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Giant exists in folklore, and it can be described as an enormous mythical being and it usually exists in a human like form. The term is often derived from the word Gigantes that existed in the Greek mythology. The creatures can be described as being monstrous and savage, and they were depicted in Greek mythology as having men's bodies that terminated into serpentine legs. One poet referred to as Hesiod, stated that the Giants were sons of Earth and Uranus.

The Gigantomachy can be described as a desperate struggle between Olympians and Giants, the gods finally prevailed through the aid of Heracles the Archer and the giants were slain. Most of them are believed to lie buried under mountains and in order to indicate the presence by earthquakes, as well as the presence of volcanic fires. The Giants in folklore are presented as being mortal, and it is thought that they inhabited the world in early times. In fact, even in Religious books, it exists with Israelites spies in Canaan seeing giants. Further, there is also mention of giants being seen in Cornwall in Britain.

The Giants in Norse mythology were often opposed to gods. The giants are seen as the origin of most monsters in Norse mythology, and the gods were, in fact, related to the giants by many marriages. The tales of giants are that which has been passed over generations and continue to appear in many story books all over the world.

It is of the essence to understand that European Medieval towns often had what can be described as tutelary giants whose effigies were often carried in procession. In the city of London, there were the legendary giant figures of Magog and Gog and are said to represent two Cornish giants that were made captive by Brutus, who was the legendary founder of Britain. In most European tales, the giants often appear as being stupid as well as being cruel. In many cases, they are cannibals and are one-eyed. Most tales tell stories of heroes who killed giants, and they often did more by wit rather than strength. However, it is of the essence to understand that there also existed kind giants such as Rubezahl, which lived in Bohemian Forest and most were feared and hated. However, it is also crucial to understand that marriages between the daughters and the hero were possible, and it usually occurred in several tales.

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There is also the presence of Hill figures, such as the legendary Giant of Cerne, who was able to cut in the chalk near Cerne Abbas. There were also several megalithic monuments and long barrows, suggested giant builders in the past. This can be described as an ancient European tradition which helps people that was once taller and stronger, but had what can be described as a degenerated after a golden age.

Fairy tales such as that of Jack the Giant Killer can be said to have formed a modern perception of giants as being stupid as well as being violent monsters. They often sometimes eat humans, especially children. The Bible tells stories of Gog and Magog that entered European folklore. There is also the famous battle that occurred between David and the Philistine giant that was referred to as Goliath. Therefore, giants have existed in folklore and still continue to exist up to today.

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