Music and Mood Free Essay Samples & Outline

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Sample Essay On Music and Mood


Music is an art of sound used to express emotions and concepts in substantial forms through features such as, tune, accord, color, and beat. It had been known to exist from as far as before the continental drifting that caused humans to separate. However, throughout the centuries, music has been evolving in terms of instrumentation, form, style, Philosophy of Art, Techniques of Composition, Fusion of Art Techniques, Types of pieces the composers most commonly write, among many others. For example, a culture’s music is defined by the aspects of that culture, its social, economic, climate and accessibility to technology.

Eras and places determine the music’s emotions and expressions, circumstances in which the music is played to and approach towards music players and composers. Jazz and Blues music have been integral in the influence of mood. Music is part of Human culture and researchers have come to understand that music can be an integral part of the health of persons. In fact, there has been a relationship between mood and music. This research paper is going to focus on whether music has any relation to mood.

Literature review

(Schuller, 2010) Researchers have often attributed Jazz music and Blues towards the lifting of moods for most Black Americans. They often feel a sense of pride being black, and this increases their moods. For a long period close to half of the twentieth century, jazz music dominated the United States as one of the most popular forms of dance music. Dance bands and dance music was in existence even before the rise of jazz. After the rise of jazz and blues music in America, there were more dance bands. The origin of jazz and blues early on in the century was characterized by small bands of up to seven players and in a common style that was known as New Orleans. New Orleans was the first place where jazz music was first codified.

Peterson (1988) argues that from a historical perspective, jazz music was largely a musical creation of African Americans. Jazz however was much more than music. When it reached a high in its influence, it became a culture, a movement and would influence certain areas of human life such as dress, attitude, and even language. In its influence, it was an inspiration to poets, writers as well as visual artists in the United States and most especially the African Americans.

The music was associated with several negative things such as drugs and sex. To poets and writers, the inspiration was frequent as there was a sense of dissonance, spontaneity as well as the music’s attitude that was anti-bourgeois that had some aspects of modernism. It is important to understand that Jazz and Blues music have often been used as music therapy. This therapy has been used for centuries when it comes to the restoration of energy, the improvement of mood and helping the body to heal more naturally. Tobias (1984) states that the influence that tis music had on poets was deep and contributed highly to the development of literal works that is today considered among the best work by poets. It is said that it dramatically improved the moods of persons and led to creativity.

Read about the songs by Wagner

Bakari (1987) states that another type of music that often brings about a change in mood is classical music. This includes music by Ludwig Van Beethoven. He is renowned for his prowess in influencing classical music in history, and his music has remained to be among the most reviewed and played and is also considered among the most important composers of all time. His music can bring either sadness or happiness.

Bakari (1987) further noted that music is not just good for elevating mood, he found out that people that are going through breakups or those that have relationship problems often prefer music and experiences that reflect their negative mood. Further, it was also determined that the preference for sad music was often higher when people experienced an interpersonal loss as compared to an impersonal loss such as the losing of a football game.


In this study, there will be a total of 25 participants, 12 male, and 13 female. The participants will be kept in a room, and different type of music will play. 7 of the participants will be African American, three will be Latino and 15 will be white. The experiment will take place in a music room where there will be no interruptions, and the participants will be able to understand the music and hear the lyrics. They will be informed the aim of the experiment as this will not compromise the quality of data gotten from the experiment.

Firstly, there will be the playing of Jazz music for the African Americans and Beethoven music for the rest of the participants. It will then be observed whether there will be a change in mood for the participants. A questionnaire will be used in order to understand the degree of change in mood for the participants.

There will also be the use of the interview technique where the participants will be questioned on how they felt during the whole exercise and whether indeed their moods were uplifted or downgraded when they listened to the music. There will be no ethical issues in this experiment as there will be informed consent on the part of the participants.


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