“A League of Their Own” Movie Review Free Essay Samples & Outline

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Sample Essay on “A League of Their Own” Movie Review

This movie depicts a real life situation of American professional female baseball players. These American female baseball players engaged in sporting activity during the Second World War when men who were supposed to be in the sport were busy in Europe and Asia fighting for the country. In his genial baseball show, Penny Marshall becomes one of the most significantly anticipated summer films. The film has a meaningful theme that depicts all American women baseball league professional that emerged in 1943 (Gilbert, Lowell and Babaloo 45).

At that time, there was a fear that baseball men would crash because of the war. The film begins when American sports industry sees its people longing for their favorite talent in baseball. The main characters in the film are Hank Tom, Madonna, and O’Donnell Rosie. To sustain the sports industry, the executives thought of recruiting American girls to play baseball as a profession to help in restoring the Americans depressions and revenues that the baseball empire had lost. These professionals were selected based on their physical appearance and athletic abilities.

Penny Marshall’s comedy takes the viewer to a journey and struggle of the two sisters, Dottie and Kit in baseball sports, their sibling rivalry, and final blow to the women stereotypes as professional sports. The two joined the baseball team of Rockfold Peaches. Dottie could hit and catch while Kit could throw a fastball on average. The two went to Chicago to compete with the soon-to-be playmates, including Madonna, ODonnel Rosie, and Magan Cavanagh. When the owner of the team, Gary Marshall wanted a coach, he decided to appoint Jimmy Dugan, a champion of the One-time-Home run, who later became a miserable alcoholic (Gilbert, Lowell and Babaloo 60). After one-week training makes the coach sober, the team began to demonstrate some abilities and, at the end of the season, the team showed some improvements by engaging in the World Series competitions.

The movie relates to the sports in the American culture by addressing gender in a manner that is contradictory. For instance, it portrays baseball women players to have men’s abilities. This is similar to the way women are portrayed in the motor brilliance mystique, which holds that people, whether boys or girls, can play baseball. What matters is the training because an average person without training will behave the same and follow a similar ipsilateral pattern (Dowling 59).

In the movie, a male coach was involved in training the women in baseball sport, and he did so the same way men are trained. Nevertheless, the focus on the physical beauty during the recruitment process almost turns down some talented players to their lack of physical beauty. The same way, in our reading “Throwing like a Guy: The Mystique of Innate Ability" reinforces that boys have a greater ability than girls in playing baseball hinders talented girls with similar attributes to play baseball, (Dowling 62). The emphasis on the physical appearance makes a girl look objectified in some manner and the character played by Madonna outlines that very well.

In the movie, Tom Hanks, the coach emphasizes that “In baseball no crying,” when one of the girls appeared vulnerable during the training. This portrays women as weak compared to their male counterparts. In the real sense, we have witnessed male players of baseball cry after losing the game, during retirement speech, and at the time of victory. Therefore, this appears like cultural intimidation. Regarding our readings, in the chapter “Throwing Like A Guy,” the writer emphasizes on the phrase “throwing, running, catching and hitting like a girl” that is in some sense very freezing and underrating the power of women in participating in baseball sport (Dowling 64).

Women have been perceived in such awkward state because of the social and cultural proscription against training their bodies similar to those of men. Although, women are tough the same way as men, in terms of using and engaging body movement in the sporting activity when throwing and catching the ball, the assumption that girls differ in a special way in their shoulder construction and general development of muscles makes them unable to throw a ball correctly or participate in any sporting activity. This is a section of the frailty myth. A woman is made to believe that she cannot participate and make it in sporting activity, and when she attempts and fumbles, she is convinced of her inability, thus, quits trying (66).

Therefore, the differences in engagement in sporting and sports performance between girls and boys are culturally developed. The historical preconceptions reinforce that gender differences in physical activity is dictated by the female frailty and male strength, which is not the case. This assumption is also seen in the movie when the narrator decides to recruit female players to engage in the baseball activity, not because they can but because he wants to save the current situation.

For instance, the author recruited American girls to play baseball as a profession to assist in restoring the Americans depressions and revenues that the baseball empire had lost. This is because the men who could have engaged in the sport were engaged in war. Therefore, the movie played a pivotal role in showing the position of women in sporting activity in the American culture. Largely, the movie acted as women empowerment platform.


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