Beatle , Masters of War Song Essay Examples & Outline

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Beatle Song Analysis

Part 1
Beatle Song AnalysisThe Beatle is a band that is well known following its performances in the gospel music. With the band involved in band performances, it has gained popularity in the enticing performances. It is composed of a song writing team (Kelly, 1991). This team is involved in the preparation of the scripts that are used in the performances. During their earlier performances, band used guitars as the only instruments.

Other than the gospel presentations, and songs, the band is also involved I the solo music. Under this category rhythm and other styles of singing are attained through repetition. In addition, following the team members, the fact that they are involved in other singing categories has made the band to be effective. As attributed to this reason, their songs are more enticing not only to the audience but also to the singers themselves.

With the two videos, it is clear that being under the band, those involved in the presentations are attributed to their success (Kelly, 1991). Cooperation in their band is another factor that is attributed to their perfect presentations. The same case goes to the songs that are sang by the individual members of the band (Kelly, 1991). Their body movements which involve also their dancing skills is seen as another factor that, is effective in their performance. As their rhythm is attained through their instruments and repletion of some stanzas, their songs remain to be effective this is evident in the two songs that are analyzed in the article (Kelly, 1991).

Part 2

Considering their album, initially they were performing the guitar work for a longer time. With their current albums and song, the band is seen to have adjusted its performance (Ingham, 2003). Their guitars are more coherent with the music theme. For their audiences, message within the songs and albums are easily drawn. Repetition and rhythm are some other observations from their albums. Songs contained in their albums are enjoyable not only in their presentation but also their involvement of the audience (Kelly, 1991). As a result, they are considered to have a better performance that is seen to have improved as compared to their initial performances (Turner, 2006).

Laying our considerations in the album Brussels, it is clear that the band is really advancing in terms of its songs and presentations (Ingham, 2003). With Ride playing with a lot of surprises, in the album where he involves the polar bear in his performance, it can be considered as an improvement in their presentation. As a result, the audience response towards their performance is seen as involving (Turner, 2006). This is another comparison between their albums. In addition, the fact that the band is using other additional instruments in its performances, tone variation and live performances, we can consider that there is an improvement in their singing skills (Liddell, 2008). As compared to their initial songs and performances, the band is seen to have a more audience approach as compared to their initial performances.

The Beatles, can be considered as a band that is full of individuals who have great singing skills. As with latest songs, they are seen to have better performances as compared to their initial performances (Turner, 2006). As a result, concluding that the band is really advancing inn its performance and singing skills is appropriate (Liddell, 2008).

Comparing the two albums in the question, there are differences that are quite evident. With the two albums performed during different periods, instruments incorporation is different. In the same way, more skills are established and are evident in the performance of their songs (Liddell, 2008). As a result, considering their current situation, we can conclude that Beatle band is better placed. This is as a result of the skills as seen in their performances and as well their skills in the performances.

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Concluding ton the research paper, having read about the band, instruments used in a presentation and as well gesticulation while performing a song are some of the best approaches towards a better presentations (Liddell, 2008).

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Bob Dylan – “Masters of War”

BOB DYLAN – “MASTERS OF WAR””Masters of War” is a song written by Bob Dylan criticizing American leaders and those in power. The song was meant at exposing the truth about war and its consequences. In the song, Bob Dylan admits that death is the effect of war and that war does not benefit any side. In a war, no side ends up a winner; both sides end up being losers, depending on what one has lost. In recorded interviews, there is evidence of Bob Dylan admitting that he has never written a song like Masters of war. This is because the nature of the song reveals that in war people will die and that fact is un-erasable.

In this song, Bob Dylan condemns the military complex that is behind the war. The song was produced in the early 1960’s. At this time, the cold war was on between America and Union of Soviet Socialists Republic (USSR). In the song, the military is termed to be out of control. This is because the United States army got themselves into a useless fight with the USSR. Yet the United States army does not take responsibility for the consequences of this action. The song was used as a protest to both the government and the army.

In the song, “Masters of War”, the lyrics make it very clear that Bob Dylan is expressing his rage and anger towards the administration. He takes his anger to another level and even condemns the military claiming that even Jesus would not forgive them for what they have caused (Dettmar, 130). He goes ahead to wish death among the perpetrators of the Cold War, wishing that their death would come soon. He also claims that he will be by the deathbed to watch them get buried and confirm their death. These verses show how bitter Bob Dylan is with the authorities for allowing the war. Bob Dylan also uses the song to support the last remarks of Eisenhower, that of a military complex that he had warned about.

The song, however, is a masterpiece and a fine work of art that is worth listening today. In the song, Bob Dylan is not keen on the words he uses. He prefers to use extremism of words to ensure that his message is received clearly. The song also boasts of elegance in the melody which rhymes the words used. Though the song wishes death to the army, it does not get any condemnation for that. The fact that the song condemns the military in such a harsh way is an advantage and many people like the song for that aspect. Bob Dylan goes ahead to defend his song claiming it is not a protest song. Rather it is an extremist song that is tackling the real issue without fear: which happens to be true.

In conclusion, “Masters of War” is among the best songs that Bob Dylan has written. The song is aimed at the military complex, who believes that, in war, there is a winner. The involved parties end up losing; it depends with who loses more than the other (Dettmar, 127). Though the song might not have gotten the response that Bob Dylan intended to get: the song was a mere success. This song should be an example to all other musicians. That one should not fear to express their inner felt thoughts if do not feel contended.


Dettmar, Kevin J. H. The Cambridge Companion to Bob Dylan. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009. Internet resource. Pg 127, 130.