Community project in Sullivan County Free Essay Samples & Outline

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Essay on Community project in Sullivan County

Sullivan County was once a thriving Mecca for Tourism and business. However, there has been a reduction in the tourism and business, what adorns Sullivan County is empty store fronts; graffiti adorned bungalows, as well as the vacant lot, fill spaces. Sullivan County can, however, have a turnaround; the county has been suffering from inadequate income to conduct its services in the best manner possible (Robinson & Green, 2011).

However, it is of the essence to make lucid that this a problem for all Sullivan County residents because persons often move to other places in order to better their skills in Tourism and businesses. Tourism has been the backbone of Sullivan County and Gambling has been one of the key aspects that have been found in the County. Therefore, there is a need to re-bring the old glory back.

The Stakeholders in the project include the people in the society that will be affected by the onset of a major business. There is a plan to open a major Casino in Sullivan County; this will be vital as it will increase jobs in the area as well as increase revenue for the county (Leigh & Blakely, 2013).

The stakeholders further include the companies that feel that they own Medicare in the county because they own several medical shops (Peterson, 2014). This is because they create a necessity to ensure that optimal services are given to the patients and all the staff in the hospital.

There are plans to open a Casino in Sullivan County. It is of the essence to note that a modern casino can be described as an amusement park or adults. It includes a vast majority of entertainment, and this includes profits for the owners (Robinson & Green, 2011).

It vital to comprehend that while musical shows, shopping center, lavish hotels as well as elaborate themes help to draw in guests, slot machines, Blackjack, craps, baccarat and other games provide the billions of dollars in profits that are often raked in when it comes to United States casinos every year.

A casino can be described as a public place where a variety of games of chance is often played, and where the gambling often is the preferred activity of the patrons. It is vital to note that a typical casino often adds a host of luxuries, and it also helps when attracting key players, this includes free drinks, stage show, dramatic scenery, and restaurants. Each and every year, a tremendous amount often changes hands at a casino before every year. It is vital to make lucid that while there are certain big winners when it comes to the gaming table every year, the sure winner that exists in the Casino is every year.

It is vital to make lucid that casinos often make money because each and game that is offered is often built to have a statistical advantage over casino. That edge that exists between the statistical advantages of casino and that of the client is often referred to as the edge. That edge can at times become very small, but at times and the millions of bets that are often placed by casino patrons, which replicas of the different landmarks. It is vital to note that by the year 2007, the only two United States that were not gambling were Utah and Hawaii.

According to every other state, either have state-sanctioned casinos or the Native American gaming. A comp in this situation can often be described as a good or service that is given by the casino to good players (Peterson, 2014). It is vital to keep in mind that according to the Casino, a good player is the one that spends a lot of money.

Therefore, the casino can be described as the medicine that is needed when it comes to the leading of campaign that tries to introduce gambling in the North as a part of the economic development that are strategy in order to revitalize struggling areas by the inclusion of struggling Areas. There are those that exist in the city and might be expressed in strength.
The building of a casino in the area is a plan to expand gambling as well as being a part of an economic development strategy that is often developed in order to revitalize struggling areas; this will help when it comes to the provision of jobs as well as revenues.

It is of the essence to make lucid that the project being extremely vital to Sullivan County must undergo the evaluation. The first advantage of the evaluation is that it will help to reduce the unemployment that exists in Sullivan County.

It is vital to make lucid that there were previous Casinos in the area, and when they were closed, there was devastation in the city. There was a huge outcry in the city as the town depended on the Casino. Therefore, according to the evaluation, the plan for a casino is the good one, and it will help the county to be able to develop its economic relief program.

However, it is vital to make lucid that according to evaluation, there is caution that has been given in regards to the current casino market. This is because in the North East where Sullivan County is situated there has been a saturation of the Casino market and this, therefore, shows that the County may not be able to restore its prior glory (Peterson, 2014).

There has been an increase in competition from around the North East, and therefore, it is vital to make clear that each and every aspect of the Casino and its features are advertised to the public, and they make clear what the Casino will be offering.

There is hope that in the plan that the Gambling in the casino will be interwoven into the overall fabric of the tourism industry in the County. This will be an attraction that will help to lure persons to the region. People believe that the 70’s and the 80’s was back and that Sullivan County was the center of hospitality, they therefore, believe that they want to bring the lore back and ensure that county grows economically and socially (Peterson, 2014).

In order to note whether the project of the Casino will work, there is a need to carry out a case study of other cities that have had the same project. This will help in ensuring that indeed there is a backup to something that has been done before in other cities (Leigh & Blakely, 2013). The fact that the Casino project will be near New York City cannot be ignored.

This is because New York City has a big market, and the Casino can be able to take advantage of the situation in order to ensure that it taps that market and grows its market base. It should advertise vigorously, and this will ensure that people become aware of the Casino, and they make lucid that it safe to gamble in Sullivan County.

Further, there is a need to get information from the residents of Sullivan County in regards to the building of the project that is a Casino. This is because there is a need to get the ground work perspective of how the Casino will either affect or benefit the persons in Sullivan County. However, there are limitations to these methods of data collection; this is because different cities and States have their unique futures.

Therefore, what works for another County or City does not mean that it will automatically work for Sullivan County. Further, when it comes to the asking of residents, there are those that will be biased, and this will contribute to the overall general opinion of the residents. This might at times cloud the judgment of a person as he or she tries to clear their mind in regards to different situations.

Casinos involve gambling, and those that mostly gamble are the ones that do not have enough money. Therefore, the Casinos often work in reverse to ethical principles; they take everything from a person that has placed a bet despite the person’s problem. This might be the reason as to why many psychologists often believe that gambling is an addiction that has to be effectively handled.

The city is a complicated area, especially when it comes to a State that is in New York City. The land is extremely expensive, and the people are extremely sensitive on what one builds on the land. Therefore, there are those that might refuse to acknowledge the building of the project. This would be unheard of in the rural areas where there is little resistance on what is being built on private property.

Further, in the non-metropolitan areas there are also no problems in terms of licensing when it comes to the building of a plant. This is as compared to a metropolitan area where one has to get different licenses in order to ensure that they can complete or even continue the project.


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