Healthcare Essential Functions Free Essay Samples & Outline

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Sample Essay On Healthcare Essential Functions

Healthcare is considered as an important sector in any economy of each and every country. Each and every activity that are related to the healthcare is therefore of great concern and given utmost concentration. The activities vary from one healthcare organization to the other though the fundamental benchmark is that they must be given priorities and great concern. To begin with, budgeting in the healthcare is essential in making sure that the healthcare organizations and sectors set the priorities on what essentials needs to be achieved.

Planning help to make sure that the essential resources are fully used and exhausted within the set period. Budgeting deals mostly with the resources within the healthcare sector. It makes sure that the resources are utilized fully in making sure that the set goals, as well as the objectives of the organization, are achieved with little or less straining. It is done for both short term basis as well as the long-term achievements. The managers should, therefore, make sure that the budgets are well taken care of and fully taken into consideration to avoid any inconveniences that might arise from poor budgeting.

For the healthcare organizations as well as the entire sector to achieve their set objectives of making sure that they meet the demand in the society, awareness to the people is essential. Marketing, therefore, is needed to achieve this. The healthcare needs to brand and package itself to make sure that the target groups are well informed about the services that they are offering at each and every center. Marketing is essential in making the healthcare organizations reach a good number of target audiences so as to help them make sound decisions on the services that they are looking for.

The marketing strategies help the healthcare organizations sell their services to the customers that are the main reasons why they operate at any given location. (Bettcher & Goon, 1997) This in return makes them realize the set goals of making profits in the services that they are offering as well as making sure that the competition in the sector is healthy. When the competition is high in the market, the services that re-offered to the patients is found to increase regarding the quality.

Program planning, on the other hand, is very important in the healthcare centers in some ways. The program planning help in making sure that the set activities that are carried out in the healthcare centers, as well as the sector, are followed to the latter. It helps the organization to make sure that the policies and the guidelines that are fundamental in the operation of the healthcare are given keen concerns and priorities. Proper program planning makes sure that the services that are given to the customers are of high quality and meets the expectations that the clients require of the healthcare. It is therefore very important to lay down procedures and policies to guide both the staff as well as clients in making sure that they are informed.

Finally, staffing in the healthcare is very important. It is essential for the healthcare facilities to make sure that the staff members are qualified to come up with the best services to the clients. The staff members should also be well remunerated as well as making sure that they are motivated in doing their daily duties. The staff members in the sector should also be satisfied with the working environments to make sure that their work performance is of the required standards. It is, therefore, important to make sure that all the activities, as well as the functions, are of the required standards. (Scheckler & McDonald, 1998)


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