Single Parenthood Essay Example & Outline

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Single Parenthood

It is necessary to realize that there is a great deal of anger in children and especially when it comes to boys that are in the single parents situation. Thomas seems to be fighting for control and often is in a rage. The solution to this maelstrom is to become the rock of the child. The first step that a step mom should make is to be the rock of the world in the world. There is a need at this time to ensure that there is no hate that is shown towards the child, but rather the emotion that should be shown is only love (Hayman, 2008). As a single mother, there is a need to absorb this anger, and this is no matter the challenge. Further, it is critical to seek support group that can help during this challenging time (Hayman, 2008).

At this time, the troubled child needs firm rules and natural consequences. It is critical to note that during a calm moment, the single mother should set ground rules such as no ugly language as well as no name calling. Further, there is a need to explain that the breaking of the rules will have several consequences, and one should explain what the consequences are.

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In conclusion, as a step mother it is important to understand that although the fights are draining, one needs to have energy and reinforcement. There is a need not to roll over the assault, but rather, let the child blow until he is winded and hand out the consequences (Hayman, 2008). There is always light at the end of the tunnel, and one should always remind himself that after the choppy waters, the anger will eventually subside, and there will be a bright and invigorated young man.


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