Psychopathy & Anti-social Personality Disorder Essay Examples & Outline

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Psychopathy & Anti-social Personality Disorder

It is of importance to understand that millions of Americans often live with various types of mental illness, as well as mental health problems. The diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy can be said to have intrigued societies for centuries. There is a need to assess psychopathy and antisocial behavior in adult forensic population in order for treatment to start early (Maj, 2005). The serious mental illness, that occurs in antisocial behavior and psychopathy, incurs a lot of money. This paper is going to look at the case of psychopathy and anti-social disorder and why it should be assessed, and the turnaround it can bring to a case involving persons that have the disorder.

Early detection and intervention often reduce the toll of serious mental illness. In fact, it is of the essence to understand the different aspects of anti-social behavior and psychopathy in order to ensure that the signs are diagnosed in the population and the persons that suffer from the disorders are taken into account and treatment starts early (Horwitz¸ 2002). Therefore, it can be argued that the early detection, the assessment and the links with treatment and support can often prevent mental health problems for worsening, and they can be mitigated early in a responsible way. There will also be a reduction in crime in the society, given that the crime in the society at times has been associated with anti-social behavior and psychopathy amongst the persons.

Psychopathy and antisocial disorder are mental conditions and cannot be described as the fault of the person with the disorder. Therefore, it can be argued that there are times when the persons with the disorder might engage in crime and during the adjudicative process; there is a need to understand the different fundamentals of the disorder in order for the court to fully understand condition of the person (Morey, 2007). In fact, there are times where the person might be ruled for insanity and the court might argue that indeed the person at the time of the crime was not of sound mind and consequently, the person might be ruled that he was insane and cannot, therefore, be prosecuted. For example, a person, that had antisocial behavior and committed crime at time and was diagnosed with the antisocial behavior, might be treated as being insane and might not be prosecuted because of the crime.

There is a need to understand that an evaluation and assessment of for psychopathy and antisocial disorder is important, and it might be able to influence a case outcome. It is important to understand to assess the psychopathy and anti-social personality disorder schematics in order to ensure that the case outcome comes out in a just manner. If the persons, which committed a crime, are diagnosed to have a psychotic disorder, it can be argued then that the person was not of sound mind and consequently it might be said that he or she is insane (Morey, 2007). The availability of effective treatments as well as a better understanding of the basis of the disease is important as it often helps lessen the barriers that prevent early detection and brings an accurate diagnosis and the decision in order to seek medical treatment.

In conclusion, there is a need to understand that mental health of the persons is extremely important, and the courts should understand these disorders. Cases can turn around if a person is diagnosed with the disorder as it might mean that he was not of sound mind when he was committing a crime and consequently might be acquitted based on the disorders.


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