Affordable Health Care Essay Examples & Outline

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Affordable Health Care

The affordable Health Care for America Act was a bill that crafted by the United States in the year 2009. The executive has been instrumental in enacting the affordable health care Act as they encourage new and increased taxes for cost insurance (Tate, 2013). The families with income of more than one million are being taxed highly, secondly, the high-cost insurance plans are also taxed more. The executive has also been able to enact insurance reforms by removing anti-trust exemption in order to define qualified health benefit plan.

The Veterans Health Administration can be described as the component of the United States Department of Veteran Affairs that led by the Under Secretary of Veterans Affairs for Health which implement the medical assistance program through administration and operation of numerous VA medical centers. The Veteran Health administration has played a very important role in outreach efforts to include men and women veteran as well as homeless veterans (Emanuel, 2014).

The VHA has been able to strategically place their medical centers near medical schools. Further, the VHA has been able to establish car for the wounded veterans in order to repair their damaged bodies as well as their minds. The organization has embarked on a unique campaign to also repair the crumbling the intimate relationships.

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The Affordable Health care Act has been able to ensure that every person in the United States get health care that is affordable and which is almost free. This is importance as it has helped societies to be able to progress in terms of their economic activities as they are able to save more on health care. The single payer system is a term that describes a type where the government as compared to the private insurers pays for all health costs. The free-market health system involves where the government and private insurers pay for the health care costs. I would prefer the free market health system in the United States. The state government will participate in the federal health exchange.


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