Product Research Essay Example & Outline

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Car Research: An approach to the purchase of a car

Purpose of the Research

A consumer needs to spend a considerable length of time to research for a certain product in the market (Goffin et al, 2010). Retail intelligence is crucial to avoid dissatisfaction resulting from the purchase. The main aim of this research is to take a significant time to plan and evaluate a major purchase of a personal car. This will help in validating of finances of the purchase and arriving at the final decision. The research will serve as a comprehensive guide that will help in arriving at the determining the relevance of the pricing and other add-on items (Goffin et al, 2010).

Research Question(s)

This research is to answer questions on the best innovation of the car and the relatedness on the pricing. Purchasing a car is a daunting experience and may result into a bad decision. This research seeks to answer the practical needs of the car (Sumathi & Saravanavel, 2003). It will help in determining the budget of buying the car and thus helps in sticking to it. This research will help in determining my emotional needs of the car by determining the model of the car to buy.

Research Methodology

This will help in rigorous understanding of the car product. Primary research approach will play a critical role in identification method (Mick, 2012). This approach will help in designing of the appropriate approach and attaining the first hand information about the product. This research approach will help reduce the tenable risk associate with the product (Mick, 2012). The approach will involve the use of observation and the use of car vendor sites. The methodology will be a two tier involving searching for the desired model on the site and travelling to the vendor for making observation. This approach is important since it will provide me with the first-hand information in grasping the deal. Furthermore, this approach will help in acquiring specific information about the car not found in the respective website (Mick, 2012).

List of Resources for Research

1. Check out in the internet for reliable car procurement Websites-this is the initial step towards identification of choice model.

2. Apply the use of Yellow Pages to view the available listing of local suppliers

3. Check out the Consortium in which the dealer exists. This may entail the use of human resource such as a phone call especially to the dealer as well as the internet.

4. Talk to colleagues who have might have purchased a similar product.

5. Consult journals or other publications, supplier catalogues for information on the available models- this resource is useful especially when there internet is a limiting factor. Subscribing to these journals or directories five months before the purchase will help in continual update on the models available (Sumathi & Saravanavel, 2003).

6. Talking to the salespersons-they have the direct contact with the items sold at their disposal. They are resourceful in finding the commodity in question and thus, essential in getting the information.

Schedule for Research

Schedule - Timeline

Website Car Procurement site search April -first and second week
Yellow Page application Week 1 of April
Identifying the Car model Week 3 of April
Dealership Consortium Week Four of April-phone call
Consulting the Dealership Journals and Periodicals Week One of May
Talking to the Salespersons-price negotiations Week Two of May
Purchase of the desired car Model Week Three of May
Legal Documentation and License Acquisition Week Four of May

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