Forensic psychology by Spirito & Esposito Essay Examples & Outline

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Forensic psychology by Spirito & Esposito

The first article by Spirito and Esposito argues that the contract for safety often has a significant patient care, several health implications and risk management. The authors in the study conducted an extensive literature review in a bid to understand the support that existed empirically in regards to the procedural and legal cases that were employed. The study showed that indeed the contract for safety was limited in use in several age groups, the most prominent being adolescent population. The legality side showed that indeed there were legal liabilities in regards to the adverse consequences for the patients and clinicians. The authors argued that contracts should only be used when the patients are fully conscious and can give informed consent. There is no way a contract should be allowed to replace the assessment of patient's circumstances.

The second study was conducted by Wang, Rogers et al. and it stated that the provision of mental health services placed demand on the officers to provide effective screening methods for the people that had severe disorders mentally. According to the researchers, the most problematic areas that were found within the correctional settings were suicide and external aggression. This study looked in an in-depth manner at the usefulness of the PAI when it came to the assessment of patients that were referred to as problematic.

The results that were found by the authors supported the fact that the use of PAI when it comes to the assessment of challenging behaviors was important and spot on. It provided imperative clues to the medical practitioners in regards to whether a person might commit suicide.

A forensic psychologist should understand that a contract should never replace a thorough assessment of somebody that is showing suicidal tendencies. There is a need to look at the person in an in-depth manner and ensure that a person has been understood and diagnosed.

The assessment is of importance as it is the one that gives information to the psychologist regarding the next mode of action. This is of the essence to understand as it ensures that a person can be able to fully grasp the situation at hand and act towards it in the appropriate way. Further, there are persons that can give consent when they are not of sober mind, further, there are those that might need involuntary hospitalization and it is the work of the forensic psychologist to understand which of the patients needs this treatment.

On the other hand, it can be argued that as a forensic psychologist one understands that indeed the use of personality assessment inventory (PAI) is important when it comes to the people that have problematic behaviors. The PAI system is important to the forensic psychologists because it provides information on several fronts such as the evidence that exists when it comes to rating suicidal gestures, the different aggression rates and generally the potential suicide risks. This system is, therefore, a must for forensic psychologists that wish to understand their patients better and get information regarding whether or not they might be culpable to suicide. Therefore, as a forensic psychologists must a medical practitioner to looked in an in-depth manner at the patient and not use a contract, but rather employ the use of PAI.


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