Personal Empowerment Free Essay Samples & Outline

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Essay on Personal Empowerment

Personal empowerment can be described as the power that exists within a person. In most cases, personal empowerment often characterizes itself in self-confidence and this means that an individual that is empowered often assumes his responsibilities. Research has shown that persons that are empowered often have enough confidence to make decision and this might stem from the fact that they believe they possess the power to make a change (Weissberg, 1999).

Interpersonal empowerment often means organizations can work together in order to be able to meet different and diverse targets. It can be said to be a combined power of a group that is determined to help all its members in the achievement of their goals. Each member understands helps and supports each other in what can be said to be collective empowerment. In interpersonal empowerment, every person in the group understands why they have formed the group, and the objectives that are in front of them (Weissberg, 1999). This therefore means that everyone in the group works for a common goal. The empowerment can often be improved by working jointly with other persons of the group.

Political empowerment on the other hand means to get a grasp and understand what is happening on the world around the individual. It means having information about the issues that currently exist in the society. It is of essence to understand that indeed political empowerment has often been associated with financial success (Weissberg, 1999). This is because economic affluence can be said to provide specialized growth as well as education which is essential if one is to be victorious in the political arena. This might explain the reason as to why many countries have over the years attempted to put into position some financial allocations for particular positions in order to improve as well as empower women’s involvement when it comes to politics.

Macro Social worker

It is of critical importance to understand that when it comes to a macro social worker, he or she needs to do the effort to help individuals by working in the large systems. The macro practice are known to empower citizens by involving them in universal change (Zastrow, 2001). In fact, it is one of the essential features that exists between social work as well as other helping occupations such as psychiatric therapy.

Mezzo social work

Mezzo human service worker often deals with small size to intermediate size groups, such as neighborhood, local association and school. It is of the essence to note that examples of Mezzo worker often includes community organizing, the supervision of social work or even the civilizing development rather than individual consumers (Lee, 2001). The workers are often affianced in the mezzo practice can be said to be frequently engage in macro as well as micro community services. This often guarantees the needs as well as the challenges of the customers.

The most common type of social work can be said to be the micro communal social work. When it comes to micro-social work, the worker is often concerned in dealing with an individual or the families in solving their problems (Lee, 2001).. They often work in several fields such as health care, community services as well as sometimes helping persons to get suitable residences. Most of the social workers often have to appoint micro as well as Mezzo practice at the same time. It is of the essence to understand that even the most determined macro-level involvements in most cases have their extraction in discussions between social worker as well as a single customer.

When it comes to the macro systems response to child maltreatment, there is a need to ensure that there is a need for a careful approach as this is a sensitive matter. The well-being of the child should guide every move and there is a need to ensure that there is the formation of rights that will help to protect children in the future against maltreatment. This is the same case when it comes to sexual abuse, crime and delinquency.

The functionalist perspective argues that each aspect that exists in the society is interdependent and it contributes to the society’s functioning. The functionalist theory argues that there must be all types of people in the society. For this reason, there exist those that are low in the chain and those that are high. This is needed in order to hold down and support the system. The interaction theory on the other hand can be said to focus on the meaning, social relationships, identity as well as subcultures (Lee, 2001). The assumptions in the interactionist theories are that behavior often involves choices and that choices are often based on the meaning that exists in a situation. Therefore, the people that are poor are poor because they have made a choice which has led to the consequence. The theory supports that human behavior is governed by cause-effect relationship.


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