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Essay on DSM-V


DSM-V was released in May 2013 by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). However, there has been a line-up of the significant concerns about the consequences that might come with its use. There are those that argue about the strengths of the article, and there are those that argue about the negative effects. This paper looks at two positive attributes of the DSM-V and two negative attributes of the DSM.

Strengths and weaknesses of DSM-V

The first strength of the DSM-V is that it gives more information about several disorders that have been recently found. For example, in regards to ADHD, there is the use of specifics and the explanations are added in great detail (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).. The second strength is that the DSM-V includes several disorders that can help to prevent severe mental disorders and can be able to be treated early. For example, there is the introduction of the Mild Neurocognitive Disorder which can help prevent amnestic disorder and dementia.

One of the key concerns that the publishing of DSM-V has brought is the accusation that it has over pathologized normal fluctuating patterns of development, societal fads, and general behavior patterns. Therefore, the biggest weakness is that the DSM-V is too ready to diagnose disorders. A notable example is that in previous editions of DSM, one was not diagnosed with a major depressive disorder in the opening two months of grieving for a cherished one. However, the DSM-V has changed the rationale for this and has eliminated the two-month period (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).

The problem is that people might wonder whether their grieving is indeed ‘normal’ or there are those who wish to pass the mourning process instead of spiraling down this newly stamped disorder. However, it is accepted to be situated in a stage of bereavement. Therefore, the main weakness of the DSM-V is that it creates additional diagnostic criteria which might simply correlate with our humanity.

The second weakness is that the DSM-V gives more leeway to clinicians in deciding what a specific disorder is. This risk the diluting of things even further for those that work in facilities that often require the DSM codes to be billed as well as the general public in the understanding what all the mental disorders means and are classified.


American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder (5th ed.). Arlington, VA: Author