Ambulatory Care Center Essay Examples & Outline

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Ambulatory Care Center

There should be a structure in the ambulatory care center, and the best one is the professional autonomy. Professional autonomy can be described as the right as well as the privilege that is provided by a government entity to a class of professionals, and each and every licensed qualified caregiver within the profession and it provides services that are of independent of any supervision. Autonomy can is the basis of a profession. Professional autonomy is a socially granted and legally defined freedom in order to make practice decisions without scientific assessment from dissimilar sources outside the occupation (Médaille, 2010). Autonomy can is the basis of a profession, and it will help the ambulatory care center to attain full control and be fully autonomous.

There are infinite gains that come with this perspective; the first thing is that the ambulatory care center will be able to make independent fast decisions in the way it sees fit. This issue is of the essence as the ambulatory care center requires quick decision and the professional autonomy will be important as it will enable the making of quick decisions. The second advantage of the professional autonomy perspective is that it gives the ambulatory care center the ability to step outside their boundaries in order to ensure maximum care (Médaille, 2010).

The professional autonomy gives them this mandate. However, this is also negative as there are times where they might go against what they have been educated as well as trained to do. This issue might lead to detrimental consequences. The second disadvantage is the fact that because of less supervision or no supervision at all, the ambulatory care center might not deliver the quality required for an ambulatory care center.

Professional autonomy involves a full control of one's profession. However, it is of the essence to understand that although professional autonomy exists, there is a legal command for stepping farther from the boundaries of the ambulatory care which are legislatively defined. For this reason, their activities, despite being professionally autonomous, should be in their legal jurisdiction. For this reason, professional should not dwell in illegal activities and pronounce the professional autonomy as their defense.

The social contract can is an idea derived from political science, and it is regularly used to illuminate the correlation that exists between the society and the medical profession. The society expects a lot from medicine and it in itself also gives back status and respect for the persons in the profession. There are laws that guard this relationship; the society expects that the medicine profession will try to cure the sick in their best way possible. If this does not transpire, it leads to professional negligence and the social contract that exists between the society, and the medical profession is broken (Teitelbaum, 2013).

The free market perspective is important as it ensures market efficiency in healthcare, however, a completely unregulated free market can, however, increase costs without improving the quality of the healthcare. For this reason, laws that will look into this and ensure that indeed the free market gets some regulation in order to ensure with increased costs there is an improved quality. Further, the controls will also make sure that the health care costs do not get out of hand for most ordinary Americans in the free market paradigm.

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