Affordable Health Care Essay Examples & Outline

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Affordable Health Care

AFFORDABLE HEALTH CAREThe affordable Health Care for America Act was a bill that crafted by the United States in the year 2009. The executive has been instrumental in enacting the affordable health care Act as they encourage new and increased taxes for cost insurance (Tate, 2013). The families with income of more than one million are being taxed highly, secondly, the high-cost insurance plans are also taxed more. The executive has also been able to enact insurance reforms by removing anti-trust exemption in order to define qualified health benefit plan.

The Veterans Health Administration can be described as the component of the United States Department of Veteran Affairs that led by the Under Secretary of Veterans Affairs for Health which implement the medical assistance program through administration and operation of numerous VA medical centers. The Veteran Health administration has played a very important role in outreach efforts to include men and women veteran as well as homeless veterans (Emanuel, 2014).

The VHA has been able to strategically place their medical centers near medical schools. Further, the VHA has been able to establish car for the wounded veterans in order to repair their damaged bodies as well as their minds. The organization has embarked on a unique campaign to also repair the crumbling the intimate relationships.

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The Affordable Health care Act has been able to ensure that every person in the United States get health care that is affordable and which is almost free. This is importance as it has helped societies to be able to progress in terms of their economic activities as they are able to save more on health care. The single payer system is a term that describes a type where the government as compared to the private insurers pays for all health costs. The free-market health system involves where the government and private insurers pay for the health care costs. I would prefer the free market health system in the United States. The state government will participate in the federal health exchange.


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Tate, N. J. (2013). Obamacare survival guide.


Affordable Health Care Act

AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACTThe Affordable health care for America act more often referred to as HR 3962 was a bill that crafted by the House of representatives in the year 2009. The Senate decided to pass a health care bill referred to as the Patient protection and affordable act on the year 2010. The Affordable Care Act referred to as the ACA was originally enacted with a goal of increasing affordability as well as the quality of the American health insurance. The ACA is intended to lower the uninsured rate in the ever expanding private and public insurance coverage, and also reducing dramatically health care for the government and individuals (Gruber 45).

The health care reform was necessary as more than 44 million are currently without any health insurance. A majority of these people do not have health insurance primarily because the quality of health insurance in the United States is very high. Therefore, the ACA can be said to have been passed into law in order to ensure that all Americans have the ability to access reliable and cheap quality health care. The ACA has profound effects on the State of New Jersey and this paper is going to look at some of these effects as well as the history of the Act.

The Affordable Care act began in the year 2010 and is a set of health insurance reforms that are intended to roll out in 2014 as well as beyond. However, before the act has reached where it is today, it has gone through several bumps along the way. It was on March 23 that President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law. However, there were several legal battles in and of the supreme court where several people wanted the law to be scraped off deeming it unconstitutional. In the year 2010 beginning the month of October the individual health insurance plans started to allow children to the age of 26 years to be covered as dependents.

In the year 2011, the long term care insurance program started. It reimbursed some costs to nursing homes. In the year 2012, the nonprofit insurance cooperatives were initiated and were intended to compete with the commercial insurers (Gruber 45). This was a plan whose final result was supposed to be lower premiums. In the year 2013, there was the creation of standardized insurance forms whose main aim was to reduce paperwork, the administrative costs as well as duplication costs. There was also the introduction of a new tax of 3.8% that was intended to ensure that the health reform program was running the way it was supposed to. In the year 2014, insurance companies will be warned and prohibited from denying coverage to the people with medical conditions. In the year 2018, a 40% tax will be imposed on the companies that will provide Cadillac health plans whose value is more than $10,200.

It is important to understand that the Affordable Health Care Act does not only affect the national level but also it affects States. The ACA can be said to be the largest restructuring of health care delivery and it is intended to dramatically reshape the structure of American health care in New Jersey with an emphasis on the universal coverage for all people and value based care (Gruber 45). Although it is layered deep inside the bill, the ACA dramatically changes the relationship that exists between the medical device industry and the United States government. There are several benefits that will accrue to the State as a result of the Affordable Health care Act.

The ACA has two ways in which it can be able to increase coverage, firstly there is the expansion of Medicaid eligibility, which will include person who are within the required 138% of the federal poverty level. This means that more people in the State of New Jersey will be able to access cheap healthcare. Secondly, it should create state based insurance exchanges where individuals can comfortably buy health insurance plans. This scheme should be for those individuals that have incomes between 100% and 400% of the federal level of poverty. This will directly affect the residents of New Jersey who will be able to afford health care despite being below the poverty line.

There are several negative effects that will come as a result of ACA. Firstly, individual clinics will have to invest more on technolocial advancement and this might mean some of them closing down or unable to afford the ACA services. It is important to understand that for the ACA to work, there is need for a technological framework from the federal government, the state government of New Jersey and the individual clinics that give services directly to the patient. It is imperative that New Jersey develops an IT system in order for them to facilitate securely the movement of personal information in real time to the consumers.

The information that will be transported must be protected securely as this information is very confidential. The medical details of a person are often very confidential and in fact, it goes against the doctor-patient relationship ethics for a doctor to expose a patient’s medical state without his or her consent. This is exactly the same case with the transportation of files that are medical (Gruber 45). It is imperative that the files reach the target area by any means possible, they should reach there in a secure way without any alterations with third parties.

The ACA has radically changed the way hospitals and clinics do their jobs in the State of New Jersey. Firstly, there is a need to improve the existing technology so that it is at par with what the Affordable Care Act requires and this has been done in most hospitals in the State. The ACA requires a high level vision for the IT system where information can be shared as quickly as possible with multiple sources. However, these channels must be secure so that the confidential information is not tampered with.

There is a need for the technology to have a navigating policy as well as technological integration, which will allow the exchange of information from the Medicaid of the state or the CHIP programs to the local server at the clinic or the hospital. It is imperative to understand that despite the various guidance and regulations that were provided by the ACA, some of the clinics in the State have had to to face significant changes in regards to how they exchange information from Medicaid, CHIP activities and others which are the heart of the reform that ACA was originally meant for.

I believe the impact will be immense in the State of New Jersey. Most person will be able to afford health care services and the state clinics will be technological advanced. As earlier dscussed, it is important to understand that in clinics there is a need for technological development which in turn must support the full implementation of the ACA through the sharing of information. It is also worth to note that even clinics that choose not to expand and are public will be required by the Federal and the state government to meet all the possible aspects of the Affordable Care Act.

This means that more clinics in the State of New Jersey will have to invest more in their clinics or close down. Therefore, there is a need for the clinic to have an SBE, modernized Medicaid as well as CHIP eligibility systems that will be capable of performing different functions as it is well illustrated in ACA (Gruber 45). The IT systems in the clinic are expected to support first class user experience, and this must be understood is regardless of the coverage type. This IT system should be facilitated by what can be described as seamless coordination among several stakeholders.

In addition to the sharing technology which will make ACA work better and more effectively there is also the technological advancement that will be needed in the clinic that exists in the New Jersey state as a result of the expanded clientele. This includes the increase of basic technological equipment as well as more specific technology equipment. This will be important in order for the Affordable Care Act to achieve its set objectives in the State of New Jersey.


Gruber, Jonathan, and H P. Newquist. Health Care Reform: What It Is, Why It's Necessary, How It Works. New York: Hill and Wang, 2011. Print.


1. Research the presidential campaign efforts of Obama and identify the key characteristics that he indicated health care reform would help resolve.

 HEALTH CARE REFORM WOULD HELP RESOLVE.The 2012 United States election was poised on the Affordable Care Act that was passed in the year 2010. The Presidential campaign efforts of President Obama was centred on the several key characteristics that he indicated that the health care reform would help to resolve. The first issue that the campaign focused on and argued that if Obama is re-elected, every American making less than 133 percent of the shortage line will be qualified to receive Medicaid. Further, Obama argued that every American that is making between 133 percent and 400 percent of the poverty line will get credits from tax in order to help them to buy private insurance.

Further, Obama in his campaign strategy argued that Americans that lose their jobs need not fear that their families will miss their health insurance. The discrimination based on the pre-existing conditions will be said to be a thing of the past and every state will have a fitness insurance transfer where insurers often compete for business and where the regulators can often help expel shoddy health plans. According to the strategy, the Medicare will continue its transition from a fee-for-service model towards a system of value-based payments where providers are compensated in order to maintain healthy patients.

For this reason, Obama’s strategy will help to see the first iteration of a unique American universal health-care system. The basic guarantee is that the state will provide health insurance and subsidies to purchase it and will likely to prove immutable. This strategy has been implemented partially, and it is currently still being rolled out in the United States. The Affordable Care Act is the centerpiece of Obama’s legacy, and he will be remembered as the president that finally provided almost each and every American with health insurance.
When Barack Obama campaigned for the presidency in the year 2007 and 2008, he promised one healthcare system where he would make health insurance universal. This means that he promised 100% of Americans health insurance. Most health care health professionals in the United States support Affordable Health Care Act with 61% of them approving the law.

They argue that it has made them treat more patients and consequently get more money and expand their mandate of affording health care to the millions of Americans that were previously uninsured. When it comes to small business, most of them support the law since most of them will be able to get the insurance premium lowly. When it comes to the low wage employees, 91% of them support the law and argue that it will help to acquire health insurance cheaply and consequently ensure that they can live a healthy lifestyle.


2. Research what health care professionals, small business owners, and low wage employees are currently saying about the Affordable Care Act.

CURRENTLY SAYING ABOUT THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT.Public opinion indicates that the United States supports the healthcare reform. 61% of Americans support the law and currently believe that the ACA will grow more popular with time. This is the same with Medicare that was opposed first after its inception but with time it gained favour among the American Public.

Most people believe that the law has taken a lot of time for its effects to be taken into account and consequently this might be the reason as to why there has been low rating as expected in regards to the law. The polling average from different presses consequently shows that indeed there is approval for the Affordable health care act with 52.1% according to Real Clear Politics approving the Act in 2014.
3. Analyse the intentions of the Affordable Care Act as articulated by its proponents during 2012 presidential campaign with the feelings of the above groups of individuals.

The proponents of the Affordable Care Act articulated several intentions of the Act during 2012 presidential campaign. The first reform will be the guaranteed issue which will effectively prohibit insurers from denying coverage to individual because of pre-existing conditions and a partial community rating which will require the insurers to allow the same premium price to all the applicants of the same geographical location and same age without regard to pre-existing conditions and gender. There is also the creation of an individual mandate that will require all the individuals that are not covered by Medicaid, Medicare, employer-sponsored health plan or any other public insurance program to secure a private insurance policy or else pay a certain penalty.

However, it is important to understand that this only happens when the individual has a financial hardship or is a member of a religious sect that is exempted by the IRS. According to the Act, it will help persons with low income to comply with the mandate. Further, according to the Affordable Health Care Act, low-income individuals and families who have incomes that are between 100% and 400% in the federal poverty line will be eligible to obtain federal subsidies on a sliding measure if they obtain insurance via an exchange.

The Medicaid eligibility according to the Affordable Health Care Act will include individuals that have incomes up to 138% of the federal poverty levels and will further include people with disabilities and without dependent children. There will also be reforms to the Medicare payment system that will aim to encourage greater productivity in the healthcare delivery system by restructuring Medicare reimbursements. Businesses that also employ 50 or more people will be forced by the Act to offer health insurance to their full Time-employees or pay a tax penalty. This has been commonly referred to as the employer’s mandate.

4. As a result of this, do Americans appear to be in favour of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act or are the majority against it?
The Public Opinion shows that most United States citizens support healthcare reform. The polling statistics shows that there was a rejection in the first years, but this changed with most people starting to feel the effects of the law. About 30% of whites approve the law, this is compared to around 61% of Hispanics and 92% of African Americans.

It is important to understand that specific elements that are very popular in the political spectrum, with a striking exception when it comes to the mandate to purchase insurance. For this reason, sections of the law are loved because others are not liked by majority of the United States citizens.

Further, there is also the element of party affiliation with most Democrats support the law at 59%, while 19% of the Republicans and 27% of Independents support the law. When it comes to the reasons for opposition, most respondents standing at 62% argued that they thought that the Affordable Health Care Act will increase the amount of money that they spend on healthcare.

Further, there are those that argue that the bill gives the government too much involvement in health-care and a 19% of them said that their families would be able to better off without the legislation. There are other polls amongst the public that believed that the law would cost more than it was projected, and it would effectively not do enough to control the cost of healthcare that affected their families.


3. Produce a complete analysis of how you feel the implementation of the Affordable Care Act will affect you and your family.

It is important to realize that in the back and forth of politics, it is sometimes easy to forget why people fight so hard for progressive values each and every day. This is the same case with the Affordable Health Act. I believe that the first impact my family and I would have based on the affordable health care act is based on the effect on the insurance premiums. I do believe that the insurance premiums that my family pays will be effective, and consequently we will pay less.

Further, I believe that the insurance premiums will be more stable and transparent due to the regulations on insurance. Further, there will also be the provision of the law that will allow additional preventive care as well as screenings for women as specified in the Health Resources and Services Administration.

The employer mandate can be described as a penalty that is incurred by owners with more than 50 workers who do not give health insurance when it comes to their full-time workers. Currently, my family is covered through the employer and this, for this reason, means that even when I might change jobs and go to a company that has less than 50 employees my family will still get insurance.

It is important to understand that during as well as after the debate that surrounded the Affordable Health Care Act, Obama stated if one likes his or her health care plan, one will be able to keep it. This, for this reason, means that since the insurance that my family and I currently have was in effect before the law was established will not change. This is because the current plan satisfies the current criteria, and it complies with the current requirements and insurance standards.

There are several provisions that exist that will take effect between the year 2010 and the year 2020. Some of the titles will affect my family because others will not change anything. The first is that my family will be able to enjoy cheaper and quality health care. This is because there will be minimum standards for health insurance policies that were established, and it requires the same premium price to all the applicants of the same age as well as geographical location.

For this reason, this means that the pre-existing conditions will not be a factor in my family and, therefore, we will experience better health insurance policy. Low-income individuals and families that have incomes between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level will be able to receive federal subsidies.

My family does not fall into this category and, therefore, this aspect of the Affordable Health Care Act does not apply to family. Further, the aspect of Medicaid, where eligibility expanded to include the individuals and families with incomes up to 133% of the national poverty level, which include adults that have disabilities and even those without dependent children. Again, this section of the Medicare does not apply to my family and consequently, it will not affect us.

Another section is the fact that the State children’s Health insurance has also been simplified. This, therefore, means that it will be easier for them to be enrolled into the process. Lastly, the reforms to Medicare payment system means that there will greater efficiency into the healthcare delivery system. This will affect the family, as under the new payment system, a single payment will be paid to hospital and physician group for a defined episode of care as compared to the individual service providers.

I believe that these changes will be positive for my family. The first title will help to increase cheaper, and quality health care for my family and this will be extremely important. Further, in terms of children enrolment in the Medicare system, it will be easier, and this will be important to my family. Otherwise, there will be no major changes as currently my family has a reliable health care insurance system.

Prior to the implementation of this Affordable Health Care Act, I believe I will choose the best health insurance program in order to understand the best and cheapest program. This will give my family the best insurance policy in terms of quality and cost. Further, I will also ensure that my children are eligible for Medicaid in the case of loss of employment and, therefore, for this reason, it is important to understand the different dynamics of the Affordable Care Act.

There are several changes that have occurred, firstly, I have experienced cheaper premiums since the introduction of the Affordable Care Health Act. This is because there have been uniform premiums in my geographical region and, the people in my geographical region tend to have lower premiums.

This, in fact, has been the biggest change after the implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act. I am ready to face the impact in several fields such as the implementation of the Children insurance program. Further, I do understand that in old age, I will be able to receive adequate health care since of the affordable health Care Act.

I believe that there has been a positive impact so far when it comes to the Affordable Health Care Act. The positive impact has been especially felt when it comes to the health insurance exchanges where individuals and small business in every state can be able to compare policies and buy insurance. It is important to understand that this has allowed persons like me to be able to get better insurance policies that have lower premiums. Further, another positive effect is when it comes to the lower-income individuals and families that have incomes between 100%, and 400% will be able to receive federal subsidies.

This, therefore, means medical insurance will be accessible to persons that are poor in the United States. Further, Medicaid eligibility under the law has expanded and includes individuals and families that have incomes up to 133% of the governmental poverty line. There have also been reforms to the Medicare payment system that has been extremely positive.

This greater efficiency has led to restructured Medicare reimbursements from fee-for-service to the bundled payments. It is important to understand that under this new payment system, a single payment is often paid to a hospital and physician group for a defined episode of care (for example, a hip replacement) this is as compared to the individual payment services that were there before.

In conclusion, the Affordable Health Care Act has been able to make most people in the United States to have universal health insurance. The method is currently up and running and in the United States and it has provided to my family several benefits such as reduced expenditure.