Personal Statement Essay Examples & Outline

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Personal Statement

I am from Germany. I have a bachelor degree in English language with an Education minor from the University. As clearly indicated, I have the ability to succeed in an advanced program in British and American language and literature. I have a 3.0 GPA in undergraduate major. I have also done many computer courses. Attached, you will find my official transcripts from the university. I have had a lot of interest in literature since joining university has taught English language at high school level from 1997 to 1998."During this time", I learnt a lot as I impacted a lot of interest in the students.

This not only increased my interest in literature but also helped me to sharpen my skills in English language." From 1999-2005", I worked as public Information assistant at University and also worked as translator and interpreter at the University, from 2010 to date. All this prepared me adequately for literature as well as increasing my Interest: Working as an interpreter enhanced my skills in literature and made me learn more. I have also undertaken many self-improvement courses.

First, I have undertaken a certificate of training in the picture exchange language, pyramid (educational 2011 consultant).This training particularly was very helpful in enhancing my picture exchange language skills, and it was very successful. Secondly, I did translating and publishing short stories in Jeddah literary and cultural club periodical. This was very helpful not withstanding the pressure that came with it. Translating and publishing is very hectic, but it helped me to gain more experience and to sharpen my literature skills.

Another self-improvement course that I undertook was, translating 15 short stories for female writers from different cultures, which are revised, now to be published by Makkah literary and cultural club. This was a daunting task which involved sharpening my literature skills. Literature is very wide especially if it involves different cultures, since it entails learning different words and new vocabulary. After the completion of this task, I learnt a lot, and I believe this prepared me more for future research in literature.

My immediate goals in applying to DePaul’s M.A in English program are that, I want to enhance more of translation and interpreter programs. With this program, more and more literature will be enhanced. Translations, especially across different cultures, explore more opportunities and more language skills in literature. My main goals include inculcating a culture of translations in literature, enhancing training in picture exchange language.This,I believe will go a long way towards improving literature and introducing a new twist to it have interests in reading as depicted in my last self improvement course which included translating 15 short stories. I read novels and publications which have a twist of literature. I also love painting and working with pictures and painting.