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Sample Essay On Without Prejudice Analysis

WITHOUT PREJUDICE ANALYSISPrejudice is a behavior that is part of human nature and stems from a psychological need that associates with generalization and decision-making process. The video "Without Prejudice" provides insight on the concept of prejudice based on race, first impression, age, and gender. Roets’ article explains the ideology of discrimination as the need for individuals to associate factors to avoid ambiguity. The first impression provide the basis for judgment by other people; thereby, our presentation helps people form a positive or negative opinion. The conclusions made may not necessarily be correct. However, many they are part of interaction. The first impression in most cases is non-verbal and influence one's opinions, which is prejudicial.

Impression and Prejudice

Racial profiling and stereotypes are one of the first impression that affects opinions. One of the panelists with racist ideologies is an example of prejudicial victimization. In the end, the racist panelist favors the least person anyone would expect ("Without Prejudice"). Racial stereotyping is common with many associating races with some tendencies. An example is associating black people with violence or hip-hop music.

According to Roets, such kind of generalization of people based on social categorization distorts the real character of a person. However, with time and communication people tend to eliminate prejudice by gaining more understanding of a person’s background, perception, and lifestyle. In the show, the first instance contestants were judged based on their appearance. The first contestant was eliminated based on his dressing code ("Without Prejudice"). From the video, it is quite conclusive that it is human nature to be judgmental and prejudicial based on first impressions.

Non-Verbal Communication

Non-Verbal gestures are an important part of communication, which provides meaning to verbal communication since they show one's attitude. In "Without Prejudice," Jack one of the contestants is judged based on his tone (monotone). The process of communication involves more that verbal gestures. In essence, other forms of communication provide vital information to others and influence their opinions. Tone, dressing, and expression is essential in forming a judgment on one’s character. Using non-verbal gestures collaborate with verbal communication to provide sufficient information about a person. In the show, the panelist uses the non-verbal cues as ways of telling the contestants’ sincerity and integrity. Communication is a complicated process that involves factors that are both verbal and non-verbal. There are also other factors such as lifestyle that people use to judge one morality and behavior.


Personal communication tells a story about people; although, other factors such as lifestyle communicate about a person’s moral standing to the public. In "Without Prejudice," Jack is quickly judged due to his career as an adult films actor, while Mike receives the accolade for his work as a Christian missionary. From the video, it is evident on the role of lifestyle choices and others perception of our character or moral standing.

One’s career determines how people view them; for people to consider one positively, it is imperative that they follow society’s moral codes. To some extent, it is practical to form an opinion based on a person’s choice of career and background. However, the factors when weighed only act as additional information that is used to remove prejudice. Essentially, prejudice is a communication barrier that is part of human nature, although, verbal and non-verbal communication provides a better understanding of a person's character.

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