Plato’s Republic Essay Example & Outline

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Plato’s Republic

In the society, there are many contraptions of justice. The people that assume that they are acting in the interests of justice often represent other interests that are not related to justice in any way (Plato. & Bloom, 1991). This approach to justice means that the society’s definition of justice is not really representative of the real ideals of justice on the other hand, the justice as it is commonly known is a contraption and a vague mirage made to distort and camouflage the interests of the dominant powers.

This trend is common in the society and in the global economic mechanizations. The international community works to ensure that the interests of some of the powerful allies are always attained under the guise or façade of justice. When it comes to this point, the definitions of the actual means of justice fail. The injustice that is committed behind this smoke screen always ends up replicating in the future since the only possible product of injustice is injustice. The paper will look at the instances where the community commits actions that are by far seen to be in just under the presence that they are committing a good cause. The paper will examine the various instances when the justice in defeated by the conventionalism that the society is accustomed to.

The war on drugs is a major practice all over the communities that live in the urban areas. The police are always out looking for the people that perpetrate this trade in the poor sections of the cities (Plato. & Bloom, 1991). Sometimes the police are seen to be reluctant with the provision of a universal and an all lasting solution to the menace. The approaches that the police use when dealing with the drug users and the peddlers are often seen to be brutal and inhuman in most of the instances. These approaches end up hurting the people that are supposed to be rehabilitated into better citizens. The users are by large the victims of the presumed quest for justice. Therefore, the treatment of the drug users leads to the paradox of whether the society is keen on the provision of justice in the society.

In most of the cases, the drug raids are undertaken in the times when the society is going to an election period. This means that the political class is not keen on the attainment of a long terms solution to the drug problem. On the contrary, it means that the status quo is good for the leaders since it provides them with another item on their political manifestos. The same politicians are known to cut deals with the big members in the drug trade. They may fight a faction of the drug dealer terrains in order to benefit the other drug leaders who like vultures will come and benefit from the devastations on the territories of their enemies.

However, to the common person, the approach is perfect since it is seen as a forward step towards the cleaning up of the streets. Behind the pleasant smiles of the politicians and the promises of doing something on the drug, issue on the street there is many personal interests involved. The very act of cleaning the streets as a means of improving the street is representative of the different conflicting interests of the powerful members of the society.

According to Thrasymachus, the interests or the power of the powerful is manifested in the acts of justice in the modern society. Looking at the issue of the war against drugs through his lens it is evident that the political leaders commit themselves in the war out of the interests that they hold (Plato. & Bloom, 1991). Some of the interests of the people may be institutional or personal. In the case of the institutional interests, the war against drug is often undertaken in order for the regime to maintain a legacy or to have the chances of reelection.

The political class is often implored by the people to act on the issue of drugs on the streets but they are reluctant to act until when the attainment of the goals of the people and the institutional interests coincide. In most of the cases, the coinciding of the interests of the parties involved does not take place until the reelections. At this point, the administration is seen making effort towards the eradication of the practice yet the option was on the table all through.

Hurting the victims is seen as a move towards the reduction of the drug menace in the street too. However, this is just but a display of the power of the leaders. The police will hurt the drug users who are also victims if one looks at it from another angle. The users are treated in an unjust manner. This leads to the hardening of the victims against all the rehabilitation attempts.

When it comes to this point, the injustice that the victims received in the first instance leads to the creation of new forms of injustice in the future is guaranteed from the actions that the police undertakes (Plato. & Bloom, 1991). The brutality manifested by the approaches used by the police in the fight against the drugs will definitely lead to the creation of a misplaced notion that the best way of conquering the drug war is by the use of violence.

However, the irony of the matter is that the police use the same approach repeatedly yet they anticipate a change in the results. The approach that the government has about the creation of streets that are free from the drugs is unjust. This means that the government is just perpetrating more injustices in the future through the approaches that the police and political elites in towns and in the cities adopt. The only remedy of the vicious cycle of injustice in the society is by changing the approaches towards the users of the hard drugs where it is more accommodative and understanding than it is now.

The government has to break the chain where it treats all the users of the hard drugs with unmerited harshness. The change of approach promises the potential gain where the trend of drug use will be broken. The society has to change its view of the police treatment and the general approach of the government towards the issue (Plato. & Bloom, 1991). This is a crucial part in the reduction of drug use in Canada since the silence of the people and the assumption that the injustice that the police users when dealing with the users of the hard drugs is a warrant for the prevalence of the vice in the society.

In the drug campaign manifested in Canada, the views of Thrasymachus are more relevant than the ones fronted by Plato. Thrasymachus opposed that the quest for justice in the society is a manifestation of other major aspects that touch on the just society today. Justice is more than the act. Justice in the society is a means for the attainment of the goals of the powerful people. the people in positions of power may states that they take certain courses of action for the purpose of justice or the attainment of the common good for all the people.

However, the human nature is not popular for the placement of the interests of the common people before those of the individual. The government is an institution and it may have its institutional goals. However, the greater sources of the direction intensity and purpose of the acts of justice in the society comes from the people that are in the government.

The fight against drugs in Canada is a manifestation of how the interests of the powerful may affect the mode of action and the course of action itself in the society. The politicians use the war on drugs to gain political mileage (Plato. & Bloom, 1991). This means that in the event that eh interests of the politicians are removed from the fight against the drugs in Canada, the war my lack its direction and vigor.

The evidence supporting this assertion is comes from the timing that the politicians use to increase their fight on the drugs. In most of the cases, the war against drugs is vigorous after the first term in office of the politicians who are seeking reelection. It also evident during the campaign for first timers in the parliament. This means that the justice seen by the common people is second to the attainment of the interests of the people.


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