Extroversion Personality for Managers Essay Examples & Outline

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Extroversion Personality for Managers

A person's character defines many things about an individual. There are different classifications of personalities that people exhibit. Most scholars dealing with personality traits incline their study towards defining the bold, assertive and outgoing people (Robinson, (2005). Personalities such as extroversion have not received much attention for a long time now. However, the topic on extraversion has received great attention in recent studies. There are three basic reasons as to why more scholars are focusing their energy towards the study of the extraversion personality. This essay entails the details on the reasons as to why extraversion is an important topic of study and why it is important for a manager to have this personality.

First, researchers have found extraversion to be a fundamental dimension through which they view and assess personality (Nettle, 2005). With extraversion, it is possible to explain the relationship between wide varieties of behaviors. Since this is a major concern in the study of personality extroversion becomes a critical area of study. The second reason is that extraversion predicts the chances of effective functioning across various domains. These domains range from cognitive performance, social endeavors and social, economic status among other aspects of personality. The last but not the least important reason is that extraversion allows researchers in the field of personality to predict risks and possible cases for resilience to particular aspects (Nettle, 2005).

Research shows that the personality affects the style of conflict handling that an individual adopts or the way he/she reacts towards certain situations. In the management of a business or an organization, conflicts are indispensable. For one reason or another, conflicts arise whenever people interact and finding solutions become part of life. Recent study shows that the personality of a manager influences his/her approach towards a particular problem (Muhammad & Ahmad, 2010). This emphasizes the necessity of studying extroversion, and how it influences managerial assignments for current and future managers.

Recent figures posted on the international journal of trade, economics and finance indicates a positive correlation between managers who show preference on avoidance and those who prefer compromise (Muhammad & Ahmad, 2010). The study is carried out on managers who exhibit extroversion as their personality. Still from the study, there exists minimal or no relationship between extroversion and openness to experience. Managers who possess extroversion personalities prefer avoidance or compromise as the method of conflict resolution. On the contrary, a person with a bold personality is more likely to face the challenge and solve it instead of avoiding or compromising the situation.

Although there exists no relationship between extroversion and openness, a person who possess the extraversion personality may still be open to new experiences. Individuals with the extroversion personality but exhibit openness to new experiences are known to prefer compromise to avoidance. In this method of conflict resolution, parties tend to assume a win-win solution so as to remain in good terms with their counterparts (Lucas, 2000).

In conclusion, it is clear from the above findings that the personality has significant influence on the method of conflict resolution. The study on extraversion and other personality traits is essential both to the current and future investors and business people. Understanding the personality of an individual helps in choosing the best approach towards conflict.


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