Abnormal psychology Free Essay Samples & Outline

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Essay on Abnormal psychology


ESSAY ON ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGYAbnormal psychology is often concerned with the understanding the nature, treatment and causes of mental disorders. There was a problem with Kravinsky since the word goes, this is because although he had a talent for making money, he found it extremely difficult to spend it. He drove an old car, and lived with his family in a modest home (Truog, 2007). He then started to give all his assets to charity, in fact, he eventually gave all his assets to charity. This paper will look at Kravinsky and the methods that can be used in order for a diagnosis to be made.

Abnormal psychology

His motivation towards the donation was to help others. In fact, there are those that often argue that ‘He gave away the money because he had it and there were those people that needed it (Truog, 2007). At the age of 45 years old, his assets amounted to almost $45 million dollars. He over time changed his purpose in life in to giving away things, and this did not end with his fortune.

When the donations were depleted he preoccupied himself with the idea of organ donations, where an altruistic person often gives an organ to a total stranger. After learning that he could survive normally with one kidney, he decided that personal costs of giving away that one kidney were minimal. It is important to understand that for Kravinsky, the burden of refusing to help alleviate the suffering of a person was almost unbearable as compared to the benefits that one received by getting a kidney.

After the operation, he experienced a loss of direction, he viewed his life as constant way of donation. He argues that he can donate all his organs in order to ensure that other people live. In fact, after several years after the kidney donation, Kravinsky still argues and remains committed to giving away as much as possible.

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In order to make an ongoing assessment of the situation, there is a need to ensure that there is observation of Zell Kravinsky in his early life. This is an important factor and can explain a lot in terms of his behavior when it comes to donating organs. In fact, it can be argued that with this information about the past of Zell Kravinsky, psychologists can be able to make an initial assessment and make a diagnosis as to why Zell decided to give all his fortune and kidney to charity. Further, there is a need to ensure that there is a keen view on the data and the material. This will be important when it comes to making an assessment and will ensure that indeed, there will be an on-point diagnosis regarding Zell-Kravinsky.

Further, other data collection methods will be regarding to the way Zell-Kravinsky carried himself in his earlier years and where they might exist a certain point where there is an increase in feelings of sympathy in his life (Davison, 2001). It is critical to comprehend that all this methods are extremely important when it comes to the diagnosis and later treatment of Zell Kravinsky. There have been dissenting opinions about whether he might have a mental condition with those arguing stating that he is just good natured.

However, according to psychology, he has done a deed that is abnormal and that has come from abnormal behavior (American Psychological Association, 1965). Consequently, it can be argued that indeed Zell Kravinsky falls under abnormal behavior because of his actions that led to the giving away his fortune and his kidney.


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Scientific psychology birthed in the 19th century

SCIENTIFIC PSYCHOLOGY BIRTHED IN THE 19TH CENTURYOwing to some of the changes that took place in the early 20th century, behaviorism became one of the major schools of thoughts accepted by the Americans. Among the causes of the shift was the increased skepticism that people viewed the consciousness concept (Skinner, 1974). However, despite the skepticism that the people had with the concept, they still appreciated the fact they the concept was the main differentiating feature between the physiology and psychology.

The subjective and retrospective nature of the concept made many people look at an alternative concept. Rise of animal psychology was also an important contributor towards the development of behaviorism. This was used as a platform that the psychologist used to study the concept of behaviorism (Skinner, 1974). B. F. Skinner was a major player in the development of the concept of behaviorism. He belonged to a new school of behaviorist that continued with the concept after John Watson.


Skinner, B. (1974). About behaviorism. London: J. Cape.