Ethical Challenges Essay Examples & Outline

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Ethical Challenges

There are several ethical challenges that are discussed in the six articles. Business without ethics cannot be able to go on in a clear manner and consequently, there is a need for an ethical leader in business, and it does not come easily. Challenges often rise, and they should always be met in a thoughtful and consistent way. It is of the essence to understand that choosing, which action to take in a business, is never easy and making the ethical decision may at times hurt the profits, however, a company or organization reputation can be said to be worth its weight in gold. The first ethical challenge in the first article is moral relativity.

It is of the essence to understand that in a globalized world, there are companies that have various person that have different ethnicities, as well as different nationalities. These different culture mat at times complicate the business dealing with the norms may at times vary from society to society. However, there is a need for corporations to set certain several ethical standards.

Therefore, the first ethical challenge is the management of different nationalities and different ethnicities having different norms that might clash ethically. The second article refers to the sale of goods, and a leader should be able to ensure that he or she sells what he or she has advertised. The goods should also be according to the specifications that are required by the market, and this will ensure that indeed they go ahead and ensure that the consumers are satisfied by the products.

The ethical challenge at times that occurs is whether a person should sell goods that he or she knows that is not to the market standard in order to make a profit. It is of the essence to understand that up until the financial meltdown that occurred in the year 2008, the business world often emphasized the different short-term results. The executives were able to receive extravagant compensation packages when it came to closing deals and no matter how the transaction affected the company in the long run. However, ethical leaders should be able to ignore easy profits, and they should however focus more on ramifications and even if it earns less money when it comes to the company. The third article talks about commercial papers, and it addresses negotiable instruments such as checks. There are times when it might seem easier to ignore the guiding principles regarding the negotiable instruments.

These principles might be overlooked in favor of profit. However, it is important to understand that ethics should play a role in the leader’s decision and ensure that he follows the rules and guiding principles. The fourth article deals with the business dealing with banks and handling of checks as well as other different financial instruments. There is a need to follow the guiding principles when it comes to these principles and ensure that the company goes forward in an ethical manner.

The fifth article talks about debt and letters of credit. There is a need for a leader to ensure that he or she pays his or her debt to the company and prioritizes loans as being important. This should be done without delay, and the leader should ensure a smooth transition. The sixth article talks about bulk transfers and how it imposes obligations on buyers that order the major part of the inventory of several certain types of business. The ethical dilemma is that there are leaders that can decide to pass the obligations that they have and go ahead and ignore the different types of principles.

The third article refers to negotiable instruments and it is a clear violation of U.C.C. The principles regarding negotiable instruments are bound by law and, therefore, if a leader goes ahead and violates this then, it can be described as being a violation of negotiable instruments. The first article also goes against U.C.C; this is because the leader should ensure that he or she sells the different goods in specification to the market. If the leader goes against the specifications that are put in regard to the market, then he or she can be said to be going against the directive of the U.C.C and consequently violates it. Lastly, in regards, the fourth article ethical dilemma also goes against the U.C.C code of bank deposits and collections.

There are several ethical challenges that go against the Bible. The first one is in regards to the entrance of several products into the market that do not meet several needed specifications. This goes against the weight principle in the Bible, where the Bible states there is a need for the proper weight to be given to the customers. Secondly, is it in regards to profit, it is of the essence to understand that the Bible’s principles state that there is a need for controlled profit. These Bible principles cut off in several ethical dilemmas. The leaders should ensure that they get controlled profit and not to be greedy.