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Essay on Children and Breakfast

ESSAY ON CHILDREN AND BREAKFASTLow-income persons are persons that earn less than the federal poverty line. In most cases, these families often have difficulty when it comes to feeding their children and this is the reason as to why many schools have introduced meal programs. This ensures that children that come from low-income families that did not have the opportunity to get food at home can be able to get it at school (Cowley, 2013). Research has shown the importance of breakfast and this might be the reason as to why many schools have taken up the cue and have started to offer breakfast in their school. The low-income family’s children benefit from breakfast the most as they would have otherwise missed it if it was not available in school. The provision of free breakfast for all is currently being discussed in the early education field.

Many persons often underestimate the value of breakfast; in fact most people do not take breakfast as they do not consider it as being an important meal. However, research has shown that this type of routine is not the best habit to get into. The eating of a substantial meal within the first few hours of a child getting up is healthy (Cowley, 2013). However, unfortunately, not every person can afford breakfast; this therefore, makes it hard for everyone to have a healthy way to start their day. Breakfast has been shown to improve mental performance as well as concentration during morning activities.

The children that are known to skip breakfast are often sluggish, less attentive and in fact they have less energy to carry out their morning tasks (Peterson, 2013). The teachers have over time observed that children that come to school hungry experience more learning difficulties as compared to the well-nourished children. Studies from different places in the world have shown that breakfast eaters often perform much better in their school work and they also show extra energy when it comes to physical activities and sports. Besides the assuring of the optimal development and growth, there are several positive effects on alertness, performance on standardized tests as well as other skills that are vital to academic success.

However, unfortunately, there exists inequality in the society and the current society is not a utopian one. Therefore, there are different classes of people based on their income. The low income persons are at risk to health diseases and most of them do not have enough money to put food on the table (Peterson, 2013). Breakfast is not seen by many as an important meal and therefore, most families often decide to forfeit the meal and go for either lunch or supper. Breakfast in schools is extremely important to these low income families. This is because it often helps their children to get the most important meal of the day. Breakfast gives the children energy. It is of the essence to note that while adults need to eat breakfast each and every day in order to be at their optimal best, children need it more (Jackson, 2013).

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This is because they have growing bodies and developing brains and they need refueling often. If they do not get it, they might experience developmental problems that come with malnutrition or other related problems. Further, they need it for normal and proper growth. In terms of education, if they miss breakfast, the children often sleep in class as the body tries to switch off in order to maintain its energy levels. Therefore, when children miss breakfast, they often do not get what they need to be at their best and perform optimally.

Research has showed that there are many low-income families whose children only get to eat the meals that are offered in school (Jackson, 2013). This therefore, shows the importance of breakfast in school. If it was not for breakfast in schools, most of these children will indeed go hungry. Therefore, the school is not just about academic success but rather it gives opportunity for children to grow physically. It provides them with their daily meal and incentive to go to school.

If it was not for these meals, most of the children would opt not to go to school, but because there is indeed the provision of meals such as breakfast, the children are often elated with the idea of going to school (Schusdziarra, 2011). Further, the giving of breakfast in schools gives the low-income family’s children an equal playing field with the rest of the children in the school. This is because they come to school and take breakfast at the same time and therefore, they cannot complain of lack of concentration because of lack of food. This is an important part of equality as every person in the school takes the same breakfast and this helps in breaking the social barriers that often exist in school.

When it comes to academic performance, the importance of breakfast cannot be underestimated. It is of the essence to understand that breakfast is a key ingredient when it comes to the improvement of general cognitive performance. This is because it provides the much needed glucose that keeps the body going. The body is satisfied and the person can be able to concentrate on his daily routine. Further, there is the existence of lots of energy as a result of the food taken. Breakfast can be described as the most important meal of the day because, after the taking of supper one takes more than 9 hours without eating. Therefore, the body is often depleted and does not have its normal energy levels.

It is commonplace that if the body does not have enough energy, one becomes sluggish, the concentration goes down and generally cognitive functions of the person are not a s good as they should be. For this reason, breakfast is important as it injects this much needed energy into the body and makes the person to be able to get up in the morning with lots of energy and go and perform his or her functions in an optimal manner. Teachers can emphasize to parents the importance of breakfast and why it is needed and why they should encourage their children to take breakfast that is offered in school (Adolphus, 2013). Therefore, from this perspective, academics and sports can be improved and the general well-being of the children can be looked after in the most efficient and effective method possible.

There are those that choose to skip breakfast in order to lose weight. However, this is a huge fallacy and in fact, research has shown that skipping breakfast often makes people likely to snack more through the day and eat larger meals during dinner and lunch. As a result, the skipping of breakfast is known to cause weight gain as the persons often eat excessively later in the day. School provides high fiber, carbohydrate rich breakfasts and this is important as it helps children to feel full longer and consequently they snack less during the day.

Breakfast can often include all sorts of options such as cereals, fruit dairy products, bread and even meat. However, there are a number of factors that influence what people take for breakfast and they include food preferences, cultural backgrounds, and time available and religious beliefs. In the school setting, there is a need to take into consideration all these factors in order for the best practices to come out.

Whole grain bread and cereal are known to be extremely good breakfast options (Adolphus, 2013). In fact, for children that are more than two years, old milk that has low fat content is known to be extremely important. The point of breakfast is to feed the child’s body with protein and energy in order for them to start the day and carry him or her through to lunch. The mixing of different varieties of healthy cereals is important as they supply the body with the much needed calcium.

Further, milk and other dairy products are important in the provision of protein for the child. Fruit is another important factor and it should often be taken with yoghurt or cereal. It is important to understand that breakfast does not have to be limited to cereal and toast. In fact, there is a need to look at the healthy choices in order for the children to have a breakfast that will be able to match their energy requirements and help them in the consequent concentration in their classrooms.


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Caning Children or NOT

CANING CHILDREN OR NOTEverybody as a child goes through a different lifestyle due to the raising they receive from their parents. The way children are brought up differs from one family to another family. Therefore, the childhood experiences per kid differ since the kids are not raised in an uniform way. Children who live in the same neighborhood and are friends may happen to have some similarities in their childhood experiences. These experiences may include the times when they are playing or interacting with each other (Fingerman, 2011). However, when each child goes home, then this situation might change fully. Childhood experiences also have an excruciating impact on the adult life of individuals. The experiences through which one goes through as a kid prompt them to create certain perception and knowledge about life.

Therefore, after one has created such perceptions, it is hard to change them. It is very likely to find a person sticking to the theory that he comes up with while still as a child. Childhood is a very important stage in the development of a human being. As a child, each and every organ of the body is undergoing growth. The brain especially is one of the most important body organs which undergo this growth. Therefore, the events through which an individual may pass through as a child might be stuck in their memory for a long time. Such events have an impact on the life of the individual even after he becomes an adult.

Research proves that even when an individual grows the fear for a certain thing while he or she is a child, an individual might carry on with this fear up to adulthood. This is if the individual does not address the reason for their fear and decide to be courageous. The life of a child happens to very interesting and intriguing at times (Slee, 2012). This is because as a child, at times one is not usually aware of the things they are doing or the common things in the world. Therefore, the life of a child is full of surprises and new discoveries each and every other day.

Therefore, the life of a child is rather interesting and at the same time poses many threats and dangers. Children are known to be curious and try to find out reasons and explanations for the things happening that they do not understand. The life of a child is prone to very many dangers, and that is why parenting is very important. Due to the curiosity and mischievous behavior of children, if not taken adequate care of their curiosity can get out of hand bringing in undesirable results. In most childhood cases, strict parenting is very necessary and important. The aim of doing this is controlling children and deterring them from bad behaviors. Strict parenting to children should not be considered as a violation of children rights, but rather a way of trying to shape the lives of these children.

The big debate, however, is whether children should be canned or not. In my opinion, I think canning serves as a good punishment option for children. However, there should be a limit for cases which canning is the best solution. Canning should be the last result if a child proves to be stubborn enough not to listen to his or her parents. However, children may take canning as a way of their parents showing them hatred (Sheppard, 2004). Therefore, a child needs to know that the reason he or she is being canned in the first place is due to their wrong doings. This means that if the child had not gone wrong in the first place, then there would be no reason for canning him or her in the first place.

Canning should, however, be done with moderation. The purpose of canning a child is to make them repent and feel bad for their wrongdoings. Canning should also have the effect of stopping a child from engaging in such an activity again. After canning, they should have the knowledge that the action was wrong. The purpose of canning is not to hurt the child but to teach them a lesson. For any parent who uses canning to harm a child rather than teach them a lesson are doing it all wrong (Slee, 2012). Such parents are the kind of people we do not want in the society that we live in today. However, modern research claims that canning is not effective and that they are other methods of solving a problem. Despite this, I still hold on to my decision that at some point caning is necessary.

The events of childhood shape the personality of the child in the future, when they become adults. Early childhood experiences have an effect on the individual’s psychological and emotional changes. The effect is usually lasting, and it is very hard to get rid of this memory even as an adult. A very healthy and energetic baby might end up being mentally retarded adult in the future as a result of their childhood experiences. A child, for example, who has grown up to see her father always beat up her mother, will definitely grow a negative impact towards all male (Fingerman, 2011). Such a child might have a very hard time relating to boys or male teachers. This is because she feels threatened by them and might seem to think that every male is like her dad. It may take quite some time before the child can take this mentality off her head. The situation can be worse if the child is very young or if the case of her father beating up her mum is very frequent.

In some cases, the child might try to do something in order to defend her mum. Especially in this century where children are exposed to films with multiple scenes of violence, the child might do something unexpected. Like attack the dad with a knife or hit him with a blind object on the head. Such a child might even get the idea that when a person talks to her, she needs to get violent first before he can take advantage of her weakness. The child, who has undergone all this, needs to go through counseling (Meinlschmidt, 2005). This can avoid the child getting stress or draining into depression. In the worst case, if a child gets stress or depressed it is not a good sign at all. This is because; stress in a child is hard to handle than in an adult. The effects of stress on a child are more advanced compared to it on an adult.

Childhood experiences play a very key role in determining the kind of adult life that one will lead. People happen to lead different lives, and all this emanates from the childhood experience that they have to go through. The parenting children receive is also a major factor that contributes to the adulthood of an individual. As an adult one closely recaps their experiences as a child. These experiences help to remind an individual of their background and their goals in life. For a person who has experienced hardships in childhood, they would work extra hard to make sure that they earn what they want. This would then be of great advantage since their offspring would not have to go through the same hardships that they underwent.

Life satisfaction can be considered as the way an individual perceives his or her life to be in order to feel contented. This can also be termed as measure of living comfortably and can be measured through satisfaction, self-concepts, moods and self-perceived ability. Life satisfaction also has a strong relationship with the amount of education, residence of an individual, experiences and the economic state (Grillo, 2007).Various people have different notions for life satisfaction, and everyone wants to live his or her in their own way. Life satisfaction is all about creating a model life for oneself. The model life includes all the things that one likes and requires and eliminates the threats and things that the individual hates.

The experiences of one as a child also have a great impact on the life satisfaction of an adult. Even as a child, one has a few demands that they expect their parents to meet in order to feel satisfied. For children, it is very hectic since a child thinks that they should get anything they wish for. The do not put the financial constraint in the picture since they know nothing at all about it. For an adult, one can rationalize the urge for something and the possibility of getting that particular item (Meinlschmidt, 2005). However, this is after close examination of the situation to establish that there is no risk in purchasing the item. An adult has to be conscious not to spent his last coin on something that is not sensible, then stay hungry and penniless. Life satisfaction is very important since it helps an individual be victorious and achieve their ambitions and goals.


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