stockpiles in the country had been destroyed in the year 1991 when there were economic sanctions were imposed. The United States and its allies had, therefore, falsified evidence in order to build a case for war. There was the release of the Downing Street memo that was written in the year 2002, where the head of British intelligence argued that intelligence, as well as facts, was being fixed by the United States around policy with the main aim of removing Saddam Hussein from power.

Another reason for war was the alleged link that existed between Saddam Hussein’s government and different terrorist organizations and in particular Al-Qaeda. In order to assert the link that existed between Saddam Hussein and the terrorist group Al-Qaeda, the Bush administration argued that there were ties that existed between Saddam Hussein and a Jordanian terrorist that was referred to as Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. In fact, in order to further bolster this link, the Secretary of State Powell called Saddam Hussein, a collaborator of Osama Bin Laden.

It is of the essence to comprehend that as with the argument that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destructions, the evidence that linked Saddam Hussein with Al-Qaeda was discredited by several U.S intelligence agencies, and they include Central Intelligence Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency. The task force that was mandated with getting the link concluded that there were no operational or even collaborative relationship that existed between the two persons.

The United States should never have invaded Iraq, there are those that argue that it should have based on humanitarian grounds. It is no secret that the Hussein government violated human rights and killed and tortured thousands of Iraqi citizens. There was the gassing and killing thousands of Kurds, the repressing of Kurds and Shia uprising following the 1991 Gulf war and the displacement of the Marsh Arabs in Southern Iraq.

However, it should never be forgotten that despite the atrocities that were performed by Saddam Hussein, human rights was never a justification for war, and in fact, it can be argued that the human rights card only became prominent after evidence concerning the presence of Weapons of Mass destruction and the links of Hussein to Al-Qaeda were discredited.

Further, humanitarian groups such as Amnesty International and Human rights watch have often maintained that, even though, there were indeed human rights concern that existed in Iraq, they did not provide enough rationale for the invasion. In fact, military intervention would not have even been justifiable based on Humanitarian grounds. Further, there were areas such as Sudan where there were extreme humanitarian violations, and the United States has never even thought of invading.

Further, the United States and its allies in Europe had supported the Hussein regime in the 1980’s, and this was the period where there existed worst human rights violations and abuses (Keegan 49). This, therefore, casted doubt on the actual sincerity of the claims that were made by the Bush administration that military intervention was needed because of humanitarian grounds.

The Bush administration and other supporters of the war have often stated that the war on Iraq and the continued involvement was and are still a means to combat terrorism. In fact, President Bush often stated that Iraq was indeed a central front when it came to the war on terror. However, in complete contrast to this rationale, the incidence of terrorist attacks in Iraq soil has grown after the invasion. Iraq has been made a potent global recruitment center for jihadists. Further, the United States did the unforgivable mistake of invading Iraq without having a clear exit strategy.

They left a weak government that was soon taken over by insurgents. Currently, the world is battling with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). It can be argued that ISIS is indeed a creation of the United States given that they did not leave a working government and consequently created a breeding ground for insurgents such as ISIS. Further, Al-Qaeda leaders have often publicly said that indeed the war with Iraq led to a boom in the operational as well as recruitment efforts. This is because it provided evidence to potential jihadists around the world that America is indeed at war with Islam.

In conclusion, it is lucid that the United States should not invade Iraq. There was no adequate reason as the alleged weapons of mass destruction were never found. Further, the alleged connections between Saddam Hussein and Al-Zarqawi were found to be falsified. It is because of the mess and quagmire that the United States left Iraq in that there has been the rise of several insurgent groups in Iraq such as ISIS. These terror groups are a threat to the world, and they were indeed created by the United States. Therefore, the United States should not have invaded Iraq in the first place.

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