Mountain Man Brewing Questions: Free Essay Sample & Outline

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Sample Essay On Mountain Man Brewing Questions

The MMBC should not introduce the light beer. This is because the pros are weightier than the cons. The first advantage is that the light beer will appeal to the ever-growing young crowd. The young crowd prefer light beer and consequently by MMBC introducing light beer, the company will be able to reinvent itself and appeal to this vast market. The profitability of the Mountain Man beer has been decreasing and consequently the introduction of this new beer will be important to its market segment as it might led to an increase in profitability.

Most established breweries have been able to introduce other brands but primarily maintain the same old brand and the beer. Therefore, the company will be able to ensure that indeed it maintains Mountain Man beer and at the same time introduce this new ‘hippy’ and ‘trendy’ beer. Young persons no doubt appreciate this beer and if marketed in the right way, sales will increase, as more young persons will love this beer.

However, there exists some cons. firstly, and most importantly, the introduction of Mountain Man Light will erode the credibility and brand name of Mountain Man beer. Mountain Man Beer is a brand that has over the years been known as the strong beer of Virginia. Its brand has been anchored on this principle and consequently if this is changed, the core mandate of the company will be changed. It is of the essence to note that the persons that are loyal to the brand are often Blue Collar workers who appreciate what can be described as a hard drink.

They love strong beer and consequently, with the introduction of the Mountain Man light, this might effectively erode the entire spectrum of the market. The Market of the company is Blue Collar workers and consequently; there is a need for this market to be maintained. The company can be able to expand to other Blue Collar workers in other regions and consequently, this will be crucial, as it will ensure that indeed that the market is not eroded but in fact, it is maintained and expanded further.

Mountain Man light should be introduced to the public. This is because the youth are the growing population and they exhibit very high disposable incomes. It would therefore, be wise to bank on this segment of the market as the target market for the Mountain Man light. The youth have shown through market research that indeed they prefer light beers and consequently the introduction of this beer will help increase the customer satisfaction amongst this group.

Mountain Man light should diversify because new products are penetrating the market and consequently, there is a need to ensure that the company keeps pace with other competitors. The Mountain Man light will give the company a competitive advantage given the fact that this is much needed in this competitive market. Further, the Mountain Man light can be made a second product to the first drink that is Mountain Man beer. Therefore, this will not erode the Blue Collar workers that are love the deep and original Mountain Man beer. Consequently, there is a need to ensure that indeed that the Mountain Man light is launched to the market as soon as possible.

This is because the window of opportunity is closing. With vigorous marketing and advertising it is possible for the company to take the Mountain Man light together with the Mountain Man beer to a different level. This is because the company has a good reputation and has been able to create strong brand in West Virginia and can therefore, go ahead and establish a brand in other different states. This is because the bottom line is that Mountain Man is an authentic beer and a Mountain Man light will follow the same path that was followed by Mountain Man in its path to access. Therefore, the time to launch the Mountain Man light is right now.

If the Mountain Man Light is not launched and it is unsuccessful. There are several ways in which the company can be able to move ahead, the first way will be marketing. The company should market itself in order to ensure that it increases brand loyalty as well as sales. The company can target more Blue Collar workers in other different regions in the country and this will increase sales dramatically.

This can be done through mass media advertisements and experiential marketing where the people will be able to taste the product and consequently appreciate it. Further, the company can also find ways in which to decrease its production costs in order to increase its profit margin. There has been new technology in the manufacture of beer and the MMBC should ensure that indeed it invests in this new technology in order to ensure that in the future it decreases production costs that can be able to be re-invested in the marketing and sales department.


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