Bentley Motors Advertising Analysis Essay Examples & Outline

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Bentley Motors Advertising Analysis

Bentley Motors is a luxury British automaker that is owned wholly by German Volkswagen AG. It is branded under the automobile category. It largely concerns itself with distributing, designing, manufacturing and engineering luxury automobiles. This case study will largely focus on the design and performance of the Bentley Mulsanne car brand. The assembly of Bentley brands takes places in Crewe, England, although some production is done in Germany. The Bentley Mulsanne is sole in six continents in over 32 countries. Given the stiff competition in this industry that is ever-evolving, the company has had to keep abreast with new developments concerning consumer preferences.

The gap that Bentley Motors Limited has been trying to exploit is that of high-performance, yet luxurious car brands. With its family-friendly interior, the Bentley Mulsanne is easy to live with, yet thrilling to drive. It represents an advanced and pampering car, especially with its desirable and luxurious interior. The advert seeks to market it as an executive and stylish alternative to other Bentley brands such as the Bentley GT and Continental. According to the advert, what make the Bentley Mulsanne a must-have is its jaw-dropping looks, as well as its real feel-good factor. There are few car brands more desirable and distinctive as the Bentley Mulsanne. It is a proper off-roader, and compared with its rivals, it is keenly priced and well equipped. The advert portrays the Mulsanne as having a meticulously handcrafted exterior styling kit, and also features a carbon fiber and patterned weave which is mirror matched. According to the manufacturers’ of this brand, the future has to be created as it does not just happen. Armed with its straightforward philosophy of pursuing relentlessly both performance and luxury, the brands are finished with precision to ensure unique cars are delivered.

The Bentley Mulsanne advertisement campaign In order to attract clients has been instituting far-reaching sales programs. High levels of positive perception and customer loyalty have to be maintained, and the most practical way of achieving this is through limiting the number of recalls. This is what the adverts seek to achieve. Customer loyalty is effectively lowered by such recalls. In this regard, building a brand perception remains a critical aspect. The things that drive consumers when in automobile purchases include environmental kindness, safety, performance, quality and value. These are all shown in the adverts. The Bentley Mulsanne has marketed itself on this platform. Consumers are looking for car brands that can prosper in numerous areas. Luxury brands like the Bentley Mulsanne thrive in design categories and performance. It has dethroned its rivals and taken the mantle as the poster brand for positive experiences, especially at showrooms.

Social media advertisements

The social media campaign that the Bentley Motors Limited uses is one that seeks to attract executives who are looking for performance, safety and luxury. The issue of cost has been underplayed as the company seeks to accommodate individuals of different social classes. In Rolls-Royce Motor Ltd and Jaguar Land Rover, the Bentley Cars Ltd faces stiff competition, but through its impressive and far-reaching social media campaign, it has managed to stay ahead. All the companies use similar advertising outlets. Upon setting foot at the Bentley sales department, prospective buyers are walked around; encouraged to try test drives, as they try to figure out exactly what brought them in. For car brands to perform exceptionally in the market, consumer perceptions have to be perked. This will include avoiding financial problems, ensuring good safety ratings, avoiding termination and clichéd status, as well as faltering sales. These are the perceptions that the adverts have been fronting. Bentley advertises on print and mass media, as well as on billboards.

In their advertisements, Bentley Company leaves nothing to chance. Although the Bentley car brands such as the Mulsanne Sedan also endeavor to remain relevant, the company never compromises on its brand DNA. This is something that becomes evident through its advertisement approach. There are multiple channels that this luxury car maker uses to give clients a glimpse of their vision. Maintain brand heritage is, therefore, a key aspect for Bentley. The car brand prides itself in its ability to shape the future, recognize the trends, while creating other market segments. In the advertisements, real Bentley Mulsanne car designs have been used. Driving luxury performance is one way of doing this.

According to the social media adverts, the Bentley brand has given itself the ability to dictate the industry, and this enables it to express the passion that it has. The adverts make viewers believe that at Bentley, engineering and marketing complement each other. This, therefore, discounts the myth that their brands are a pure expression of wealth. In the automobile industry, consumer demands are constantly changing, and this is something that the Bentley Mulsanne has appreciated through its environmentally compatible technology. It has taken its value of engineering excellence, craftsmanship and value of design to another level. This forms its most critical marketing strategy. The Bentley brands like the Mulsanne have a way of re-creating themselves so that they can re-emerge, and this is what sets them apart. This ensures that it sticks to its brand DNA while still remaining relevant.

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