Group Thinking Essay Examples & Outline

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Group thinking

Compare and contrast the devil's advocacy with dialectical inquiry in terms of group solving problems.

Group decision making is extremely important as it is often superior to individual thinking. Group decisions are often made by several persons and consequently it is often easier to understand the problem at hand and to solve it effectively as a group as compared to solving it being an individual. Further, in a group decision, the decision that is made is often less likely to fall victim to any bias as the increased number of persons reduces this chance drastically.

There are often two main models of decision making in the group decision making process, they include the devil's advocacy and the dialectical inquiry. The devils' advocacy is important as it gives a presentation of a chosen alternative, secondly, there is the critiquing of the chosen alternative and the third process involves the reassessment of the chosen alternative and several questions are often asked. For example, should the chosen alternative be accepted the way it is, should it be modified or should it be rejected altogether? These are just but some of the questions that are asked in the devil's advocacy method.

The dialectal inquiry on the other hand involves the presentation of two alternatives. The first alternative is proposed followed by the second one. There is then a debate between the two alternatives that may yield into several results. The first result is whether or not to accept the first alternative and reject the second alternative, or the reverse. The second one involves the combination of the first alternative and the second alternative in order t produce a unified approach. It is of the essence to understand that these two methods are of extreme importance in the group decision making process.


Chapter 7: Power point Presentation