Amazon and Toy-R-Us Partnership Free Essay Samples & Outline

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Essay on Amazon and Toy-R-Us Partnership


Toy-R-Us partnership with amazon plays an important role to both partners. It has enhanced better approaches from both parties aimed at strengthening their levels of operation. According to the founder of Amazon, (Jeff Bezos), the initial aim of bringing up the partnership was to facilitate and initiate a strong coexistence between the company and their customers. “Collaboration between different types of organizations can produce previously unimagined solutions.” Gray& Stites (2013). Initially, Amazon intended to make the website easier to use, enhance better operations of the distribution centers and improve the general customer service. The partnership has enhanced the growth and continuity of both companies in a wide range of approaches.


Toy-R-Us has partnered with amazon in order to facilitate website selling of such products such as video games, toys and baby products. The partnership has enhanced better performance of the organization making it the most selling online retailer. In the partnership, Amazon is responsible for shipping and physical handling of the merchandise but it does not own the inventory. That is, Amazon is responsible for handling the inventory while Tor-R-Us owns the inventory.

This partnership has helped both organizations as they have been able to compensate their weaknesses. Each of the company utilizes the efforts of the other company in order to fill the gaps within its own operations. For example, Toy-R-Us is considered as having better merchandising than Amazon. Their integration has therefore enhanced overall merchandising on Amazon. The partnership is expected to facilitate the best toy selling experience among individuals from different regions of the world.

Amazon has been able to develop and fulfill its infrastructural needs as well as achieve better customer service. By partnering with Amazon, such companies as Toy-R-Us which might have had issues in marketing and maintain a strong market position, will be able to acquire a great perception by their potential consumer thus achieve an “A plus” rating. Toy-R-Us has been suited with a distribution system that prioritizes distribution of products to stores as it might be too challenging for them to distribute to individuals customer as Amazon does. For this reason, partnering with amazon acts as an important aspects in improving their retailing capabilities.

All these factors are aimed at enhancing not only the developmental growth of the company but also enhance the financial growth due to increased market share. According to Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon), 2001, Amazon is the only known company that has been able to achieve distribution of a variety of products globally to different number of consumers. This has therefore enhanced the distribution of Toy-R-Us products worldwide via Amazon.


Entry into partnership between Amazon and Toy-R-Us has facilitated better performance of the two companies as each of them assumes particular responsibilities. The partnership has not only enhanced growth of amazon and Toy-R-us through strengthening the two organizations but also but also has facilitated a better relationships with their consumers.


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