Event Planning Essay Examples & Outline

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Event Planning

The events planning company will assume the traditional marketing calendar whereby the promotions will follow the seasons. There is a period of the years when there are many events. During this period, the company stands to gain in that it will have more clients. The isolated events such as the birthdays will be handled in different manner. The corporate functions such as the end of the year’s reviews will be high opportunities for the company.

Most of the corporate events take place at the end of the year whereby the organizations undertake their review of the performance. The financial years of the companies are designed to coincide with the close of the calendar years. Therefore, the company will have to increase the promotional activities in the social media during the last quarter of the years since in addition to the corporate functions; there are other festivities that may increase the booking of the company’s services.

The company will use twitter to spark discussions about its products. The company will be tweeting the messages on the twitter account and following up on the retweets. The communication using twitter will be influential in reaching over 140 million users of the platform. Twitter is an ideal platform for the promotion since there are instantaneous retweets of messages with the majority of retweets occurring in the one minute after the posting of the initial tweet. Use of twitter for the promotions will be ideal since the mode is instantaneous in terms of the feedback reception.

The mode is better than the traditional email marketing that has a turnaround of about 24 hours (Sheehan, 2010). The twitter handle will be used for the announcement of the events to the public and the involved parties. Since the focus of the company is on the high-end customers, the inclusion of the top members of the high end users of the platform will be instrumental in the development of the followers who can also be potential customers. Therefore, the attendees in any event will be approached for the development of the customer relationships, which will increase the chances of referrals (Sheehan, 2010).

Facebook will be used as the main platform for the posting the updates on the events that the company has been engaging in. search of the company on the search engines will provide the direct link to the Facebook account whereby a potential customers will be capable of identifying the events that the company has planned and the experience. The updates will assume the form of photo images and the captions.

However, positing of any event on the Facebook page will be determined by the warranting of permission to take the course of action by the customers for whom the event was planned. The ethics of customer confidentiality will be adhered. However, with the permission of the customers, the company will be posting their reactions to the event planning and their recommendations. The followers of the company on the webpage will be capable of obtaining firsthand information on the previous performance and the satisfaction levels attained by the members of the public that attended. Therefore, the potential customer will have the ability to make the right decision about the company and the suitability of the company in the provision of the event planning services (Scott, 2007).

The social media campaigns will be linked. The company will create links in the website for the navigation to the social media sites such as twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. When using the twitter handle, the company will be direction the users to the rest of the social media platforms in use. The linkage between the different platforms will lead to the reach of all the people that use the selected platforms for their social media communications.

Search engine optimization will be designed in a manner that will increase the accuracy of the results from the queries placed by the potential customers (Scott, 2007). The optimization approach will be instrumental in the development of the results that are also more cognizant with the queries and query trends posited by the users. The development of the optimization approach will rely on the google applications.

When a person looks for the event planning services on google, the search engine optimization will provide him or her with the option of selecting the company. Therefore, it will be possible for the company to reach the customers that are more likely to use the services provided by the company. The reliance on search engine optimization will also extend to the search option in the website.

The company will offer the customers the right information, which will be more related to the needs of the customers. The main goal of using the search engine optimization tools will be to create the right feedback that will be effective in the creation of the right response or feedback after the placement of a query. The mode will also increase the use of the feedback such that the information received is more actionable by the potential customer (Sheehan, 2010).

In addition to the online promotions on the social media, the company will use the conventional offline marketing approaches to reach the customers. The offline marketing will include the use of the print media, the word of mouth and mass media. The print media platform that will be used will include the newspapers and magazine advertisements (Kotler, 2000). The company will offer full feature tot eh journalists such that whenever the story of the companies is carried on any of the platform, there will be a wide reach of the potential customers.

The selection of the magazines will be based on the readership statistics and the target market (Sheehan, 2010). Magazines that are conventionally read by the members of the public meeting the criteria of the target market will be used since they will reach the target population. Locational factors will also be considered with the magazines with readership in Los Angeles and New York forming being preferred than the rest of the magazines.

Additionally, the company will use the billboards mounted on the most visible areas in the locations where the target market resides (Kotler, 2000). The billboards will be used sparingly with the costs considerations in mind. The focus of the company on the physical marketing will be sparingly used. The referral system will also be used in the development of the business reputation of the organization. The referrals will be more reliable since they will be specially directed to the target customers. The goodwill between the organization and the customers will be the main determinant of the success of the organization (Scott, 2007).


The company will be involved in the provision of the online event planning service to the customers. The main approach to be used in the provision of the service entails the initial encounter whereby the customer contacts the company and states the event that he or she has in mind. The organization will then offer different insights on the approaches that can be used in the undertaking of the event.

This means that the company will offer insights on the arrangement, the color code and the organization of other aspects such as food and the special considerations. The product will therefore, be specialized and designed to fit the customer requirements. The provision of the service will follow the quality principle whereby the customer specifications and the ability of the organization to meet them will be the main tenet that will be used in the determination of the quality of the service. The company will focus on the provision of the unique product experience whereby the customer centric focus will inform the modifications that have to be adopted in the planning of the event (Sheehan, 2010).

Ordering process

The ordering process will rely primarily on the online platform since the organization is a pure “click” based company. The customer will visit the website for the information on the events that the company can handle. The events will have their prices listed against them in order to provide the customer with the budget line for the entire event. The customer will select the event that he or she wants and will contact the support officers who will provide him or her with the guidance on the ways of executing the project.

The customer will offer any insights that may be required for the modification of the product. Therefore, the event will be planned according to the specification or modifications to the generic product offerings. After the placement of the order, the organization will come up with different options that can be followed in the undertaking of the event. The customer will settle not eh final offer and pay for the service. The organization will take over the event organization and come up with the actual logistic of ensuring that the event takes place in the agreed ways

Services offered

The company will offer two classes of services. One of the classes is the corporate affairs planning which will be focused on the planning of the events targeting the organizations. The corporate events will be designed differently since there are different requirements for the events compared to the individual events. Corporate fairs that the company will organize include end of year parties, team building events, seminars and workshops.

The second class of services that the company will be offering is the personal events. These events will be meant for the individual customers. The company will focus on the development of the events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, family reunions and weddings. The personal events will require more detail since the customers that the company will be serving will have differentiated needs. Meeting the needs of all customers in a succinct manner will be the main goal of the company. Customization of the personal events will be a major selling point. Customization will encompass all aspects of the event planning such as decor and food.

Supplier Network Offerings

The business will function as an intermediary between the customers and suppliers of certain services. The company will create a collaboration with major players in the food, décor and venue leasing companies to ensure that there is stable and established model. The company will conduct supplier evaluation to ensure that the suppliers that meet the threshold are the best. The collaboration will also rely on a specified pricing model.

All the suppliers will be selected with the view of sustaining the relationship for the long-term. The suppliers that operate in the two locations will be more desired to the ones that have operation in one location. All suppliers will be guaranteed of business from the company once they have met the prequalifying criteria. Positive feedbacks will increase the chances of the collaboration being sustained for longer.

Some of the suppliers such as transport companies will be hired on the temporary basis. They will be selected according to their capacity to deliver and availability. The catering services companies will be hired according to their reputation and the ability to deliver on a short notice. The flower and décor companies will be selected according to the same criteria with the ability to provide variety and meet the aesthetic specifications of the customers being additional qualifying criteria.

All suppliers will be paid according to the prepared terms when forming the collaboration. The proportion that will go to the suppliers will be cost individually and the markup will go to the company. However, adjustments on the predetermined terms will be made to ensure that the members have the ability to deliver. Adjustments will only be accommodated once there are genuine concerns over the supply and demand of the materials to be used in the event planning.


The suppliers that have business operations in the two locations will be hired on all events that take place in the locations. The suppliers that are not operational in the two locations will be included in the list. However, the priority will be given to the suppliers with operations bases in the two cities. The costs of supplying the products or the materials that will be used in the events will be calculated according to the prevailing prices. Therefore, there will be no static prices. The company will consider the different offerings of the suppliers and select the ones with the highest promise of delivering and the most affordable pricing.

The suppliers will be approached individually with the promise of being provided with work on a regular basis. There will be no payments for the inclusion. Therefore, they will be more likely to accept the selection. They will be shortlisted and requested to supply the products once there are events. The suppliers that have been selected will be later included on the website. The company will be communicating with the suppliers through the supplier portal.

The posting of any jobs will be made on the portal and the suppliers can place their bids for the contract. The winning bids will be selected by the company. The company will however seek to reduce the competition over the contracts by spreading the awarding of contracts to all the suppliers. In addition to the cost consideration, the company will also emphasize on quality. The previous performance of the suppliers will be the main condition for the selection in the upcoming events


The pricing model that the company will use will depend on the magnitude of the event. The events that require hosting of more guests will cost more since the overall costs will be higher. The price will consist of the fixed part of the cost this part will consist of cos center such as the hiring of the event grounds and the beautification tools. The cost will also entail the costs of purchasing the food, which will be served in the venue.

The function will be subcontracted to the specialized partners. All the prices for the catering and any other additional services will add to the costs. Corporate events will be more expensive than the individual events. The corporate events will be more expensive since there will be a need for the modification of the venues to suit the needs of the corporate sector.

Return customers will be entitled to a discount on the normal prices. If a customer is referred to the organization from the return customers, he or she will be qualified for a discount. The use of this approach to pricing is informed by the need to develop customer loyalty and create base of return customers. The business will be reliant on the referral customers for the creation of more business. The referral system will be a major promotion channel hence the need for the development of a large base of satisfied customers. Preferential pricing when dealing with referrals and return customers will enhance the growth of the business since it will be able to reach the target market.


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