Sleep Deprivation Essay Example

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Sleep Deprivation

    The nurses working in the ICU area most likely bound to have some inconsistency in their work. The sleep deprivation is more than the average inconvenience that the doctors face. It has an effect on the safety accorded to the patients as well as the nurses themselves (Clemmitt, 2010). Sleep deprivation may lead to slow reflexes from the nurses, impaired decision making, slow motor skills and high levels of stress due to lack of adequate sleeping time.

Various inquests made in this field have led to the development of a knowledge base that seeks to link the sleep deprivation in the intensive care unit with the increases risks to the safety of the patients. The lack of sleep is likely to affect the nurse that work in the night shifts. The critical care setting leads to the development of a higher risk to the safety of the nurses. The specialized and demanding to work environment for the nurses may call for making of quick assessments by the nurses and making rapid decisions on the assessed situation (Clemmitt, 2010).

In the event that the nurses working in the specialized intensive care unit environment have sleep deprivation, the tendency of failure in the strenuous environment is high and recurrent. More research on the area is important since the reality of the issue ought to reach the stakeholders and the policy makers. Including the real effects of the sleep deprivation on the performance of the people is important since it leads to the development of the best policies for the hospitals that have intensive care units (Clemmitt, 2010).

Read about the relationship between sleep deprivation and Parkinson disease

The inclusion of the intensive care unit is important since most of the assumptions taken by the policies makers are that the section is not as demanding. The study will lead to the development of time schedules that allow the nurses to visit the sleep rooms.

Clemmitt, M. (2010). Sleep deprivation. Washington, DC: Congressional Quarterly.