Illegal Immigration Free Essay Sample & Outline

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Sample Essay On Illegal Immigration

Over the last years, the movement of illegal settlers in the United States has been a serious issue. Now, loud voices on every side shout one another down and avoid any discussion of genuine solutions. Smears of forgiveness have tarred various politicians, and the thought of dealing wisely with the 11 million illegal settlers in the U.S appears to be an abomination for numerous on the right. The current Republican debates only verify the extent to which immigration is a scorching button issue.

There is a need to deal with this issue in the right manner and this often means taking into account that some of these illegal immigrants have had their children in the United States and some of them have lived in the United States for more than 10 years. These persons I believe should be given a chance to correct their wrongs. The government should create a system for only the illegal immigrants that live in the United States where they are given the chance to effectively become U.S citizens.

However, how do common Americans feel concerning immigration? Five current polls run by institution from across the political scale – from Fox news broadcast to Latino Decisions – clearly illustrate that the enormous greater part of Americans support smart decision on immigration reorganization and reject mass banishment. They support a way to nationality for persons who are component of the communities, pay back taxes, learn English, and many other things, and they discarded tearing the families separately (Cozic 43). Put plainly, these polls demonstrate that the ideological radicalism of something that is right is well outside the normal pragmatism of the American populace.

They argue that these illegal immigrants have been part of the American community and should therefore, be given a chance to live legitimately in the United States. Most of them were found to know hardworking illegal immigrants that came to the United States in order to try and find better lives for their children. They were described as hardworking and extremely supporting the local and national economies. Therefore, it is ethically wrong for a nation that was built by Immigrants to chase out immigrants that have stayed in the country for more than five or in some instances ten years.

Exploring even more into the data, it turns out that no matter who an individual is – poor or rich; conservative or liberal; college student or not; brown, white, or black; or even a member of the Tea Party – these consequences still hold true (Simon 18). And they are only the most recent in polling that extended back years, demonstrating that America is far more in line with genuine solutions to immigration transformation than are native right – wingers.

With some politicians arguing that the rate of illegal immigrants in the USA is increasing, and something ought to be done, the same information got into a debate, which drew the public’s attention. It then became a public agenda prompting the President of USA to look deep into the issue considering the views of both the citizens of the United States and the Immigrants. The president recently gave an executive order that might enable some illegal immigrants to come out of the shadows and register with the government so that they can be able to pay taxes, and help in the building of the country (Mayer 21).

However, there is a need for the government to do more than that, it should create a law in congress that will help solve the issue of immigration once and for all. There is a need for the government to create a system where ‘only’ the living illegal immigrants in the United states can come out of the bushes and register to become citizens. This system will give these hardworking illegal immigrants the chance to become United States citizens.

However, while there are so many individuals debating on the issue, it must be realized that every individual in the United States is an American citizen. Coming up with the laws that would send back the illegal immigrants into their country seems to be so unfair since this same individuals contributes to the welfare of the country. In fact, according to study by Harvard economics, the illegal immigrants are pivotal to the economy and if they are integrated into citizens of the United States by a clear legal channel, their contribution might increase tenfold as they are going to pay taxes to the government and consequently increase revenue collection. The laws on immigration should be implemented, but they ought not to affect those individuals who are already in the United States of America.

Despite the fact that various laws have been enacted to deal with the immigration issues, there are still some issues that ought to be looked unto because of the different opinions that those individuals living within the United States of America have. If I were a political activist, for instance, I would try to educate people on the importance of having the settlers in the country having in mind the fact that majority of these individuals have been in the country for years and have facilitated the development of the country at large.

The United States can be described as a country of immigrants, therefore, the citizens should not look down upon the illegal immigrants as there was a time that their grandparents or ancestors tried to enter the United States ad might have been through hardships (Commission, 16). They all came to look for a better life for their children and themselves. Therefore, the United States should not be a country that banishes hardworking illegal immigrants but instead it should create a system to ensure their integration into the society. Additionally, the policy that ought to be in place is one that should protect the immigrants and not deny them the opportunity of being citizens.

In conclusion, governments have the responsibility of taking care of its citizens. The responsibility of ensuring that the people eat, children go to high-quality schools and even have a roof on their head. Not all these can be achieved if individuals from other countries are illegally moving into the country. Therefore, the issue of immigration law should be taken seriously if the government wants to prevent the illegal entry of immigrants into their states. However, such laws should protect those individuals who are already within the states (Commission, 22). They should be given a chance to correct their wrongs by passing through a legal process where they can be able to become genuine American Citizens. This is because, despite the fact that they are not citizens of America, they have contributed a lot to the states.


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